MLK Classic Live: McClymonds (17-0) vs. De La Salle (13-1)

Final thoughts: I got in a quick word with Will Cherry before he had to go to the locker room. My guess is they’ll be in there for quite a while. Chace Bryson is writing the story so I was helping out getting some Mack quotes while he talked to folks at De La Salle.

Cherry expressed what many Mack people are thinking right now, that the officiating really hampered them by taking Powell out of the game. It hurts to lose a player of that caliber and one of his fouls (I think his third) was a pretty tough call, but it’s tough because that happens and Powell needs to be a little more careful on the floor.  Cherry also sai that he actually thinks this could be a good loss, being that it comes early in the season, rather than late. We all know Mack was going to lose some time or another, so we’ll see how they rebounds.

From the De La Salle standpoint, the win is huge. After that Oakland Tech, they’ve been phenomenal and this, along with Monte Vista’s loss, makes them the new No. 1 team. Mack should stay at No. 2. After that I’ll need to do some thinking. It’s hard to punish Monte Vista too much, since the team they lost to they also beat earlier. Anyways, great job by the Spartans of executing their game plan. They never allowed the ball to get inside and Mack couldn’t hit the outside jumpers. Also, this is a big win psychologically for DLS with them having not beaten Mack the past three years. This should give them a load of confidence. Alright, well I’m about ready to check out. It was a fun day of basketball here. See you soon.

Smith now fouled with 16.4 left. Double bonus. First shot misses, second is good. 43-38. Several misses by Mack and a jump ball called with 1.5 left. The streak is over folks. DLS played the game to its perfection and will get the win. Final is 43-38. Gotta run to get quotes.

DLS nearly turns it over but Allocco gets a time out as Stein is going to the ground with 21.8 left to save DLS’ possession.

Smith fouled by Cherry. In the double bonus with 1:02 left. Makes both. 42-33 DLS.Standley misses a 3. Otis rebounds. Long 2 by Standley. 42-35 DLS. Under a minute. Powers called for traveling 33.9 left. Mack ball. Cherry with a long 3. With 29.9 left, it’s not quite over at 42-38. Mack calls its final time out.

  Had to handle some business with Chace Bryson. It’s now 40-32 with 1:06 left after Standley scores and is fouled. He’s at the line. Fifth foul on Levesque so he leaves. Lawrence Otis enters for Mack. FT good. 40-33 and Mack calls time. 1:06 left, its 40-33 DLS.

Standley drives and is fouled. Shot rolls out. First FT is good, so is second. 37-26. McArthur missses inside. Strickland rebounds. Miss by Mack rebounded by McArthur and Cherry fouls him with 2:15 left.  McArthur makes 1 of 2, then grabs board. Fans are piling out with 2 min left. DLS up 38-26.

Smith at the line. Some Mack fans seem to be filing out. I think most people can see that this one is over as is the streak. Smith makes 1 of 2. Its 37-24.  Mack time out with 3:13 left.

Loose ball foul on Stein. Cherry at the line with 4:06 left. Misses the front end. DLS rebounds. Spartans call a time out with 3:52 left.

Standley fouled and misses front end of 1-and-1. Stein whisted for travel. Mack needs to make a move now or the streak is gone.

Jackson rebounds a missed Standley 3 and scores. 34-24. McArthur going up for a bucket and Powell fouls him. McArthur waves good-bye to Powell as he fouls out of the game with 5:08 left and no points. McArthur makes both. 36-24 with 5 min left. 

Marbley with a putback. 32-22. Missed 3 by Powers but a putback by McArthur. 34-22. Powell heads to the scorer’s table to return. Stein also checks in for DLS. 5:38 left in this game.

Mack pressing and forces Estrada to travel. Mack ball. Miss on a drive by Jackson. Levesque at the other end on the break scores. 32-20 DLS. About 6:30 left.

Powell remains out of the game to start the fourth. My guess is he’ll return around the 4-min mark. Fourth has started. Powers called for first foul (I was wrong earlier when I said he had three). Cherry drives, scores and is fouled. At the line, it’s good. 30-20 DLS.


