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Prep Corner Live!

By mbower
Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 10:57 pm in Uncategorized.

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  • cougar11

    I just tuned in so I don’t know if you talked about them yet, but what’s your take on Carondelet’s basketball team this year?

  • wrong way ray

    what about the washington huskies? how are they lookin for an NCS spot. long time listener, first time caller. u guys are great. thanks

  • wrong way ray

    what do you got against my boy? he averages 20 pts a game and cant get a damn prep of the week? that’s bogus, man. just cuz u dont like me dont take it out on my boy

    scott pace

  • wrong way ray

    hey amador, if u dont want ‘em to hang 9 goals on u stop whining and try playing some defense! ur an embarrasment to past av soccer greats like dennis miller!

  • cougar11

    now that you’ve talked about Carondelet, what about De La Salle hoops? They had Hollis Thompson at the beginning of the school year but then he transfered to a school in Atlanta because of his dad’s job. Do you think that had an effect on the team?

  • HaywardBob

    has craig ashmore surpassed guin boggs as the best coach in mval hoops history? why do guys think he hasnt left for a college gig? cant u see him as a ben braun type in the pac 10?

  • HaywardBob

    when are we goin sailing?

  • HaywardBob

    have tennis practices opened up yet? how deep is the mission team this year? quite a juggernaut usually… have you heard about the identical twins from gupta, india that transferred to american? i hear they may sway the balance of the league…. your thoughts?

  • KenBishop

    good evening fellas…
    do you have free throws made-attempted for the HAAL games tonight? trying to fill out my box scores in my notebook. thanks a bunch guys. ur the best.

  • Titanator

    how could u pick JFK for SIXTH in the MVAL this year? after watching the last few weeks, u care to retract that prediction mr. Mustard? coach domelle should be mentioned among the mval legends, up there with Cashmore and Boggs!

  • Titanator

    do you guys realize you have 13 viewers? and 10 of them are your friends/family? wrap it up and hit taco bell before it too late…

  • fAlcanNation!

    jack ass…

  • Titanator

    what time is the NCS meeting Sunday? can i get a wake up call? to i HAVE to be present to win?

    coach Mike

  • donfan

    i have a question for the sports writers, really anyone,
    by now we have all heard of the 100-0 girls basketball win in texas. recently the coach was fired, do you think this was justified that he was fired? also was this win right?

    personally i have never been a fan of running up a score, this was just too far for me.

  • HAAL Fan

    Donfan. He was fired recently because he sent an email to the Dallas media stating that he didn’t agree with his school’s assessment of the victory and that he doesn’t think the girls should be ashamed of a game in which they performed with great integrity. I don’t think it was so much the game that got him fired as much as it was his public display of disapproval of his school’s actions.