East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

Not only is it currently a good situation for De La Salle soccer, but it’s good to have been a part of Spartan soccer in the past; especially for goalies.

Kind of like producing quarterbacks at USC or the cradle of college football coaches throughout the Mid-American Conference, De La Salle High School has produced some very good goalies in recent years.

In 2005, Stefan Frei was in goal for the Spartans and on Thursday he was drafted in the second round with the No. 13 pick in the Major League Soccer draft by the Toronto Football Club.

“I am very happy for him,” De La Salle coach Brian Voltattorni said. “He’s one of the best keepers to ever play high school soccer in the Bay Area, hands down. This kid doesn’t get enough praise for the way he approaches the game and trains.”

Frei played four years at the University of California before being drafted, and he earned numerous honors. He was a college All-American and in high school was the All-Times MVP, the Bay Valley Athletic League MVP and a North Coast Section champion.

Before the draft, several clubs in England were trying to get Frei to get him to hop over the pond and play professionally in Europe.

What’s also very impressive is that Frei’s high school backup, Matt Ells, who was also in the 2005 class went on to play keeper for a couple of years at Virginia Tech.

Brian Wickers, who was splitting time with Frei before his graduation in 2003, played at UC Davis and just before him was Aaron Valdez (2002) who played two seasons at St. Mary’s College.

Michael Hurlbutt, who graduated in 1998, wound up going to Pepperdine and playing keeper for the water polo team.

Frei isn’t the only De La Salle keeper to go to the MLS as Adin Brown did so first. After graduating in 1996, Brown went to William & Mary where he was a college All-American and was drafted by the New England Revolution. He is currently playing professionally for Aalesund in Norway.

Chris Brown, Adin’s younger brother, would have been a De La Salle graduate in 2002, but transferred to a prep school on the east coast after his sophomore season with the Spartans. He played for Boston College last year and has a great shot of signing with an MLS team as a free agent or going overseas to play professionally.

Chris Holm is living up to the billing so far this year, leading the Spartans to an 11-1-1 record, a 4-0-1 East Bay Athletic League mark and the top ranking in the Bay Area News Group’s soccer rankings. Holm has been very solid for the Spartans and is looking to land somewhere and play college soccer.

Just before Holm, there was Ryan Bales, who graduated in 2007 and had an opportunity to play at South Florida and Appalachian State, but chose not to.




Castro Valley continues charging up the rankings, moving from No. 6 to No. 3 after reaching its 11th straight win. Richmond makes a big leap as well, moving from No. 9 to No. 5. Now the Oilers will have a big test this week, playing Pinole Valley in league play and then on Saturday, taking on top-ranked De La Salle.

Monte Vista makes a three-spot climb to No. 9 after a good win over Amador Valley, and we welcome Acalanes into the top 15 as the Dons continue to lead the Diablo Foothill Athletic League.

San Lorenzo makes the biggest fall, dropping from No. 3 to No. 8.


1. De La Salle (11-1-1)

2. San Ramon Valley (9-1-4)

3. Castro Valley (13-3-0)

4. Newark Memorial (11-1-5)

5. Richmond (11-3-2)

6. Granada (9-4-1)

7. Bishop O’Dowd (11-2-3)

8. San Lorenzo (10-1-2)

9. Monte Vista (8-5-2)

10. Amador Valley (8-4-4)

11. Hayward (8-5-2)

12. Albany (12-2-1)

13. Piedmont (11-2-1)

14. Acalanes (9-4-2)

15. Campolindo (8-4-2)


Others considered: Antioch (9-4-2), Dublin (8-2-5), Deer Valley (6-4-5), Pittsburg (6-2-2), Pinole Valley (6-2-3), Foothill (7-8-2), Livermore (7-8-1), Northgate 7-6-2, Freedom 5-3-5, Alhambra 5-4-0.

A North Coast Section soccer fan uses a formula to put together their own soccer rankings, and recently this person emailed me. It’s pretty impressive how close our rankings are. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, are just based on a computer formula, while mine are used on the human element of the poll as far as breaking down recent wins, losses, schedule, etc…

Here is how this person’s look: 3A- De La Salle, Newark Memorial, Castro Valley, San Ramon Valley, Richmond. 2A- Bishop O’Dowd, Albany, Piedmont, Acalanes, San Lorenzo.

It’s very interesting to see what can be produced by evaluating it in a different way.




