Signing Day Update

So, things are rolling in here at the CCT. We’re gearing up for a couple press conferences this afternoon. Chace will be tuned in to the Arizona press conference, where coach Mike Stoops will presumably say nice things about De La Salle RB Kylan Butler. Both Chace and I will be tuned in at 1:30 to Oregon coach Mike Bellotti’s press conference, where he’ll be talking about the five East Bay athletes he’s signed, including the prize of the class, WR Diante Jackson.

A few notes from around the state. Centennial-Corona, the team that beat De La Salle in the CIF Division I title game, had 11 players sign letters this morning. LB Vontaze Burfict, who everyone agrees is a top-10 recruit on a national scale, pulled the switcheroo and signed with Arizona State. He had orally committed to USC last year. Joining him in Tempe is DL William Sutton. ATH Taylor Martinez is headed to Nebraska and WR Ricky Marvray is going to UCLA. RB Arthur Burns is going to Washington State.

Also, something we haven’t reported too heavily is that Freedom defensive back Cameron Gupton is expected to sign with Idaho State today.

We’re in the process of compiling a list of all the local football players who sign today and we’re going to have a special, online-only list with comments posted some time this afternoon. So, keep an eye out for that. Also, once I piece together my story on Diante, I’ll post that as well. Hopefully we’ll have comments from both Jackson and Coach Bellotti. Stay tuned.

— Kyle Bonagura here. I’ll be listening in on the press conference from Boise State as well and will report back on what coach Chris Petersen has to say about the trio of expected signees from the East Bay (Joe Southwick, QB, San Ramon; Jonathan Brown, S, Encinal; Charles Leno, OL, San Leandro). It’s at at 12:30.

1:30 pm: Just finished up watching the Boise State press conference.

Petersen on Jonathan Brown: Basicallly said that he is a great player and was impressed by how many coaches from other schools told the Boise coaches what a good player he is and that Boise was lucky to be getting him. He said a lot of other schools/coaches were interested in him, but for “whatever reason” didn’t go after him like Boise did.

Petersen on Charles Leno: “We feel very good about him, really really strong … really fits the mold. We like guys to come in here around 6-3/6-4 250 pounds … he’s going to get plenty big.” His basketball background was brought up as a sign of his athleticism. I got the feeling Leno will redshirt.

Petersen on Joe Southwick: He didn’t address Joe specifically, instead kept grouping him with the other QB Boise signed (a kid from Georgia). Said both of the new QBs are more athletic than freshman starter Kellen Moore, and hopefully they will be able to throw as well as Kellen did. Petersen mentioned how good the coaching the QBs got in high school and made a point to talk about the sophisticated offenses and the multitude of throws they had to make. “If someone comes in and beats one of our starters out, then they’ll play,” Petersen said when asked about if the QBs will challenge Moore for the starting job. I assume Southwick will redshirt as well.

Ben Enos

  • guru-black

    can’t wait to see these bay area boys come back & kick san jose st. ass! boise st.is gonna slap the spartans up!

  • football truth

    Brown southwick and even leno all great altheles. In my book the 3 best , from this class and you can thorn in the dt from castlemont paul. Something hell of an athelete


    DT Paul is going to Boise too? Wow. Boise just made a BCS Bowl game.

  • Jet4Ever52

    On the Cream of the crop showed Xavior Milton was being recruited by Boise too does anyone know where he might go? and also Dominique Sashington?

  • HSFootballFAN

    Congrats to Brown…I’m a fan of Boise and love the blue turf…BTW, Guru, Do you think Jonathan would be willing to use his power of persuasion to convince the Novato Unified School District not to Drop Sports, including Football?…I heard his commitment and perserverance was the reason Alameda decided not to drop their program. If the vote on Feb 10 decides to drop everything, Novato would love to have him and his team mates come over the bridge for a PROTEST against their decision…Novato is haveing MAJOR budget problems and is seriously considering dropping all the sports for both Novato High and San Marin…Stay tuned.