East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

In less than two weeks, playoff fates will be decided at the North Coast Section soccer seeding meeting, and there will be plenty to discuss. On top of teams arguing for higher seeds and positioning, there will be a number of teams on the fence, fighting to get in.

Here is how it looks right now as far as 3A teams with a chance to get in:

ACCAL: Berkeley, Richmond.

BVAL: Antioch, Deer Valley, Freedom, Pittsburg.

DVAL: College Park, Clayton Valley

EBAL: Amador Valley, De La Salle, Granada, Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley

HAAL: Arroyo, Castro Valley, San Leandro.

MVAL: Mission San Jose, Newark Memorial, Washington.


That is 18 teams with a feasible chance for 12 spots. These are the teams I see getting in:

Locks: Richmond, Antioch, Deer Valley, College Park, Amador Valley, De La Salle, Granada, Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, Castro Valley, Newark.

College Park is a lock because they are going to win the Diablo Valley Athletic League. I really do see the EBAL getting five bids and I only see the HAAL and MVAL getting one. I think the 12th team is going to be Pittsburg. The Pirates should get Edgar Villagrana back at some point, and I anticipate a strong finish and a playoff berth.


Here is how I see it for 2A:

ACCAL: El Cerrito, Pinole Valley.

BSAL: Albany, Kennedy-Richmond, Piedmont, St. Mary’s.

DFAL: Acalanes, Alhambra, Campolindo, Dublin, Las Lomas, Miramonte.

DVAL: Concord, Northgate, Ygnacio Valley.

HAAL: Bishop O’Dowd, Hayward, San Lorenzo.


Locks: Albany, Piedmont, Acalanes, Campolindo, Dublin, Las Lomas, Bishop O’Dowd, San Lorenzo.

In my estimation that is eight locks and I feel like Ygnacio Valley, Northgate, Kennedy-Richmond and St. Mary’s are very close to being in as long as they finish strong. Alhambra, Miramonte and Pinole Valley are all in the same boat together. A strong finish and a slump from another team could lead to them making it. I think Hayward might become a lock if I could find out for sure if they are 2A or 3A, and if they could somehow get healthy and get back to the level they were at a few weeks ago. That will be very hard to do. Read below for more.




Someone on the blog thought Newark was getting dis-respected, but I think it’s quite the opposite. Richmond’s schedule and its level of play lately leads to them climbing up the rankings. I did a little re-shuffling of the 2A teams at the bottom, because I thought it was appropriate. Antioch climbs back into the top 15. The top ten has a new member in Albany, but the rest stays very close to the same, with a few East Bay Athletic League teams shuffling around because they just keep pounding on each other.


1. De La Salle (16-1-1)

2. Richmond (15-4-2)

3. San Ramon Valley (13-2-5)

4. Newark Memorial (14-1-5)

5. Castro Valley (15-4-1)

6. Bishop O’Dowd (15-2-3)

7. Granada (10-5-3)

8. Monte Vista (10-6-3)

9. Amador Valley (11-5-4)

10. Albany (15-2-2)

11. Piedmont (16-2-2)

12. San Lorenzo (12-2-2)

13. Acalanes (11-4-3)

14. Campolindo (9-4-2)

15. Antioch (13-4-3)


Others considered:



Odds & Ends


Hayward: It’s hard not to feel badly for this team. First of all, they aren’t 100 percent certain if they are a 2A team or a 3A team. Secondly, they have five key players that are likely done for the year, and they are going to lose more kids to grades. They will have to absolve the JV team to finish the year. The Farmers started out with a lot of promise and really started playing terrific soccer a few weeks ago. Then all of this hit them. They will be down seven starters right when they would need to make a push to reach the playoffs.


College Park: Some might look at the overall record and scoff and some might think the DVAL is weak, therefore underestimating the Falcons. That wouldn’t be a good idea. Head coach Edgar Sagastume has a very young team, with only four impact seniors. He also spent a good portion of the season finding the right combination of players and their positions. Now the team is flying high, winning five in a row and is undefeated in their last seven.


