Friday Night Hoops Scoreboard: Jan. 30

Here are tonight’s scores.


Alameda 69, Richmond 37
Hercules at Pinole Valley not reported
Berkeley 84, El Cerrito 57

St. Mary’s 64, Piedmont 46
Salesian 68, Kennedy 52
St. Joseph Notre Dame 75, John Swett 56
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 71, Encinal 45

Antioch at Deer Valley not reported
Freedom 76, Liberty 66
Pittsburg 74, Heritage 61

Campolindo 52, Acalanes 49
Miramonte 61, Alhambra 41
Dublin 61, Las Lomas 54

Northgate 79, Berean Christian 62
Clayton Valley 50, Mt. Diablo 41
Concord 59, Ygnacio Valley 51

De La Salle 73, Livermore 27
California 48, Foothill 40
Monte Vista 59, Granada 39

Fremont 60, Castlemont 54
Oakland Tech 59, Oakland 44
McClymonds 68, Skyline 55

Bishop O’Dowd 63, Tennyson 37
San Leandro 61, Castro Valley 53
San Lorenzo 69, Arroyo 68 (OT)
Hayward 61, Mt. Eden 33

Newark Memorial 72, Kennedy-Fremont 56
James Logan 53, Mission San Jose 51
Washington 70, American 53


Alameda at Richmond not reported
Pinole Valley 48, Hercules 31
Berkeley 54, El Cerrito 11
NOTE: Chace Bryson sent me a text message to say that Brittany Boyd made her season debut tonight for Berkeley. The Hercules transfer, who had been ruled ineligible by both the NCS and CIF, was reinstated today according to NCS commissioner Gil Lemmon. Phil Jensen spoke with Lemmon and he’ll have more info as the night goes on.

Kennedy 42, Salesian 38
St. Mary’s 57, Piedmont 32
St. Joseph Notre Dame 66, John Swett 20
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 65, Encinal 60

Deer Valley 73, Antioch 39
Liberty 41, Freedom 34
Heritage 38, Pittsburg 26

Campolindo 56, Acalanes 42
Miramonte 65, Alhambra 38
Dublin 71, Las Lomas 21

Northgate 102, Berean Christian 14
Clayton Valley 71, Mt. Diablo 24
Concord 60, Ygnacio Valley 37

Foothill at California not reported
Carondelet 84, Livermore 49
San Ramon Valley 54, Amador Valley 40
Monte Vista 64, Granada 35

Castlemont at Fremont not reported
McClymonds 59, Skyline 31
Oakland Tech 78, Oakland 23

Bishop O’Dowd 59, Tennyson 14
Castro Valley 66, San Leandro 49
San Lorenzo 68, Arroyo 48
Hayward 45, Mt. Eden 37

Ben Enos

  • High School Sports Junkie

    I have been talking to Bower about the Tina Guerra situation at BOD where she has been ruled ineligable due to a transfer paperwork snafu. Any thoughts on if she will be reinstated before the end of the season.

  • dverdin

    sl vs cv 10 pt win but the game was never in doubt score was closer than the actual game sl could of won by twenty cv’s lack of tough games throughout the year is hurting them in these big games

  • E_Culb

    Brittany Boyd’s being allowed to play for Berkeley is HUGE for there post season run, now they have a QB watch out D-1. It’s a shame it took this long or even had to go through all of what it did! Somethings Fishy in the NCS!!!

  • ccoosby

    The trojan den is awfully quiet where have they went after three weeks of talking so much and what happened to parker at the end of the game

  • dez #72

    damn cv lost 2 straight

  • Hugo Bossy

    Wow! What a difference a week can make. Last week CV sat on top and Hayward appeared to be on a downward spiral. Now SL is on top by one game with the other big three all tied for second. One of the young guys from CV will have to mature quick if they have any chance of repeating league champs. Parker has played great but this week the young guys disappeared. Last season Hayward started off slow as well even losing to Tennyson then went on a crazy win streak to finish the season. Their confidence is up but their schedule gets hard the last week of the season they play SL, O’dowd and CV in that order! Ouch!

  • Jeff

    the reason why the den hasn’t been around as much is being we were suspended for the 2 games before hayward and we didnt have such a big showing against hayward… last night it was packed against SL though. free throws killed us, but we should have been given many more and them far fewer. the refs were probably worse than ive ever seen so far this season. not taking anything away from SL, but if we made half our free throws and the refs actually called some fouls against SL, there would have been a different outcome in this game.

  • ccoosby

    please lets not start this!!! the game was not even close it was a 20 point game with 5 min to go and sl is the better team just accept it and move on PLEASE lets not start with the excuses!! this board would have a million posts if every fan made excuses and blamed the game on the refs when there team lost PLEASE no excuses

  • The Trojan Den

    We of the Trojan Den cannot comment on this game without noting the horrible job the referees did. They fell for Jared Cunningham’s dives and b*tch a** crying about being hit in the face. San Leandro managed to get a 15 point lead in the first half because the gamecalling was really off and because they made a lot of their shots. Then I think CV was the better team in the second half, but every time we got within 10 we would get some bogus calls. I dont want ANYONE to tell us how were “making excuses” unless they were actualy AT the game! Any neutral party could tell the refs had a huge crush on Jared Cunningham for some reason. The Den was more livid than ever last night, and we had reasons

  • The Trojan Den

    Jared Cunningham lost all credibility in my book last night and has led me to believe he will be a failure at OSU.

