Clayton Valley Invitational results

As promised, here are the results from the finals of the Clayton Valley Invitational.

Clayton Valley Invitational
At Clayton Valley HS
Team scores (top 10): Freedom 183, Paradise 165, Reno 128.5, Antioch 119.5, Heritage 112, Northgate 101, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 98, Woodland 92, Livermore 85.5, Mission San Jose 82.5.

Individual results: 103 — Hwa (Mission San Jose) d. Thomas (Paradise), 10-2; 112 — Bettinson (Reno) d. Wiley (Freedom), 6-1; 119 — Morelli (Paradise) d. Stucki (Northgate), 5-4; 125 — Aura (Foothill) d. DiMercurio (Freedom), 5-4; 130 — Monticelli (Reno) d. Ziel (Paradise), 9-2; 135 — Stirm (Northgate) d. Elicegui (Wooster-Reno), 8-3; 140 — Kannel (Livermore) d. Joaquin (Freedom), 6-3; 145 — Waldrop (Freedom) d. Sanchez (Livermore), t.f.; 152 — Cress (Antioch) d. Frazier (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), 12-3; 160 — Skillman (Paradise) d. Gladney (Woodland), 5-4; 171 — Dougherty (Las Lomas) p. Montez (Heritage), 1:46; 189 — Baumann (Dublin) d. Bergstedt (Paradise), 9-7; 215 — Parsons (Freedom) d. Pica (Concord), injury default; 285 — Tozer (Valley Christian-San Jose) p. Bangert (Clayton Valley), 1:01.

Ben Enos

  • bubzach

    what happened to pica?

  • ricky cast

    he bitch out

  • but what happen wit that wigga murdoch ?? he was hella raw. surrprized he didnt take first. and hes from raw ass antioch

  • Ben Enos

    Pica was a bit woozy after his semifinal win over a kid from Washington. I can tell you that I certainly couldn’t blame him for not going in the final after the physicality of that semifinal match. It was intense. Pica left the tournament and was going to go get checked out by a doctor, but only as a precaution I’m pretty sure. I saw him about an hour after the match and he seemed to be walking around ok. This was more of a precaution than anything else.