MSJ Invitational finals (info and updates)

Here is information on the finalists. As the finals begin, I’ll be blogging with live updates. Finals are slated for 6 p.m.

103 pounds: Gayton d. Moita, 6-4
Round 1: takedown Gayton up 2-0. end of period. scored the takedown in the final seconds 
Round 2:
escape. 2-1 gayton.  takdown, Moita takes a 3-2 lead 1:00 left. escape 3-3 endof second
Round 3: Gayton escape, leads 4-3. takedown, Gayton. escape Moita. Gayton up 6-4 with

Vinny Moita (De La Salle) vs. Daniel Gaytan (Clovis)

Moita is a Junior, 32-6. First place at Curt Mettler Invitational, North Torrance TOC. Second at Doc Buchanan. Sixth at Reno TOC.

Gayton is a freshman


112: Delgado d. Blanco, 19-5
Round 1:
delgado takedown, 2-0 lead. 1:05 left. end of period
Round 2: escape, delgado up 3-0. takedown 5-0. end of second
Round 3: takedown, 7-0. escape 7-1. getting out of hand, 11-2  with 1 minute left

Jesse Delgado (Gilroy) vs. Lawrence Blanco (James Logan)

Delgado is a junior. 3.85 GPA. 31-1. Took third at state in 2007, 2008. First place at the following tournament: Reno TOC, Doc Buchanan, Five Counties, Mid-Cal, Cupertino. Career record 114-7.

Blanco is a senior and finished fifth here last year. Has a 3.6 GPA. First place at the Overfelt Classic. Third at Lemoore Bash. Fifth at Doc Buchanan.

Note: Delgado beat Blanco at the Doc Buchanan earlier this year.


119: Aura d. Perez, 5-1
Round 1:
0-0 end first
Round 2: escape, Perez up 1-0. end of second, got distracted by BillyO call. Chase up 2-1
Round 3: escape, Chase up 3-1. 129 left. chase takedown, 5-1. BillyO says to put your money on Aura.

Chase Aura (Foothill) vs. Eric Perez (James Logan)

Aura is a senior with a record of 35-2. He took third here two years ago. Took first at the following tournaments: Freedom Duals, San Ramon, Clayton Valley, Tim Brown Memorial. Second at Puma Classic. Career record of 130-18.

Perez is a senior who is 21-6. He went 1-2 at state last year and finished fourth in the North Coast Section.


125: Gonzalez p. McAlester, :25
Round 1:
that didn’t take long
Round 2:
Round 3:

Clinton McAlester (Clovis) vs. Martin Gonzalez (Gilroy)

McAlester is 31-4. He took first here two years ago and second last year. Took 8th at state, 5th at Central Coast Section last year. First at Zinkin, Temecula Valley. Second at Powerade (in Pennsylvania) and fourth at Doc Buchanan.

Gonzales is the son of coach Armando Gonzalez. Martin has a record of 23-2. First at Mid-Cal and Cupertino. Career mark of 152-23.

130: Fraser d. Cervantes, 13-4
Round 1:
takedown Fraser, 2-0. near-fall 4-0. end first
Round 2: reversal, fraser up 4-2. escape, Fraser up 5-2, :25 left. end second, fraser up 9-2.
Round 3: 10-2, Fraser. This one is all but done. 10-4 takedown by Cervantes. :48 left.

Sonny Cervantes (Clovis) vs. Alec Fraser (Livermore)

Cervantes took sixth last year. Fourth at Doc Buchanan, sevents at Zinkin. Says he wants to thank his dog Spike, who has an extra toe (seriously, he wrote that!)

Fraser is 30-2. Third here last year. First at Ceres, Zinkin and Mat Classic. Third at Five Counties and Mid-Cals.

135: Pereira d. Dieter, 2-0
Round 1:
Pereira takedown, up 2-0. end first.
Round 2: end second. still 2-0 Pereira.
Round 3: no scoring.

Alec Dieter (Clovis) vs. Victor Pereira (Newark Memorial)

Dieter is a junior. Second at Temecula Valley. Fourth at Doc Buchanan.

Pereira is a freshman with a 31-1 record. First at Newark Rotary Ironman, Coast Classic, Albany Invitational. Third at Big Valley Invitational.

