11th-hour reversal: Berkeley’s King now to Cal, Norrise to Sac State

In one wild 48-hour stretch, a pair of Berkeley High commits have reversed fields. Linebacker Lucas King, a second-team All-East Bay selection and No. 16 on the Cream of the Crop list, has received an offer from Cal and expects to sign with the Golden Bears on Wednesday. He previously was orally commited to Idaho State.

“(Cal) was his original choice from the beginning,” Berkeley coach Alonzo Carter said. “It’s systematically the best fit for him.”

Cal runs a 3-4 defense and King is best suited as an outside linebacker in such a scheme. Wednesday is the first day national letters-of-intent can be signed.

Carter kept in touch with the Bears coaching staff and they reevaluated his game film today and coach Jeff Tedford gave to go-ahead to offer King a scholarship, Carter said. The Bears will likely plan to grey-shirt King, delaying his admittance to January 2010, followed by a red-shirt during his freshman season.

Morris Norrise, previously committed to Southern Utah, also has switched his commitment and will instead join Sacramento State.

Carter said Norrise’s change of heart came after watching the performance in the Super Bowl of the Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald. Southern Utah was recruiting him as a defensive back, Sacramento State plans to make him a wide receiver.

Carter said Sacramento State confirmed an offer at the receiver position on Monday and Norrise decided today to make the switch.

“This is one of the craziest turn of events ever,” Carter said.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    I’m confused… How do you go from Idaho State to Cal? That seems to be a major jump from 1-AA to Pac10… Why wasn’t he offered by any of the other schools in between; SJSU, Davis, etc.?

  • That’s a very good question Kenny. The recruiting process is a very funny business. He did also have an offer from Idaho and interest from others. A lot of people see him as a tweener because he switched from playing safety as a junior to LB/DE as a senior.

  • trojan56

    From what I’ve heard he’s walking on. so we’ll see

  • Locamotion

    Ive seen King play, Ok but not great he was’nt even the best player on his def. do you think tedford is hoping for another muhamed giving him so much time to develop. congrats to him

  • I’ve heard he’ll be gray-shirting, meaning he doesn’t go on scholarship immediately. And yes, Mohamed is actually a player coach Alonzo Carter mentioned him being compared too.

  • mr. superstar

    the man lucas is a stud and will be very good at the next level. He might not have been the best player on his defense but he sure did work the hardest. Also dont sleep on that kid morris norrise he is a star in the making.


    San Jose State didn’t do a very good job recruiting this year. They missed out on a lot of very good players. It’s almost a joke. More than ever before I think.

  • The Real Coach Carter

    Shouldn’t we all be happy for the kids instead of trying to find flaws and think of negative things to write about. Both Morrise & Lucas are 1st Team All League players and Lucas was #16 on the Cream of the Crop List and had several Division 1A Schools that had very strong interest in him. There were at least three other Division 1 schools that were willing to grey shirt him as well, so lets not forget that this day is very special for both the kids and their families so hats off to Morrise, Lucas, Rashod, and Owen because all three are 3.0 students who have deserved the right to earn a college education buy being model Student-Athletes!!

  • guru-black

    san jose st. is a joke!

  • football truth

    LUCAS KING TO CAL??? Woooow this guy is not a stud. He wouldn’t even start for some HIGH schoools. CAL is a dam joke, if your gonna recruit a kid from the bay area. Get a goood one.

  • XTower

    OK, I’m ready to cash in my bet from September. Did more than 7 players from the OAL sign a letter-of-intent? Yeah, didn’t think so.
    And while I’m living in the past, whatever happened to that DLS football gomer who said Grant wasn’t worthy of playing the Spartans and called me an idiot for even suggesting it?

    War Will Cherry and the Mack alumni drum line.

  • FOOTBALL truth killer

    the kid is a good player. So dont try and talk down on him. just be happy for him, and keep it moving because in about two years he gone show all yall haters up. HI HATERS. BYE HATERS! LOL. really dont forget about that kid ronald floyd. check him out in a few years also. so next time when you old guys have nothing to do (which is always) blog something positive not nothing negative.

  • XTower,
    Unfortunately for several OAL kids, it was a matter of waiting too long to retake their tests and so several that should’ve signed, didn’t sign. Hopefully they’ll still be able to find their way somewhere.

  • E_Culb

    WOW! I didnt think the OAL had seven this year to begin with, next year that’s a different story!