League standings


I think they are getting more accurate, but they probably aren’t perfect. Speak up if a record(s) is wrong.



Team Overall League Points

Richmond 11-3-2 4-0-2 14

Pinole Valley 6-2-3 4-0-1 13

De Anza 6-9-1 3-2-0 9

El Cerrito 3-5-1 1-2-1 4

Alameda 1-9-4 0-3-1 1

Berkeley 2-5-4 0-1-1 1

Hercules 0-4-0 0-4-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Albany 12-2-1 8-1-0 24

Piedmont 11-2-1 6-1-0 18

St. Mary’s 5-4-1 5-2-1 16

Kennedy 5-3-4 4-2-3 15

St. Patrick-St. Vincent 2-4-1 2-4-0 6

St. Joseph-Notre Dame 2-9-1 2-5-0 6

Encinal 2-6-4 1-4-2 5

Salesian 0-7-2 0-3-2 2

Swett 0-7-0 0-6-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley 6-4-5 5-0-2 17

Pittsburg 6-2-2 4-2-1 13

Antioch 9-4-2 3-3-0 9

Freedom 5-3-5 2-2-3 9

Liberty 4-6-2 2-4-1 7

Hertiage 3-9-2 0-5-1 1



Team Overall League Points

Campolindo 8-4-2 4-1-2 14

Acalanes 9-4-2 5-1-1 16

Alhambra 5-4-0 4-3-0 12

Las Lomas 8-6-1 3-4-0 9

Miramonte 3-3-3 2-2-3 9

Dublin 8-2-5 2-2-2 8

Dougherty Valley 2-11-0 0-7-0 0



Team Overall League Points

College Park 6-7-3 4-0-1 13

Northgate 7-6-2 3-2-0 9

Concord 4-4-3 2-1-2 8

Clayton Valley 7-8-2 2-2-2 8

Ygnacio Valley 6-4-2 2-3-0 6

Mt. Diablo 2-5-1 1-3-1 4

Berean Christian 2-12-0 1-4-0 3



Team Overall League Points

De La Salle 11-1-1 5-0-1 11

Amador Valley 8-4-4 3-1-2 8

San Ramon Valley 9-1-4 2-1-3 7

Granada 9-4-1 3-3-0 6

Monte Vista 8-5-2 3-3-0 6

Livermore 7-8-1 2-3-1 5

Foothill 7-8-2 1-3-2 4

California 3-8-3 0-5-1 1



Team Overall League Points

Castro Valley 13-3-0 8-0-0 24

San Lorenzo 10-1-2 5-1-2 17

Bishop O’Dowd 11-2-3 5-1-2 17

Hayward 8-5-2 4-2-2 14

Arroyo 6-4-4 3-2-3 12

San Leandro 6-6-2 3-5-0 9

Tennyson 3-8-2 1-6-1 4

Mt. Eden 2-9-3 1-6-1 4

Moreau Catholic 1-10-1 0-8-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial 11-1-5 7-0-0 21

Washington 7-6-0 4-2-0 12

Irvington 6-8-3 3-3-1 10

Kennedy 3-3-1 3-3-1 10

Mission San Jose 6-6-1 3-4-0 9

Logan 5-9-3 3-4-0 9

American 0-9-0 0-7-0 0


For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • ok soccer team, thats wus good. we got love for ya’ll i gotta give a shout out to my boy jared keys. the den will support.

  • cvsoccer

    plz dont under estimate us and plz daily review write about our great wins because we were down 3 to 0 at half time against o dowd and we came back and won 4 to 3 please i see every1 else in the paper but us…. we want recognition too we would love to have some colleges come and watch us

  • Scout


    The best way to get a coach to come and watch you is to call the coach and tell him about your team. CSU-Eastbay is going to be playing Division 2 next year and i think they might have a few scholarships available. I think the norm for most Division 1 coaches is to recruit at the club level, so if you really want to play soccer in college, you should give the East Bay coach a call.

  • Michael Bower

    Don’t worry CVsoccer, you guys are getting covered today against Hayward. Also, we will pick up the boys soccer coverage at the Review when it gets closer to playoff time.

  • Felipe Lamas

    we (newark meorial) are undefeatred for the last 16 games n won 12 in a row and we havent got any recognition frm anyone. It would be really nice to get some recongnition after a performance that we are showing