MLK Classic Live: Monte Vista (15-0) vs. St. Mary’s (14-2)


– Alright folks. I’m going to head down to get in position to get quotes. This one is in the books. See you in a bit for the Mack-DLS game.

– Steal by SM and Moor is fouled going up for a shot. Makes first. I think we can now say that Mack is the only undefeated team in the East Bay. Second FT misses. 57-42 . Miss 3 by MV, at the other end Brew follows in and tips home a miss to make it 59-42 SM. Time out with 1:32 left.

– Looks like MV is going to start fouling now and hope they get some help at the FT line from SM. Brew is fouled and makes the first on the 1-and-1. Second is also good. He now has 14 and it’s 56-42 SM.

– Can’t really tell what’s injured. His brother and a trainer are helping him off. It may be an ankle. He’s being taken to the training table. Moor shoots for Lee and makes. 54-41. Now Brewster is fouled. He’ll shoot two. First shot is good. Second misses. Rebound to SM. Nearing the two minute mark.

– Barbour shooting 1-and-1 and misses. Rough night for him too. He’s got 11 but could have a lot more. SM is working the clock. Demetrius Lee drives, get contact and scores. But he’s down on the floor and hurt. That could be a big blow, not necessarily for this game, but if it’s serious and he misses major time. He’s still down. SM leads 53-41.

– Misses at both ends and MV had the ball. Brew drives and scores. He’s up to 12 points now and its 51-39 SM. Looking good for the Panthers. Jumper from Brewster is good, 51-41. Brewster has 15.

– After an MV miss, SM goes down and Demetrius Lee scores. 49-39 SM. Barbour drives for MV and is fouled. Moor picks up his third. Barbour to the line. First rattles out to the left, misses the second also. Time out SM with 4:13 left.

– Mark Appel drains a 3. 44-37. Country Boy, this is St. Mary’s from Berkeley. The team that went to last year’s Div. IV state title. Moor answers with a 3, it’s 47-37. Brewster then hits a long 2, 47-39. Time out MV with 5:32 left.

Out of the time out a big 3 from Justin Sra to make it 43-34. Head now fouled inside by Sra, his fourth. Head misses the first, makes the second. 44-34 SM.

Brew opens the quarter by knocking in a jumper. Now he scores again inside and with 7:09 left, SM leads 43-31. Monte Vista has some work to do to avoid suffering their first loss.


– Dom Lee muscling one inside with defenders on his back. SM pressuring and they force a TO. Moor looking to go in to score but whistled for an offensive foul with 1 second left.

– Barbour whistled for another traveling call inside. That’s at least his second travel, maybe more. He and Brewster both have 11. Brew attempts a 3 for SM and clanks it to the left. This is definitely not his finest hour. He only has 6 points. A 3 att by MV’s Nosal is short, Brew rebounds and he long outlet is intercepted for a turnover. But MV turns it over also. With 52.6 left in the third, Brew will take a rest. 37-31 SM.

– Back to action, the MV zone defense is slowing SM down quite a bit but a nice cut by Aalim Moor and he scores to make it 37-31. Closing in on 2 min left in the third, Tyrelle Phillips is fouled for MV. His first FT is short, so is the second. By the way, Brew and Dom Lee are both back in. They came in with the TO.

– Glenn Baral enters and will shoot for Dom. He makes both 35-31 SM. Country Boy, the Mack-DLS game is a scheduled 7:30 start. Since it’s 7:30, obviously that’s not happening. It’ll get going about 10-15 minutes after this one ends. And right now, we’ve got an SM timeout with 3:57 left in the third.

– Another bucket from Dom Lee as he cuts the baseline and gets a nice feed from Brew. Then after SM forces a TO, Brew gets it in the open court and slams one home. 33-31 SM. Another steal by SM and Dom Lee drives and is fouled. He’s to the line with 13 points on the night. Looks like Dom Lee has some blood on his jersey, Brew might be the one bleeding. Both are getting looked at on the sideline.

– Back and forth turnovers from both teams. Powers telling his squad to settle down. I don’t think he wants them to get caught up in the up-tempo game that SM likes to play. Dom Lee drains a short jumper and it’s 29-28 SM lead. Lee is stepping up with Brew being held quiet. Now Brewster with his third 3 of the game for MV and it’s 31-29 MV.

– Nice pass from Demetrius Lee inside to brother Dom Lee but he can’t finish. At the other end, Demetrius fouls Taylor Brewster as he scores. He misses the FT, but its 28-27 MV now.

– MV trying to pound inside with Ertz. He gets a shot off but its blocked by Dom Lee. Off the inbounds though MV finds Ertz and he scores. 27-26 SM.

– Second half is underway. MV starts with the ball.

– I’ve got to finish up work from the last game, so see you in a bit.