140: Smith p. Kelley, 1:43
Round 1:

Round 2:
Round 3:

Ben Kelley (Clovis) vs. Ryan Smith (Liberty)

Kelley is 18-8. Second at Zinkin, Temecula. Wants to thank God.

Ryan Smith is 27-7. First at McNair Invitational. Took third here last year at 130.

145: Sakaguchi p. Waldrop, 1:02
Round 1:
Sakaguchi takedown, up 2-0
Round 2:
Round 3:

Scott Sakaguchi (Clovis) vs. Nick Waldrop (Freedom)

Sakaguchi is 32-1. First at Zinkin, Powerade, Doc Buchanan, Temecula. Injured last year for The Mission.

Waldrop is 30-3 and took first at Clayton Valley Invitational. Career mark of 104-27. He’s a senior.

152: Sheridan d. Loren, 10-0
Round 1:
Sheridan takdedown, up 2-0. :35 left. end first. Sheridan, 2-0
Round 2: Near-fall, Sheridan up 5-0. end second
Round 3: near-fall, sheridan up 8-0. this one’s over!

Tyler Sheridan (De La Salle) vs. Jasper Loren (Saratoga)

Sheridan is a senior. 32-3. First here the last two years. First this year at Doc Buchanan. Second at Curt Mettler, North Torrance, Five Counties and Reno TOC. Career record of 140-32. Going to wrestler at Columbia next year.

Loren is a senior and is 21-1. First at Coast Classic and Peninsula Invitational. Says he ”loves” wrestling.

160: Sheridan d. Engdahl, 7-5
Round 1:
end first 0-0.
Round 2: escape, 1-0 Sheridan.  end of second
Round 3: near-fall, 4-0. escape 4-1 Sheridan. takedown Engdahl, escape Sheridan. Sheridan up 5-3. a little pause for some blood :26 left. takedown, 5-5 with:16. reversal by Sheridan in the last few seconds.

Luke Sheridan (De La Salle) vs. Brian Engdahl (Granada)

Sheridan is a sophomore and is 30-6. Sixth last year here. First at the Curt Mettler Invitational. Second at North Torrance. Fifth at Five Counties and Doc Buchanan.

Engdahl is a junior with a 25-11 record. Second at Mat Classic. Third at Tim Brown. Currently working on his Eagle Scout.

171: Dougherty p. Cummings, 2:34
Round 1:
end first 0-0.
Round 2:
Round 3:

D.J. Cummings (College Park) vs. Sean Dougherty (Las Lomas)

Cummings is a junior with a 29-6 record (23 pins). First at Overfelt. Third at Big Valley and fourth at Sierra Nevada (Not Pale Ale). Sixth at Mission last year (189 pounds).

Dougherty is a senior and is 32-4. Fourth place here last year. First this year at Northgate and Lou Bronzan.

189: Burriel p. Reggi, 3:36
Round 1:
takdwdown, Burriel up 2-0. escapse Reggi, 2-1. takedown. Burriel up 4-1. end first.
Round 2:
Round 3:

Andrew Reggi (Albany) vs. Tommy Burriel (Clovis)

Reggi is a junior with a 34-4 record. First at Colton and Oakland Tech. Second at Albany. Third at Mat Classic, Bay Area. Career mark of 90-15.

Burriel is a junior with a 27-4 record. First at Zinkin. Second at Doc Buchanan and Tim Brown. Second here last year.

215: Pica p. Felix, :57
Round 1:
Pica takedown, 2-0. takedown 4-0. escape, takdown, escape … 10-4 sheridan
Round 2:
Round 3:

Jordan Felix (De La Salle) vs. Nick Pica (Concord)

Felis is a junior and 23-7. Fifth at Doc Buchanan.

Pica is senior. First at Northgate, Lou Bronzan. Second at Clayton Valley. Mom, MrsP, is a big follower of this blog. Thanks Mrs.P

285: McCovey p. Segovia, 1:02
Round 1:
2-0 McCovey, takedown.
Round 2:
Round 3:

Richard Segovia (Silver Creek) vs. Roger McCovey (Del Norte)

Segovia is a senior and 20-4. First at Overfeld and Mid-Cals. Sixth at Doc Buchanan.

McCovey (The Beast) is 32-0. First at Del Norte, McKinleyville, NorCal and North Coast Classic. Ranked No. 1 in the state. Career record of 149-13.