Acalanes: Even though it was hard for me to get a really good look at them against Alhambra, I feel like Acalanes has the makeup of a team that is going to make a lot of noise in the 2A playoffs. They win the close matches, they have very good size and they have 11 seniors on the roster, and that can’t be underestimated.


Computer rankings: Our anonymous soccer friend is back with his computer rankings, and again, they are very accurate. This person’s top 3A schools are De La Salle, Richmond, San Ramon Valley, Newark and Castro. The same as mine. His top 2A schools are a little different. He has O’Dowd, Piedmont, Albany, San Lorenzo and Acalanes. All in all, it’s eerie how similar we are.


League standings


Feel free to update your record at anytime.



Team Overall League Points

Richmond (15-4-2) 7-0-2 23

Berkeley (7-6-5) 4-2-2 14

Pinole Valley (6-6-4) 4-2-2 14

De Anza (7-10-2) 4-3-1 13

El Cerrito (5-7-3) 3-3-3 12

Alameda (1-11-5) 0-5-2 2

Hercules (0-7-0) 0-7-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Albany (15-2-2) 11-1-1 34

Piedmont (16-2-2) 11-1-1 34

Kennedy (9-4-4) 7-2-3 24

St. Mary’s (7-5-2) 7-3-2 23

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (4-7-2) 4-7-1 13

Encinal (4-8-5) 3-6-3 12

St. Joseph-Notre Dame (4-11-1) 4-7-0 12

Salesian (0-12-3) 0-8-3 3

Swett (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (9-5-6) 7-1-3 24

Antioch (13-4-3) 7-3-1 22

Pittsburg (8-3-8) 6-3-2 20

Freedom (7-5-6) 4-3-4 16

Liberty (4-8-4) 2-6-3 9

Hertiage (3-14-2) 0-10-1 1



Team Overall League Points

Acalanes (11-4-3) 6-1-2 20

Campolindo (9-4-2) 5-1-2 17

Las Lomas (11-6-1) 4-4-0 12

Dublin (10-2-6) 3-2-3 12

Alhambra (5-6-0) 4-5-0 12

Miramonte (3-4-5) 2-2-5 11

Dougherty Valley (2-13-0) 0-9-0 0



Team Overall League Points

College Park (9-8-2) 7-0-1 22

Northgate (9-8-2) 5-3-0 15

Ygnacio Valley (9-6-2) 5-4-0 15

Concord (5-7-4) 3-3-3 12

Clayton Valley (8-9-2) 3-3-2 11

Mt. Diablo (2-6-2) 1-4-2 5

Berean Christian (2-16-0) 1-8-0 3



Team Overall League Points

De La Salle (16-1-1) 9-0-1 19

San Ramon Valley (13-2-5) 5-1-4 14

Amador Valley (11-5-4) 6-2-2 14

Monte Vista (10-6-3) 5-4-1 11

Granada (10-5-3) 4-4-2 10

Livermore (7-12-1) 2-7-1 5

Foothill (7-12-2) 1-7-2 4

California (5-11-3) 1-8-1 3



Team Overall League Points

Castro Valley (15-4-1) 10-1-1 31

Bishop O’Dowd (15-2-3) 9-1-2 29

San Lorenzo (12-2-2) 8-2-2 26

Hayward (10-5-4) 6-2-4 22

Arroyo (8-4-7) 4-2-6 18

San Leandro (7-8-3) 4-7-1 13

Mt. Eden (4-11-4) 2-8-2 8

Tennyson (3-11-3) 1-9-2 5

Moreau Catholic (1-14-1) 0-12-0 0



Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (14-1-5) 10-0-0 30

Mission San Jose (9-6-2) 6-4-1 19

Washington (8-8-1) 5-4-1 16

Logan (7-10-4) 5-4-1 16

Irvington (7-10-3) 4-5-1 13

Kennedy (3-6-1) 3-6-1 10

American (0-12-0) 0-10-0 0


Beach Soccer


Berkeley soccer head coach Phil Scicluna plays a major role in a beach soccer tournament, and it’s for adults and youth alike.