– Missed 3 by Barbour, but SM turns it over as it pushes down the court. Inside 30 seconds now. Alex Golchehreh scores inside for MV. 25-24. SM holding for the final shot it appears. Moor misses a 3 but Chris Head with the putback makes it 27-24 St. Mary’s. END OF SECOND QUARTER: ST. MARY’S 27, MONTE VISTA 24.

– Brew forcing things a bit and he drives and fires an air ball. MV has the possession. Ertz working hard to get open inside. Barbour called for travelling. Under 2 min now. MV’s student section still letting Brew hear it for his airball. Dom Lee now scores inside and its 23-22 SM. Turnover by MV. Ball to SM and the airball chants continue whenever Brew gets the ball. A short jumper by Dom Lee makes it 25-22 for the Panthers. That’s an 8-0 run.

– Airball on a 3 attempt by MV. SM on the fast break and Brew dishes to Dom Lee for a layup to make it 22-20. Then MV turns it over so SM has a chance to tie. Nice feed from Brew to Moor. Moor can’t finish inside but he’ll go to the FT line. Misses first, makes second. It’s 22-21 with under 3 min to play in the second quarter.

– Phillips just picked up his third foul for MV. Dom Lee at the line for SM. Misses the first, makes the second. 22-18 MV. Time out for SM. Btw, this bench here at Cal is getting more and more uncomfortable as the day goes on. I’ve been here since about 12:45 and at press row, it’s just a wooden bench. Most of the other seating is actually cushioned seats or a cushioned bench. This is rough here. Oh well.

– A near steal for SM but MV gets it back and Brewster nails a 3. 22-17 MV with under 5 min to play in the second quarter. Moor’s 3-point attempt misses for SM. MV has the ball but Brewster is called for traveling.

– Dom Lee trying to drive baseline but can’t get it to fall. Ball goes OB but to SM. Brew has been pretty quiet thus far with just three points. But on cue, he gets a steal after MV had got the ball back and he’s fouled. At the line for two shots, misses the first, makes second. 19-17.

– Second quarter underway. No scoring one minute in. Barbour drains a 3 from the corner right at the 7 min mark of the second and its 19-14 Monte Vista. 7-0 run for MV but that ends with Head scores inside for the Panthers. 19-16 MV.

– SM looking to hold for a late shot. A 3 is missed by Glenn Baral and MV pushes down and Zach Ertz scores inside to make it 16-14 Mustangs. Sm makes a bad pass trying to quickly go down court and turns it over with 1.9 left in the first quarter. Baseball heave from Barbour is no good. END OF FIRST QUARTER, MONTE VISTA 16, ST. MARY’S 14.

–  Three is missed by Demetrius Lee, MV rebounds, pushes down and Barbour is fouled. At the line again. Makes both. It’s 14-14.

– A couple of misses by MV, balls goes back to SM. Ertz takes a breather for MV, J.D. Nosal enters. Dangerous pass from Aalim Moor to Brew, but he gets it to Justin Pollard who scores. 14-11 SM. At the other end, Barbour is fouled and he’s at the line. Makes the first, misses the second. Rebound SM. 14-12 Panthers.

– MV working it inside with Zach Ertz. He’s fouled by Dominique Lee, his second foul. Ertz at the line, misses first, makes second. 12-11 SM.

– Out of the TO, Barbour drains a 3 to make it 10-7. SM still leads. Chris Head with a one-hand runner in the lane. 12-7 SM.  Foul down at the other end. Ball out of bounds to MV. 3pt attempt by Justin Sra rattles out, SM rebounds but a turnover on their end. MV gets a 3 from Taylor Brewster and its 12-10 with about 3 minutes left.

– Barbour working the lane but can’t finish. Down to the other end, Demetrius Lee banks one in 10-4 SM. Time out called by MV’s Bill Powers.

– SM using the pressure. They get a steal and Chris Head finishes. Went up for the dunk, got the rim and was fouled and still made the shot. Panthers getting juiced from that one. FT is good. 8-4 SM.

– Ertz goes to the hole but can’t finish and SM rebounds. Panthers keeping the ball on the perimeter but then Dominique Lee gets inside and Chris Brew finds him to tie the game. Tyrelle Phillips scores inside at the other end, 4-2 MV. Now Brew works inside and scores. He’s fouled. Free throw is good. 5-4 SM.

– Both teams exchange turnovers at the MV end. Now SM turns it over again. A little sloppy here at the start. SM’s Manny Nodar calls a time out to chat.

– Monte Vista wins the tip and gets a quick jumper from Brian Barbour. 2-0 MV. A minute passed by now.

– Teams are on the floor. We’re about to get going.

We’ll be getting started with Monte Vista-St. Mary’s shortly. The blog will be a little spotty early on while I’m still trying to wrap up writing my gamer for the paper on the Salesian-Newark game, but by the second half we’ll be flying.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.