Chris Martin to Notre Dame

Just confirmed from Bishop O’Dowd coach Paul Perenon that linebacker Chris Martin, a junior, has given a verbal to play at Notre Dame.


  • football truth

    Have seen this dude play in real life and is probally one of the most overatted recruit in bay area history

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    I have and he’s the real deal.

  • football truth

    Are you guys surious this guy let nico damount run all over him and couldn’t stop the run for christ sake marin catolic was up 28 to zero. At HALF and damount was running all over that overated defence. And pleasee martin was beasting againest teams like arroyo and tennyson and cv , please my baby cousin from pop warner could of done that. But in surious ness there’s players way better than him. He is just getting reconzie only becuase of his height

  • XTower

    Can’t think of many better LB prospects in the last 8-10 years, excluding D.J. of course. I didn’t see him last year, but when I saw him as a sophomore he was dominant. That goal-line stand sequence against San Rafael where his dad told him to cause a fumble and Chris did on the next play was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, I don’t care who it was against.
    He doesn’t run and strike like Kevin Simon or even a healthy Joshua Tatum, but he was every bit as talented as Gerris Bowers-Wilkinson, and Gerris turned out pretty good.

    Hope he likes cold weather, though. I remember the first time I walked outside in minus 20-degree wind chill. Zoinks!


    Kimani Washington, Abraham Amiri, Tyronne Duckett are better prospects than Martin.

  • guru-black

    they may not be as tall as martin but washington,amiri,& duckett are better football players! washington & amiri where stuffin marin catholics run not to mention wat they did against novato’s runnin game they could not get outside. these linebackers made marin catholic run there rugby scrum offense all game. i watched marin catholic play o’dowd martin never made a game changing play!

  • justafan

    The following was taken from a rivals.com article – “As a junior, Martin earned first-team all-state, first-team all-league and first-team all-area after accounting for . . . . ” First Team HAAL but he was honorable mention on Bay Area All Metro – 2nd team CCTimes/Oakland Tribune-don’t find his name on NorCal, MaxPreps All State or ESPN All State so just wondering what these other all-state and all-area teams are. His own school website just mentions the above. Don’t know the young man – never saw him play just wondering about the reporting.

  • Jet4Ever52

    Agree with Camp and Guru Amiri Washington and Duckett are way better than martin. Wish everyone from Encinal were recruited like Ross #65 G and hopefully Jesse Mercado#56 center, and Nayem Zarif #58 DE

  • Xs and O

    Sounds like a lot of jealousy. Congrats to the kid.

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Whether he’s worth it or not we won’t know for a couple more years. But be happy for the kid, there’s enough negativity in Oakland to go around… We dont need to start trashing some innocent kid who’s going to COLLEGE!!!!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    People can say what they want, that’s partly what the blog is for.

    But I have never understood all the Martin bashing by all of the Encinal folks. Chris is a polite, likable kid that has been blessed with the right combination of talent/size/speed etc that has made him one of the most sought after recruits in the area in years.

    No one who writes for our paper, no one who comments on this blog knows more about football than Pete Carroll, Charlie Weis, Mark Richt, Jim Harbough or any of the other Division-I coaches who extended full football scholarship offers to Chris. It’s really that simple.

    Like Kenny said, the area should be rallying around a kid from the area who is taking a step into the national spotlight that comes with being a Five-Star recruit.

    Being rivals on the field is fine, but show some class. Anyone who doesn’t just makes themselves look jealous and immature.

  • Chris Martin

    I normally don’t pay attention to these blogs, but my teammate showed me in class today and first and foremost i’d like to thank Kyle, but to deal with these people is harder than trying to do brain surgery. It’s rare a kid from OAKLAND gets a scholarship to play Division-1 football. But hey what can you do. Second, isn’t that THE CAMP guy that weird dude that uses like 10 different names on the blog, but is Kimani’s dad (who is a great high school football player)? IMO I would have rather not had it been known in the Bay Area because of the people who are so bent out of shape about someone who is trying to succeed in life. Nonetheless. This whole blogging thing isn’t for me. Never has been. So goodluck to the 09′ class and wherever these guys signed. And by the way. Goodluck to my good friend Joe Southwick as he goes to Boise State. God Bless to All and Go Irish.


    Martin is good I agree. I think he would be a great Defensive end sometime in the future. I think he is top 10 linebackers. I think Amiri and Washington are top 5. How about you Kyle?

  • Michael Bower

    I couldn’t have said it any better than, Kyle. The area should be rallying around Chris Martin and rooting for him. Not putting him down.

  • Kenny, Kyle and Bower are right. People from this area should root for others from this area because you know what, the better they do, the more colleges will start looking here for talent. A lot more goes into the recruiting process than just what you may see from a player during one game. It has so much to do with the intangibles such as how they carry themselves off the field, what they do in the classroom and what their potential is. Chris has a lot of talent and potential and it’ll be interesting to see how he further develops over the next year and prepares to take on the challenges of Notre Dame. But, except for the game week when your lining up across from Martin and the Dragons, he should be getting plenty of local support.

