Pre-seeding meeting East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

I’m going to make some predictions as far as who I think will receive what seeds. I am also updating the rankings for before the seeding meeting and I am updating the league standings.
Check it out.

3A Predictions:
No. 1- De La Salle- Nothing much more to say here.
No. 2 Richmond- Again, another much deserved done deal.
No. 3 Amador Valley- I think the Dons are the team that is going to swoop in and grab this spot. They played a tough schedule and finished second in a very competitive league.
No. 4 Newark Memorial- This team is very good. They have only lost once and deserve the first round bye.
No. 5 Antioch- The Panthers are hitting their stride. Could be a heck of a match if Antioch and Newark played in the second round.
No. 6 San Ramon Valley- How scary is it to think that a team that could win the NCS title might be the No. 6 seed?
No. 7 Granada- The Matadors would face Richmond in the second round if the bracket played out accordingly. What a great match that would be.
No. 8 Castro Valley- By virtue of the loss to Granada, the Trojans are No. 8.
No. 9 Monte Vista- This team wouldn’t be fun for anyone to play.
No. 10 Deer Valley- The Wolverines deserve a bid for nearly winning the BVAL.
No. 11 Pittsburg- I think the Pirates get the final spot.
No. 12 College Park- By virtue of winning the DVAL, the Falcons are in and will host a game no matter which seed they get.
Just missing out- Berkeley comes very close to getting in, but is edged by Pittsburg. Washington, Clayton Valley and Freedom are the next three that just miss.

2A Predictions: I’m not even gonna come close on these.
No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd- Hands down.
No. 2 Piedmont- Easy choice for No. 2.
No. 3 Acalanes- A great second half of the season has the Dons where they deserve to be.
No. 4 Albany- I think the last bye goes to the Cougars.
No. 5 San Lorenzo- This team certainly has an argument for No. 4.
No. 6 Las Lomas- 14 wins and seven of them in league equals a nice seed.
No. 7 Hayward- This team is 2A and therefore gets in. Despite injuries and other roster problems, the Farmers won 12 games, and had wins over San Lorenzo and Castro Valley, and tied O’Dowd.
No. 8 Campolindo- That tie against Acalanes preserved the first round home game.
No. 9 St. Mary’s- The Panthers are deserving.
No. 10 Kennedy-Richmond- The BSAL gets will represented.
No. 11 Ygnacio Valley- Another team going through problems with the roster, but kept working hard.
No. 12 Northgate- A third DVAL team makes an appearance in the post-season.
Just missed out- Dublin, Miramonte, Alhambra, Pinole Valley. I think very highly of all four of these teams. I think the league strenghth will hurt Pinole Valley, I think the non-league schedule will hurt Dublin and the lack of a non-league schedule will hurt Miramonte and Alhambra.
Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if all four of them get in and a different four are left out. The 2A Class is too hard for me to predict with any accuracy.


Newark climbs to No. 3 in the rankings. Bishop O’Dowd moves up a spot and Amador is back in the top five. Antioch is up to No. 11 and Pittsburg comes in at No. 14.

1. De La Salle (20-1-1)
2. Richmond (18-4-2)
3. Newark Memorial (17-1-6)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (19-2-3)
5. Amador Valley (14-6-4)
6. San Ramon Valley (14-4-6)
7. Granada (13-6-3)
8. Castro Valley (17-5-2)
9. Monte Vista (12-8-3)
10. Piedmont (20-2-2)
11. Antioch (16-4-4)
12. Acalanes (14-4-4)
13. Albany (17-3-3)
14. Pittsburg (10-4-4)
15. Hayward (12-6-5)

Others considered: San Lorenzo (13-4-3), Deer Valley (11-7-6), Berkeley (12-6-5), Las Lomas (14-7-1), Dublin (13-5-6), Campolindo (9-7-3), College Park (10-10-3), Freedom (9-6-7), Ygnacio Valley (11-9-3), Northgate 11-9-3.

League standings

Update me if needed.

Team Overall League Points
Richmond (18-4-2) 10-0-2 32
Berkeley (12-6-5) 8-2-2 26
Pinole Valley (9-7-4) 7-3-2 23
De Anza (8-12-2) 5-6-1 16
El Cerrito (6-9-3) 4-5-3 15
Alameda (3-15-5) 2-8-2 8
Hercules (0-12-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Piedmont (20-2-2) 14-1-1 43
Albany (17-3-3) 13-2-1 40
St. Mary’s (10-5-3) 10-3-3 33
Kennedy (12-5-5) 9-3-4 31
Encinal (5-11-5) 4-8-4 16
Salesian (4-12-4) 4-8-4 16
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (4-14-3) 4-10-2 14
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (4-11-2) 4-11-1 13
Swett (0-19-0) 0-16-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Antioch (16-4-4) 10-3-2 31
Deer Valley (11-7-6) 9-3-3 30
Pittsburg (10-4-4) 8-4-3 27
Freedom (9-6-7) 6-4-5 23
Liberty (5-10-5) 3-8-4 13
Hertiage (3-18-2) 0-14-1 1

