East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

What is it going to take for the Albany High School soccer team to get some respect?
Well, a win on Wednesday against Piedmont would really help.

Sure, the Cougars beat the Highlanders earlier in the year, but the teams are tied in the loss column, and Bay Shore Athletic teams know that you don’t count Piedmont out. Ever.
So, to get some respect and perhaps climb into the top ten in the Bay Area News Group’s East Bay soccer rankings, another win over the Highlanders would go a long, long way.
“We like to think of ourselves as one of the top teams in the Bay Area,” Albany coach Ko Douglas said. “We need to prove ourselves this season and Wednesday’s match is a good opportunity for us.”
De-throning Piedmont from the BSAL perch it has been on for years is not going to be easy and the Albany players know that.
“We knew we had a lot of potential coming into this year,” Albany junior Peeja Khorashadi said. “We have players that have a great work ethic and work very hard. Still, we need to beat Piedmont and we will be up there.”
Fellow junior Juliano Pereira echoes that sentiment.
“It’s big,” Pereira said of the Piedmont match. “It will show how we can compare to the best teams, and it would be huge if we could pull it off. We just need to stay consistent and work hard.”
Albany, and the BSAL as a whole, hasn’t been getting a lot of respect, but that could all change on Wednesday afternoon.
Let us not forget, a Piedmont win could mean yet another league title for the Highlanders. Much like Albany, they are being doubted this year as they search for a fourth consecutive trip to the North Coast Section’s 2A title game.


There is some shuffling amongst the top ten teams this week.
Richmond jumps out from No. 5 to No. 3, even with the 1-0 loss at De La Salle. The Oilers looked very good in the second half and probably feel as if they should have tied or could have even won the game. Still, the reason the Spartans are a great team this year is because they still find a way to win even when they don’t play their best.
Castro Valley trades places with Richmond after a loss and a tie last week, while Bishop O’Dowd slides up one spot to No. 6. Amador checks in at No. 7, moving up three spots after a 2-0 week. Granada is at No. 8, Monte Vista is at No. 9 and Hayward re-emerges into the top ten after a big win over Castro Valley.
The only change outside of the top ten is San Leandro sliding to No. 11. Albany, Piedmont, Acalanes and Campolindo all remain exactly the same. In fact, Antioch, Dublin and Deer Valley are all worthy of getting into the top 15, but nobody directly in front of them lost to create the necessary space.

1. De La Salle (14-1-1)
2. San Ramon Valley (12-1-4)
3. Richmond (12-4-2)
4. Newark Memorial (12-1-5)
5. Castro Valley (13-4-1)
6. Bishop O’Dowd (13-2-2)
7. Amador Valley (10-4-4)
8. Granada (10-5-1)
9. Monte Vista (9-6-2)
10. Hayward (10-5-2)
11. San Lorenzo (10-2-2)
12. Albany (14-2-1)
13. Piedmont (14-2-1)
14. Acalanes (10-4-2)
15. Campolindo (8-4-2)

Others considered: Antioch (12-4-2), Dublin (9-2-5), Deer Valley (8-4-6), Pittsburg (7-3-2), Northgate (9-6-2), Berkeley (8-5-4), Las Lomas (9-6-1), Ygnacio Valley (8-5-2), Foothill (7-10-2), Livermore (7-10-1).

There are some big games this week that should lead to some shuffling in the rankings. Here are some to watch for:

Jan. 27
ACCAL- Berkeley at Richmond
BVAL- Deer Valley at Antioch
DVAL- Northgate at College Park
EBAL- Amador Valley at San Ramon Valley; Monte Vista at Granada
Jan. 28
BSAL- Piedmont at Albany
Jan. 29
DVAL- College Park at Ygnacio Valley
EBAL- San Ramon Valley at Granada
Jan. 30
DFAL- Acalanes at Alhambra
HAAL- Bishop O’Dowd at Arroyo
MVAL- Washington at Newark Memorial

League standings

Feel free to update your record at anytime.

Team Overall League Points
Richmond (12-4-2) 5-0-2 17
Berkeley (8-5-4) 5-1-1 16
Pinole Valley (6-5-3) 4-2-1 13
De Anza (7-10-1) 4-3-0 12
El Cerrito (4-6-2) 2-3-2 8
Alameda (1-11-5) 0-5-2 2
Hercules (0-6-0) 0-6-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Albany (14-2-1) 10-1-0 30
Piedmont (14-2-1) 9-1-0 27
Kennedy (7-3-4) 6-2-3 21
St. Mary’s (6-5-1) 6-3-1 19
Encinal (4-7-4) 3-5-2 11
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (3-6-2) 3-6-1 10
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (3-11-1) 3-7-0 9
Salesian (0-9-3) 0-5-3 3
Swett (0-12-0) 0-10-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Deer Valley (8-4-6) 6-0-3 21
Antioch (12-4-2) 6-3-0 18
Pittsburg (7-3-2) 5-3-1 16
Freedom (6-5-5) 3-3-3 12
Liberty (4-7-3) 2-5-2 8
Hertiage (3-12-2) 0-8-1 1

Team Overall League Points
Acalanes (10-4-2) 5-1-1 16
Campolindo (8-4-2) 4-1-2 14
Alhambra (5-4-0) 4-3-0 12
Las Lomas (9-6-1) 3-4-0 9
Miramonte (3-3-3) 2-2-3 9
Dublin (9-2-5) 2-2-2 8
Dougherty Valley (2-11-0) 0-7-0 0