The tournament takes place at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and it is a five-on-five tournament. The tournament is in its fifth year and sponsors over 65 teams.

For more information, go to www.beachsoccerchampionships.com.


For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Hayward (10-5-4), Dublin (10-2-6), Deer Valley (9-5-6), Pittsburg (8-3-3), Las Lomas (11-6-1), College Park (9-8-2), Kennedy-Richmond (9-4-4), Ygnacio Valley (9-6-2), Freedom (7-5-6), Northgate (9-8-2).


Matt Smith

  • Matt Smith

    David of Newark, I will be happy to try and get out and see you guys soon. I will ask the powers that be to send me to one of your games soon. I am sure I will be impressed with you guys.

  • David

    Iam Looking forward to it

  • Marques


    ACCAL: El Cerrito, Pinole Valley. [WRONG: El Cerrito’s overall record won’t do it. Pinole Valley is classified 3A for NCS this year so they’re out. The only 2A ACCAL team with a shot is De Anza, but they would have to at least beat El Cerrito and Pinole Valley to be considered.]

    BSAL: Albany, Kennedy-Richmond, Piedmont, St. Mary’s. [Close. All except St. Mary’s will make it. They have had minimal non-league contests and winning league is impossible. BUT, they do have games against Albany and Kennedy coming up and if they win or tie, that may change do the trick.]

    DFAL: Acalanes, Alhambra, Campolindo, Dublin, Las Lomas, Miramonte.[All but Alhambra and Miramonte will make it. Simply not enough games have been played in comparison with their DFAL counterparts.]

    DVAL: Concord, Northgate, Ygnacio Valley. [Close, but no Concord.]

    HAAL: Bishop O’Dowd, Hayward, San Lorenzo. [Sounds right.]

    That’s 15 teams for 12 spots.

  • Matt Smith

    I never said those teams (El Cerrito, Miramonte) would make it. I simply said they are in the running, and they have more than a zero percent chance of getting in if they win out and other teams faulter. Later in the article I talk about the locks and the teams that should get in.

  • Rene

    Hi Marques,

    According to the NCS web site and according to Kyle, their coach, Pinole is 2A this year due to lower enrollment. Matt, so is Hayward according to the NCS site.

    I hope everything is good with you; looks like it is…

  • Marques

    Hi Rene. Glad to see your team has really picked it up. I watched the first half of your game against DLS and I was impressed.

    In regards to Pinole and Hayward: If you go to the Winter Soccer Championships bulletin, page 2 indicates that Hayward and Pinole are now classified as 3A for the tournament. Below is the link to the bulletin:


    BUT! Here’s the rub. The original classification has Hayward and Pinole as 2A. Here’s the link to that page:
    If I were the Pinole or Hayward coach, I would call NCS and confirm which classification they are in. My guess is the bulletin.

  • Rene

    Hi Marques,

    You have a point. I’ll talk to Kyle about it. He might or might not like it. One thing he was telling me was that he thought he was 3A initially, so he scheduled against 3A schools like MV or SRV, and that may not help him much in the 2A meeting. 2A or 3A, I hope they get in because they do have a quality side.

    I am glad your team is doing so well. Piedmont and DA must present vastly different challenges…

  • Felipe

    who is your guys fav. for winning ncs??

    I would say De La Salle and newark .Newark is stacked everywhere , especially their defense is solid

  • Marques

    Hi Felipe, if Richmond and DLS are in opposing brackets, well, there’s your final.

  • KnowItAll

    Will someone from the paper be providing live output from the NCS seeding meeting like last year?

  • Kyle Bonagura


    I’ll be back at the soccer meeting for an encore of last year’s live coverage. Festivities will get underway here a little before 9 a.m.