Mack throws it away. The Warriors are not playing well at all. I’d say it looks very likely the streak ends tonight. Third quarter is over.

Estrada drives, scores and he’s fouled. At the line and completes the three-point play. It’s 30-17 DLS and its looking like its all Spartans right now.

Smith drives and Strickland fouls him. Smith at the line. First rattles in, second is good. 27-17 DLS. This is nervous time for Mack and its 49-game winning streak. Standley misses a 3, DLS rebounds. Less than a minute to go in the third.

Powers misses a 3 and Cherry rebounds. A foul on Appel. Now Mack throws it away. DLS tries to get the ball to Appel and Powell picks up his foruth foul trying to deny the entry. Bad play by Powell to pick up his foruth with 1:35 left in the third. He’ll sit and Jamaree Strickland replaces.

Mack trying to get Powell, who is scoreless, involved. An entry pass is batted away but goes out off DLS. Ball goes to Powell and he drives but is whistled for a charge. His third and he’s upset. It was questionable.

  Missed 3 by Estrada. Mack rebounds and at the other end McArthur is called for his third foul. He’ll leave and Powers, who also has three fouls, will replace him. Marbley replaces Jackson for Mack.

Jackson tries a drive, rattles out. Some off the ball bumping and Jackson called for a foul. Mack is going to call a time out with 3:49 left in the third. 25-17 DLS.

Nice drive by Smith and DLS is on the board this half. 22-17. Mack throws it away now. Stein drills a 3 and DLS’ lead is back up to 25-17.

Mack going to the full court press. Cherry rejects a shot by Estrada. Warriors control it. The momentum is definitely with Mack now. Cherry whistled to have stepped on the sideline. DLS ball.

Steal by Mack, ahead to Hill and he lays it in. Less than two min into the half, it’s now 20-17 DLS. Sorry, that Standley 3 was actually ruled a two-pointer. Time out DLS.

Jackson with a little hook shot for Mack. Now. 20-15. Mack looks more energized. We’ve got a loose ball foul on Quincy Hill.

McArthur misses a 3 and then Standley comes down and makes a 3 for Mack. 20-14 now. An offensive foul on Levesque gives it back to Mack. That’s Levesque’s third.

Getting set for the second half. Let’s see if Mack’s no locker room strategy works. DLS has to love how this game is going. They’re forcing Mack to shoot outside and they aren’t making their shots. Powell is returning for Mack, so that could changes some things. We’re underway.

Interesting to note, Mack still has not gone to the locker room. It looks as if they won’t. They’re getting set to play games on the court, so I don’t know what benefit being out here would have. I guess we’ll see. Be back in a little bit.


Powers drains a 3-pointer. 20-8 DLS. A miss by Hill on a jumper. Under a minute. Mack fans are feeling pretty nervous right now. A near steal by Mack and its a jump ball to Mack. What a difference it makes to not have Powell in the lineup. Shot and game clock nearly identical so Mack will take last shot. It’s a 3 by Standley and that’s good to make it 20-11 DLS. That may be a big three points for the Warriors. Oddly, Mack is still mulling around the bench and not yet going to the lockerroom. Not a lot of happy faces over there.

 Standley whistled for a charge after he pump faked and tried to drive. We’re under 3 to go in the second and Mack is still in single digits. Smith drives for DLS but can’t convert. Mack rebounds. Cherry with a long 3 attempt and its no good. DLS rebounds (does that sound repetitive?) Powers getting set to come back. Smith misses on another drive. Mack rebounds and Smith commits a foul. Powers now reenters as down Mack’s Marbley. Standley at the line for a 1-and-1 with 1:36 left in the second quarter. Makes the first, messes second. 17-8 DLS.

Standley misses a 3. DLS rebounds. Stein drives and Strickland with the block but he’s called for a foul. There was contact with the body. Stein makes both. 17-7 DLS.