Team Overall League Points
College Park (7-8-2) 5-0-1 16
Northgate (9-6-2) 5-2-0 15
Ygnacio Valley (8-5-2) 4-3-0 12
Concord (4-7-3) 2-3-2 8
Clayton Valley (7-8-2) 2-2-2 8
Mt. Diablo (2-6-1) 1-4-1 4
Berean Christian (2-14-0) 1-6-0 3

Team Overall League Points
De La Salle (14-1-1) 7-0-1 15
Amador Valley (10-4-4) 5-1-2 12
San Ramon Valley (12-1-4) 4-1-3 11
Granada (10-5-1) 4-4-0 8
Monte Vista (9-6-2) 4-4-0 8
Livermore (7-10-1) 2-5-1 5
Foothill (7-10-2) 1-5-2 4
California (4-10-3) 0-7-1 1

Team Overall League Points
Castro Valley (13-4-1) 8-1-1 25
Bishop O’Dowd (13-2-3) 7-1-2 23
Hayward (10-5-2) 6-2-2 20
San Lorenzo (10-2-2) 6-2-2 20
Arroyo (7-4-5) 4-2-4 16
San Leandro (7-7-2) 4-6-0 12
Mt. Eden (3-10-3) 2-7-1 7
Tennyson (3-10-2) 1-8-1 4
Moreau Catholic (1-12-1) 0-10-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Newark Memorial (12-1-5) 8-0-0 24
Washington (8-7-0) 5-3-0 15
Irvington (7-9-3) 4-4-1 13
Kennedy (3-5-1) 3-5-1 10
Mission San Jose (8-6-1) 5-4-0 15
Logan (6-10-3) 4-4-0 12
American (0-11-0) 0-9-0 0

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • Marques

    Hi all. I sent this e-mail to Matt. Thanks.

    Matt I read your article and it doesn’t make much sense. You’re predicting a possible top 10 rank for Albany if they beat Piedmont YET #12 Albany is already ranked higher than #13 Piedmont. If Albany were to defeat (or even tie) Bishop O’Dowd, Castro Valley or San Lorenzo, then that would account for such a big jump in the rankings. But, considering your rankings, Albany can’t make much of a gain unless your rankings are a mistake and Piedmont is at least in the top 10.

    Here’s my addendum:
    Regardless of the result of the Piedmont game, Albany would probably gain more respect by beating Acalanes or last year’s champs Campolindo (who ironically have a lower ranking than both BSAL teams).

    Marques Dillard
    PHS Men’s Varsity Soccer Coach

  • Matt Smith

    I emailed you back, but you posted your email to me on here so I feel it’s only fair I should respond.
    Not what I am saying at all.
    What I am saying is that if you want to move up in the rankings, you have to beat good teams. You (Piedmont) are clearly a good team. Teams ahead of them in the rankings will naturally lose, but for Albany to avoid being jumped by teams like Antioch, Dublin, etc or if they want to
    avoid teams that lose staying above them…. they need to beat good teams.
    Sorry it didn’t make sense to you.
    Also, I am not predicting a top ten ranking. I am simply addressing an issue, which is Albany people wondering why they aren’t climbing every week and other teams are.
    I hope you don’t feel like this was an attack on Piedmont, because it was the exact opposite. It’s a sign of respect for the Highlander program.

  • Jesus

    How is Dublin even considered??? They have only 1 win againts a team with a winning record.(Las Lomas) Other then that they don’t have a win againts any other average team.

    Moreau catholic(1-12-1) won 3-1 and tied 1-1.
    Encinal (4-7-4) w0n 9-2 and tied 0-0.
    salesian (0-9-3)won 10-1.
    St, Joseph ND (3-11-3) won 5-0 and won 5-0.
    Swett (0-12-0) won by forfeit. they play again
    Berean Christian(2-14-0) won 2-0.They play again.
    Dougherty valley(2-11-0) won 5-0.
    Las Lomas (9-6-1) won 1-0.

    So can you explain to me how this team is so close to getting into the top 15?? Any average team can get at least 12 wins by playing all this teams… Do you notice how they play the worst teams 2 times?? Seems to me like their schedule might be the easiest schedule of any team. There also in 6th place out of 7 teams in their league. they need to start getting wins over Acalanes, Campolindo, and Alhambra for them to even be considered.

  • Marques

    The results against the big fish in their league shows promise, but what seems unusual is that they are playing 4 non-league teams twice. Usually, non-league teams are played only once, but it’s not written in stone.

  • Felipe Lamas

    nice.anyone anything to say about newark?

  • Felipe Lamas

    how can richmond a team with 4 losses be in No.3?

  • Matt Smith

    Unfortunately I have not seen Newark. Keep in mind though, that I had them ranked back when they were 4-1-5 and people were criticizing me. I have been a supporter all year, despite not seeing them.
    The reason for moving Richmond up is simple. They are playing very well, and yes, I have seen them and I am very impressed. They could have beat DLS and they just beat SRV. They are impressive.
    I never thought anybody would think a team ranked in the top five is being disrespected, so I am sorry being ranked No. 4 isn’t a sign of the Cougars being thought highly of.

  • David

    Mr.Smith I am the Captain of The Newark Memorialsoccer teamand i highly suggest that you should comeout to one of our games when we host the MVAL playoffs at newark.

  • Marques

    HAH! I hate to be one to mock the haters of Piedmont, but Piedmont seems to be that neglected step child that no one likes. Bad news, they took league AGAIN and have an overall record of 20-2-2. Their last loss, to Albany, was on December 12. Ever since, they went undefeated with only one tie, in 16 games. A fourth straight title is a record in the BSAL, and perhaps beyond. Yet no interviews by “you-know-who” of either coaches or players. But the Highlanders will be welcome to be the “Quiet Men” who speak with their swords rather than their words.