    1) He lacks composure. When the Den went to SL and heckled him he was off his game, missing free throws to our chants of ASU! Tonight I guess he couldn’t let it go, pointing at the Den and talking sh*t to us every time he did something. I hope he knows the abuse he will get in a D-1 school will be much worse, and he can’t react to it PERIOD.
    2) Just wait till the referees treat him like everyone else and tell him to get his b*tch a** up when he’s on the ground pretending to be injured. This isn’t soccer, Jared.
    3) He is no better than Rashad Parker or Davion Berry. I just don’t see it. He’s a whiner and a diver, and not as good from the arc as Parker. Berry is a lot tougher than him as well.

  • cille

    JC shut down parker who ONLY had eight pts and fouled out..he is VERY weak, just force him to his left..all parker did was cry last night. He’s not going anywhere..(ANYWHERE)…well maybe to chabot. Jared cunningham does not have to shoot every time and make all the baskets, as long as his team wins he is happy. So he decommitted from asu then committed to osu…he just took a scholarship that easy. Parker doesnt even kno how it feels to commit to a college..hahaha. JC is a nationally ranked player and trojan den all u want to do is bad mouth him on this blog site..is this all you live for is JARED CUNNINGHAM. Your a fan thats not doing nothnig with your life…so have a nice day..and quit hating on jared cunningham. He the best to come from san leandro in a long time and where proud of him.

    o yea .. ill have him send you an autogragh t-shirt soon

  • ccoosby

    it good to know you know more than all Div-1 scouts and coaches in america your record is now 2-3 vs real teams and yes you are making excuses like ever other time when cv has lost just let it go

  • cille

    Trojan den there u go with more excuses…Ccoosby i dont think he can take the loss.. cus all trojan den does is complain and whine when cv gets a loss……hAHAHA..I CAN TELL THIS IS A LIL KID TALKING..cuz your not a MAN!!!!!


    should have beat cv by 20 but let up towards the end

  • fAlcanNation!

    trojan den stop this excuse crap

  • The Trojan Den

    f*ck off

  • fAlcanNation!

    stop bein a sore loser fool. teams lose deal wit it

  • cif

    like EBAL fan once said where is castro valley late in the season? consensus says they choked when all the home court advantage fell out the window for them. but how many games are left in the season? homey dont diss other teams when you talk so high and mighty about your team and then you act like a sore loser when they lose. you can still prove sh*t in NCS. NorCals, however, will be OAL affair because NCS is weak after EBAL, HAAL champs and runner ups.

    1. De La
    2. San Dro
    3. Monte V
    4. Castro V

    be more sportsmanlike at least your in the top 4 in your division in your section

  • derrick

    every1 respond… tennyson will come alive next year with super star daniel almonte transfering. he is my cousin and he is the truth. plus they got hameed its a done deal

  • ccoosby

    League champ berkley with a win over cv will be seeded higher and so might league champ Newerk

  • fAlcanNation!

    soooo hmmmm wheres the den?

  • famfirst1

    The den is at home wondering wha happened after being one up’d at our gym then being beat on in theirs

  • BigGreen

    Hey does anyone think Mack will lose an OAL game? And if so,who do you think can? If not,why?

  • The Trojan Den

    The Den is still here. what u even talkin about. Den is stronger than ever. we a family. we went through a tough week and we didn’t look like the same cv that was 17-1 before. cv will be back with the den to back it up. all the refs better be careful i dont wanna see that s-bag rogaine ref call one of our games ever again.

    These two losses only make us stronger cuz we the best 6th man ever.

  • The Trojan Den

    max preps took a pic of these guys for a reason:

    they were the worst

  • The Trojan Den

    ^^^pic number 69

  • ccoosby

    if CV loses anymore games they are looking at a six seed come ncs time two quality wins is not going to get it done

  • fAlcanNation!

    den needs to stop making excuses. go away fhs could beat em now a days

  • PirateFan

    I went to the game last Friday to watch the Pirates beat on the Trojans. After all the posting by the Trojan Den members about how great they are I was disappointed with their effort. Nothing creative and I thought the Bull***t and what sounded like F San Leandro were uncalled for. The capper though was the moron who walked on the court and flipped off the referee what an idiot. I think it’s time for the Den to stop coming up with excuses and just admit they were beaten by better teams last week. They were a non factor at this game.

  • The Trojan Den

    You are uncalled for PirateFan quit hatin we do whatever we want.

  • Farmer Country

    HAyward is going to roll through the big three games we have left.