MLK Classic Live: Salesian (13-3) vs. Newark Memorial (15-3)

I’m taking off to get ready to cover the third game, Monte Vista vs. St. Mary’s. Once Jimmy finishes his work on the Salesian-Newark game, he’ll pick up play-by-play of the Mustangs and Panthers.

Final thoughts: Well a win is a win, but Salesian can’t be super happy with how that game played out. They had plenty of chances to put things away in regulation and overtime, but kept Newark in the game. Brown finished with 19 points and Simmons had 17 for Salesian. Sankey led the Cougars with 16 points. Newark probably wins the game if they can hit on any of their several 3-point attempts, or do a little bit better from the foul line.


-Andrews makes the first and misses the second. Newark’s final full-court heave lands well short and Salesian prevails 58-55.

-Kobori misses intentionally, but Andrews gets the rebound for Salesian and is promptly fouled.

-With 4.9 seconds left, Kobori manages to draw a foul while shooting a 3-pointer. Kobori misses the first shot. He sinks the second, and Salesian calls timeout. It’s 57-55, and Kobori will have one more free throw when they come out of the timeout.

-Salesian turns the ball over on the inbounds play. Newark takes it out under its own basket and gets a pair of good looks in the key, but can’t get either to fall. Simmons gets the rebound and is fouled with 26.8 remaining. Simmons converts one of two. It’s 57-54.

-Ezeofer gets a quick basket inside and closes the score to 56-54 Salesian with 42.1 seconds. Newark used its last timeout immediately after scoring the bucket.

-Now it’s Jabari Brown at the line in the double bonus. He hits one of two and its 56-52 Pride with 51.2 remaining.

-Simmons is whistled for a foul and Sankey gets two foul shots. He hits the first and and the second. 55-52 with 54.0 to go.

-Salesian is now in the double bonus as Artis is fouled. He makes one of two and Salesian leads 55-50 with 1:02 left to go.

-Clark drives down the middle of the lane and draws a foul. He can’t make either free throw.

-Brown penetrates and gets fouled by Randle. He converts on on both free throws for a 54-50 Pride lead.

-Salesian tries to force an entry pass into Simmons and it results in a turnover. The Cougars then manage to turn the ball over when McCall is called for an illegal screen. 52-50 Salesian with 2:25 on the clock.

-Newark gets three shots and misses them all. Salesian takes the ball over with 3:05 to go.

-It’s the standard 4 minute OT. Salesian wins the tip and Andrews scores inside for a 52-50 Salesian lead.


-Newark inbounds under the basket and finds Sankey who scores on the block to tie it up at 50-50. Time expires and we’re headed to OT.

-McCall attempts a 3-pointer, but it won’t go down. The rebound goes off Simmons and out of bounds with 3.2 seconds left. Newark calls its last timeout.

-Salesian gets the ball past the full-court pressure and Artis is fouled with 19.5 seconds on the clock. The freshman sinks one of two. 50-48, Salesian leads. Newark gets the ball into their front court and calls timeout with 13.7 seconds on the clock.

-The Cougars decide not to foul, and it’s the right call as Salesian turns it over and Bobby McCall gets a transition layup. Salesian leads 49-48 with 26.9 seconds remaining. They will take the ball out at the far end of the court.

-Newark tries to get Sankey open for a 3-pointer, but he travels and the ball goes back to Salesian.

-After Salesian turns the ball over in the back court, Sankey can’t convert on a layup. The Pride breaks the other way and Brown converts a left-handed layin with 1:02 on the clock. Newark calls timeout. It’s 49-46 Salesian.

-Brown grabbed a defensive rebound, and just before he’s tied up by two Cougars, Salesian coach Bill Mellis was able to get a timeout called. Salesian will get the ball with 1:42 left and leading 47-46.

-Newark takes another 3 — and misses it. Salesian then gets a 4-on-2 fast break, but can’t convert. Newark gets the ball back after tying Salesian up on the offensive rebound. The Cougars take another long distance shot and can’t get it to fall. But the long rebounds goes out of bounds back to Newark.

-Salesian has an empty trip down the floor despite getting a pair of opporunities. Newark tries to get into transition but the pass is deflected out of bounds. Cougars ball with 2:42 on the clock.