– Mack feeds Jackson inside and he’s called for traveling. Must have picked up his pivot foot. Standley back for Mack, replacing Marbley. Let’s see how long Powell stays out. Could be the rest of the half with two fouls. Now Powers called for traveling. Under 4 min to go in the second quarter.

3-pointer by Joe Stein gives DLS a 15-7 lead and Allocco calls time with 5:06 left in the second.

Powers inside is fouled by Taiese, his second. Powers makes frst. Jackson returns for Mack, replacing Taiese. Powers makes second. 12-5 DLS with under 6 min in second quarter. Offensive board by Cherry and he’s fouled by Levesque, his second. Cherry misses but Strickland with the putback. 12-7 DLS.

Hill whistled for a travel. Forgot to mention that Mack’s 6-9 freshman Jamaree Strickland is in the game. Cherry with a rebound. Hill trying to run the offense. Gives to Cherry, who looks for Strickland but its batted out of bounds. Again they look for Strickland but its a turnover.

Second quarter underway. Cherry steal, feeds Marbley. He’s fouled by McArthur, his second. Marbley at the line for two. Makes 1-of-2. 8-5 DLS. Powers goes up and fouled by Taiese. Powers makes both. 10-5.


– Cherry misses a corner three and DLS rebounds. Under 40 seconds. Estrada nails a 3 and with under 30 secs left its 8-4 DLS. Gmae is definitely going DLS’ pace. Cherry misses a 3 at the buzzer.

– Standley trying to create but he misses inside and Levesque rebounds. Smith misses a 3 and Levesque with the putback. 5-4 DLS with about 1 min left in first quarter.

– Stein misses a jumper. Levesque rebounds. Could’ve been over the back but then DLS misses and there is an over the back call. Mack ball. Standley misses a jumper and Smith rebounds. DLS throws it away and Hill gets the loose ball and goes the distance. 4-2 Mack. Both Mack buckets off off turnovers. Now Smith drives in and Powell greets him with his body. That’s his second foul and he’ll leave as Wendall Taiese and Lawrence Marbley get set to check in. Smith’s first FT misses. McArthur returns for DLS. Second FT for Smith is a swish. 4-3 with 2 min left in the first.

– McArthur and Powell get tangled up down low and McArthur and Powell called for a double fouls. Mack’s Hill dribbling on the perimeter and whistled for 5 seconds. DLS throws it away now. We’re halfway through the first quarter. 2-2. Jackson misses inside for Mack.

– DLS gets a steal and Smith pushes forward. Passes to Levesque and he losses control then fouls. Joe Stein enters for Spartans. Mack trying to get offense going in the halfcourt. The feed into Powell is held up and its a jump ball to DLS.  

– Smith short on a jumper. Jackson and Powell (teammates) battle for rebound and Jackson whistled for travel. Bad communication there. Smith feeds Levesque inside and its tied 2-2.

– Powell misses a jumper. DLS rebounds. Good atmosphere here early. DLS throws it away and Cherry gets to the ball and slams it home. Mack coach Brandon Brooks immediately calls time out. 6:15 left in first. 2-0 Mack.

– Mack wins the tip. No surprise with Damon Powell. Hill turns it over but then Powell gets it back for Mack, then another Mack TO. Ugly start. Both teams will settle in though.  McArthur misses down low on a good look. First two foot stomps from Allocco.

– Starting lineups being announced. For Mack: Justin Standley, Quincy Hill, Will Cherry, Chris Jackson and Damon Powell. For DLS: Brandon Smith, Jordan Estrada, Beau Levesque, Jefferson Powers, John McArthur.

– As is tradition here, we have a De La Salle student reciting the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream” speech.

Getting close to start time of the main event. Be back with you shortly.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • O’Dad

    DLS seems to be playing with a huge chip on their shoulders since that early loss to Tech…

  • Prep Fan

    We’ll see how they do with an angry Monte Vista team with a huge chip on their shoulder. MV is coming to visit on Wednesday after getting crushed by 20 in the 2nd half tonight by St. Mary’s of Berkeley. Judging by tonight’s games DLS will win easily, but Wednesday is not tonight. First place and almost certainly at least a share of the EBAL title is at stake as no one else will beat either team in league.