Team Overall League Points
Acalanes (14-4-4) 8-1-3 27
Las Lomas (14-7-1) 7-5-0 21
Alhambra (7-6-1) 6-5-1 19
Campolindo (9-7-3) 5-4-3 18
Miramonte (5-5-7) 4-2-6 18
Dublin (13-5-6) 4-5-3 15
Dougherty Valley (2-16-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
College Park (10-10-3) 8-2-2 26
Northgate (11-9-3) 7-4-1 22
Ygnacio Valley (11-8-3) 7-4-1 22
Clayton Valley (11-10-2) 6-4-2 20
Concord (6-9-4) 4-5-3 15
Mt. Diablo (4-8-3) 3-6-3 12
Berean Christian (2-20-0) 1-11-0 3

Team Overall League Points
De La Salle (20-1-1) 13-0-1 27
Amador Valley (14-6-4) 9-3-2 20
San Ramon Valley (14-4-6) 6-3-5 17
Granada (13-6-3) 7-5-2 16
Monte Vista (12-8-3) 7-6-1 15
Livermore (8-14-2) 3-9-2 8
California (5-13-5) 1-10-3 5
Foothill (6-16-2) 1-11-2 4

Team Overall League Points
Bishop O’Dowd (19-2-3) 13-1-2 41
Castro Valley (17-5-2) 12-2-2 38
San Lorenzo (13-4-3) 9-4-3 30
Hayward (12-6-5) 8-3-5 29
Arroyo (9-7-6) 6-5-5 23
San Leandro (9-10-3) 6-9-1 19
Mt. Eden (5-14-4) 3-10-3 12
Tennyson (4-14-3) 2-12-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-16-2) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points
Newark Memorial (17-1-6) 11-0-1 34
Washington (11-10-2) 6-5-1 19
Mission San Jose (9-8-2) 6-5-1 19
Irvington (9-11-3) 6-5-1 19
Logan (7-11-5) 5-5-2 17
Kennedy (4-7-2) 4-6-2 14
American (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0

Matt Smith

  • DVAL Parent

    You have the standings wrong for the DVAL. Northgate finishes 2nd based on a Win and a Tie vs. Ygnacio Valley.

  • Matt Smith

    I have them both with 22 points, so it doesn’t really matter who is listed first. Since you want to see Northgate as the second team listed, I’ll fix it for you.

  • David

    thx for comming to the game last night . hope you had some fun watchin us in that great weather .

  • DVAL Parent

    Thanks for making the change Matt.

    True they finished with the same point total but the league has by laws to determine the order of finish. Your polls and blogs are the majority of press that High School soccer receives and the influence it has on perceptions of teams may be surprising to you. With the seeding meeting coming up tomorrow I think it is important to be as accurate as possible and I know you’ve made an effort to do that all season and it is much appreciated.

  • Jesus

    YV is a better team then northgate so why bother changing the standings.

  • Marques

    Dublin might squeeze in. Their main problem, as noted, was their selection of non-league teams. The peculiar Swett double forfeits needs to be explained.

  • Matt Smith

    David, it was awesome seeing you guys play. You guys look very tough. Maybe I’ll see you in the playoffs.
    I was glad to accomodate Northgate and put them listed ahead and I think both them and Ygnacio Valley are a good team.
    I also agree with Marques. Dublin could get in. So could Alhambra and/or Miramonte. I am befuddled by the 2A playoff picture.

  • Joe Delucchi

    Arroyo’s final record was 10-7-6. Turn a couple ties into wins for a team that only had one senior and we would be in the play-offs!

  • EBAL Parent

    My predictions are for Alhambra to easily make the
    NCS Tournament. They have dealt with a high majority of there Key and Talented players injured when they faced both Acalanes and Las Lomas. I am sure if that was different the score would have been the other way around. The program over there is very strong and getting stronger under the guidance of there Head Coach.

    I watched Alhambra play De La Salle at the beginning of the season. It was a very entertaining game with De La Salle barely scraping a 1-0 win. The Goal came by the way of a GK error.
    Who I heard was inexperienced at the time.

    Just my thoughts I wanted to share.
    Good blog predictions need work :->

  • Jesus

    If a team that finishes in 6th place out of 7 teams in their league gets into NCS then there must be something wrong. I mean they must be an ok team but no team who finishes that low in league should get in. The only way they would get in finishing that low is if they beat good schools in their pre season games which we all know they didn’t. I believe the coach made a big mistake by not playing pre season games againts schools who usually make NCS. Hopefully he learns this for next year. If they do make it i will make sure my coach sets up games againts the worst schools and we can be 11-0-0 in pre season and if we get last in league we should still be able to make it.