-Evan Kobori penetrates for Newark and finds Sankey. Simmons went up for the block but was called for the foul. Sankey hits both. 47-46 Salesian with 3:10 to go.

-Simmons gets a bucket inside to put Salesian ahead 47-44 and Newark calls timeout with 3:40 to go in the game.

-Ezeofer is called for a reach-in as Devon Montgomery drives to the basket. Montgomery misses the front end of the bonus free throws and Newark gets the rebound — only to turn it back over on a travel.

-Ezeofer is tied up by three different Salesian players as he goes to the hoop. The result is a jump ball and Salesian gets possession.

-Byrd picks up foul for the Cougars and it puts Salesian in the bonus. Simmons goes to the line and makes both. Salesian back on top 45-44.

-Casey Norris gets a layup for Newark, and Andrews gets one for Salesian (on a nice pass from Quincy Smith). 44-43 with 4:42 to go.

-Jisaun Randle is left alone and he sinks a 10-footer for Newark. Kendall Andrews is fouled underneath the basket for Salesian and he makes both foul shots to make it 42-41.

-Salesian breaks the press and Artis gets a left-handed layup. Newark leads 40-39 with 6:17 remaining.

-Newark Memorial begins the fourth in a full court press and promptly gets a steal and layup by Clark. 40-37. Salesian nexts possession ends in travelling violation.


-Each team adds yet another turnover. Newark misses another 3, but Sankey picks up the offensive board and gets the putback for a 38-37 lead.

-The Cougars miss yet another 3-pointer. I stopped counting, but I’d guess they were somewhere around 0-for-10. Salesian finally gets the ball back inside to Simmons and he scores and draws the foul. SImmons misses the foul shot and its 37-36 Pride.

-Brown has his driving layup negated on a charge and then both teams exchange another set of turnovers. This game is really going back and forth between sloppy and well-played. Newark leads 36-35 with 2 minutes to go in the third.

-Ezeofer now goes to the line after drawing a foul on Jabari Brown (his first personal). He misses both.

-Freddie Tagaloa a truck of a freshman scores inside for Salesian to make it 35-34 Pride, but Ezeofer sinks a 12-footer to put the Cougars back on top.

-Sankey picks up two quick fouls, one on a charge and another fighting for a defensive board. Salesian can’t take advantage of either one. Newark’s Bobby McCall draws a foul on the drive and clanks both.

-Newark forces another turnover but can’t convert. Salesian brings it back down and misses three straight shots, but Dominic Artis is fouled on the Pride’s fourth put-back attempt. He makes one of two and it’s 34-33.

-Shykil Byrd makes a steal at half court and makes a game-tying layup for Newark Memorial. Then after a missed shot by Salesian, the Cougars went into transition again and Byrd makes the layin for a 34-32 advantage. Salesian promptly calls timeout with 5:26 on the clock.

-Isaiah Clark gets makes a bucket in traffic for Newark Memorial, he makes the And 1 free throw and its 32-30 with 6:00 to go in the third.

-Brown is fouled going to the hoop and hits a pair of free throws. Salesian goes up 32-27.

-Answering the question about Carondelet-Berkeley, Carondelet won 62-53.

-Newark opens the half with a quick bucket underneath by Ifeanyi Ekeofor to cut the lead to 28-27. Jabari Brown answers for Salesian with a breakaway dunk following a steal. 30-27 Salesian

Alright, the second half is about ready to get underway. Salesian leads 28-25. The most recent updates will appear at the top of the post.

HALFTIME: After a fairly sloppy second quarter by both teams, Salesian retains the lead and takes a 28-25 advantage into the break. Newark trailed 22-17 before using an 8-2 run to take a brief 25-24 lead. Salesian then scored two quick transition baskets inside the final minute to get us where we’re at. Simmons finished the half with 10 points and Newark Memorial’s Khion Sankey leads the Cougars with 9. I’ll begin play-by-play in a new post at the start of the second half. That will be at approximately 5:30 p.m.

FIRST QUARTER: An expedient first quarter just came to an end with the Pride leading 15-11. Salesian’s Desmond Simmons leads all scorers with eight points. The Cougars did not have a particularly good quarter shooting the ball. They are 0-for-5 from behind the arc. I’ll be back at hte half.

Chace Bryson