    One thing I found interesting last year when Mack was going on its state title run in basketball was how much support there was from all over Oakland. People wanted Mack to do well because it reflected well on Oakland. The same mindset should be had here.

  • Chunkiss

    I can’t believe someone would say that every D1 Coach in the United States was stupid. HOw in the hell do you offer an over-rated football player a full scholarship….This kid has just released his junior highlight tape. Trust this, they knew just what they were doing when the offered…..By the way did the kid your referring to Daumont “Football Truth” get any offers???? IF so, I should have seen his name yester on the sites….WHich one did he commit to?????

  • football truth

    Wowww ill just leave it at that,.sir I won that arguement. Lol

  • 00

  • HSFootballFAN

    Hey Chris, you sound like you are a great kid! Congrats and Good Luck to you in South Bend…BTW are you fully aware of the weather situation out there..My niece is there and for the last 2 winters she is chilled to the bone. Big ND fan and goes to games even in 10 degree weather…I know you have given a verbal but why not stay in sunny Cali…Cal and Stanford both had a great recruiting class this year and will make some noise in the Pac 10 next year.

    Dumont, btw, originally had some looks from Utah but since their success nothing came of it…looks like he has been offered Preferred walk on at couple of D1 and a D2 scholly at eastern or western illinois but…IMO…Dumont has always been overrated

    Good Luck Chris, luck forward to hearing more about you next year.


    Dumont is a hell of a fine athlete. I can’t believe he will be walking on instead of getting a scholarship somewhere. Maybe somebody can help me out but it may be possible that the process is not over. Maybe Wednesday was the start. Im sure there will be a lot of May qualifiers.

    Jimmy, any word on Paul from Castle or Aaron Horne? These guys are very good. The Junior Colleges must be licking their chops. I hear Roman Runner is considering Laney.

    Wednesday is definitely just the start. A lot of good players are still out there and will have a chance to sign at a later date. Remember all these players that decommitted from a school at the last minute? Well, each person that decommits from a school opens a scholarship at the school they left. Plus, you’ll get guys that are recruited to gray shirt or to walk on the first year with some assurance of a scholarship the next year.

    As for Paul and Aaron, both have offers but were a little late in getting some of their testing done so they couldn’t sign yet. We should see them sign eventually, but it might take a little time. Horne might be sooner than later because I heard he might have recently found out he had already passed his tests after all. And you’re right, both are very good players and will be good additions to what ever program they end up in.


    Welcome Chris, leaving Notre Dame with a degree and playing for one the greatest college programs in the nation. The funniest thing is when the worst thing they can say about Notre Dame is the weather is bad. Tells you alot, can’t wait to see you lined up in Blue and Gold. By the way, Manti Teo will be stud LB for years to come. Go Irish!!

  • Old meddling Former Coach

    I’m suprised Dumont didn’t get a offer and as far as being overrated. No,He’s a good down hill runner. Ask My Jets. We give him his props.

  • Old meddling Former Coach

    Good luck Chris,I’m sure you’ll do well.

  • Chunkiss

    What a great day for Charlie!!! Martin and Manti Teo, Dang, you don’t know me dude, but I swear if I ever do get the chance to come out to ND, I would definately want your autograph so that I can say I knew you when….Take care….GO Irish!!!!!!

  • Chris Martin

    Chunkiss, you are too funny, but i will definitely be up there to see you if you do stop by old South Bend but nonetheless thank you and God Bless, but HSfootballFAN, as far as choosing ND, it was a matter to where football and academics and the community comes second to none in my opinion as well as i have family back there so I am not just jumping into unchartered territories lol, but the weather will have no effect on me. Cal and Stanford are great programs. I have the utmost respect for Coach Tedford and Harbaugh. So no hard feelings in my decision. But i’m 100 percent irish (well half genetically). Thank You and God Bless.

    P.S. Look out for a LB named Shayne Skov, a good friend of mine, and he’ll be going to Stanford after he graduates from Trinity Pawling.

  • Chris Martin

    Oh and by the way. I agree with all of you on Dumont. I will personally vouch for him when i say, i have never tried to tackle a harder runner in my life. His combination of size and speed is VICIOUS. I hope God has a plan set out for him at the next level because he is a big impact kid wherever he goes, and hopefully the right system fits to him. God Bless.

  • Yellow Hammer

    Heard that Chris Martin is transferring to the Hun School in Princeton New Jersey for next year. DT Tyler Stockton’s school (ND early enrollee, will be a freshman next year). If true, good luck with your move, finish up strong with BOD! Princeton is a beautiful area.

  • yeah he iis overrated tho