  • The Voice

    Monte Vista got blown by Saint MARY’s. What makes them think that they can beat DLS a much better defense than Saint Mary’s has. I really don’t see it happening. It may not be a 20 point deficit but DLS will DLS will maintain control throughout the contest.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Monte Vista also beat St. Mary’s earlier in the year and beat the team that beat DLS. The Mustangs also gave Folsom (16-1) and Archbishop Moeller (12-1) their only losses to date and also picked up a 13 point win against a good Bellarmine team.

    Could go either way.

  • EBAL Fan

    Where are those crap talkers now about MACK — blah, blah, blah. It’s Mack, then everyone else. My guess is they went back to their holes, or are hiding and letting others make up the excuses for Mack — oh it was the officiating. Whatever, step up and take defeat like a man.

  • Mack Champions

    We will be back we hate to lose and the last time i look our record is still better than yours and we dont have to pay people to come here so we are still state champs until someone take from us an aint nobody taken nothing from us with out a fight!

  • The Trojan Den

    EBAL you gotta respect Mack. I mean, you play enough good teams and your bound to lose one eventually. I think Mack could beat DLS on most nights. Mack had a bad game and they know it. You gotta give love to DLS and everything, but i still think Mack is the best in the bay. Mack-house is a very professional team and they are not gonna let one loss bring them down.

  • EBAL Fan

    My point is, I do respect Mack, but was getting tired about hearing from a bunch of morons who gave no respect to DLS or MV. I said in earlier posts, Mack was the best team, but on any given night, DLS or MV could beat them….Now step up and admit it — that irrates me when people don’t do that.

    Here’s mine — by congrats to St. Mary’s for punking MV — series even at 1-1.

  • DonSquad09

    Hey Mack Champs, you kinda stole J-Stan away from us… not much better than De La recruiting, isn’t there a rule that when you transfer schools you aren’t supposed to be aloud to play the next season?

  • renegades10

    Mack’s game was thrown off by the tenacious D of DLS. The thing about DLS is that they make teams look like they had a bad game, but in reality DLS’ defense does that to most teams they play. DLS played their best defensive game yesterday, and they are capable of playing like that every night.

  • jbob

    That Rule goes out the window when you transfer sections or leagues.

  • EBAL Fan

    How many turnovers did Standley have against DLS?? Really, Amador is a better team without him.

  • Standley had 1 turnover.

  • Jim

    In response to De La recruiting;
    Mack has three starters that transferred in the last two years. De La Salle had one transfer that started in the last 12 years.

  • James

    So DLS recruits a lot of backups?

  • I don’t think people are referring to recruiting in regards to transfers. It’s more accusations of pre-high school recruiting. Bringing in a kid as a freshman. (And no, I’m not making a statement either way about DLS recruiting, just stating what I think people are referring to).

  • renegades10

    Then boy they have done a horrible recruiting job in that respect. I mean, I know they have a few kids that are going to Division I schools, but I mean why isn’t Jared Cunningham, Damon Powell, Brian Barbour, and whichever Brew brother is still in hs donning the Spartan Green? It’s jealousy about a program that is consistently good without the top talent in the bay area. Yes they will have their share of college caliber players, but most schools do as well. The last DLS team that won a state title was in 2006. Two of their players went to play at Princeton, two at UC Santa Barbara, and one at the University of Portland. That is very impressive but none of those schools are powerhouses. And it pales in comparison to the scholarships received by the Mater Dei team.

  • EBAL Fan

    Can’t believe I actually agree with Renegades…It’s not about recruiting kids or kids living outside the boundries of the school district…during basketball season, the OAL and HAAL are the worst violators of that. With DLS it’s all about who has the best team and year in and out, it’s DLS. If they get beat, it’s not by a better team, but by someone with superior athletic performances.