Deer Valley boys soccer disqualified from NCS

This story started gaining some momentum yesterday and today it became official that the Deer Valley boys soccer team was disqualified from the NCS playoffs. Here’s the story that will be in tomorrow’s paper.

The North Coast Section announced that the Deer Valley High School boys soccer team would be disqualified from the 3A playoffs, relinquishing its No. 10 seed.
The Wolverines were scheduled to travel to Antioch for a 7:00 p.m. game on Wednesday, but NCS commissioner Gil Lemmon informed them that they were no longer in the field.
“They have been disqualified,” Lemmon said. “I called Deer Valley this morning to let them know.”
The problem, Lemmon said, is that a team can’t play more than 24 games. The Wolverines scheduled a game against Concord on Saturday, a day before the seeding meeting, and even though that game turned into a scrimmage and wasn’t a 25th game for Deer Valley, that presented another problem.
Once the season ends, and according to Deer Valley’s schedule it ended Thursday, Feb. 12 v. Antioch, you can only scrimmage teams heading to the NCS playoffs.
“You have to scrimmage another NCS team and it has to take place after the seeding meeting,” Lemmon said.
Unfortunately, this game had no bearing on Deer Valley’s playoff resume with Concord being a 2A team that is not bound for the playoffs.
“It’s just one game and it ruined the season and it’s not fair to the kids,” Deer Valley coach Nick Howliston said. “They’re absolutely heartbroken.”
This Concord was originally supposed to be a game because the Wolverines were under the impression that an earlier game against California was not counted because the game was called just after halftime due to a light malfunction.
According to federation rules anything that goes at least one half does count.
“The lights went off and there was some confusion there,” Deer Valley coach Nick Howliston said. “I didn’t know that game counted. I guess I could have done more by knowing this was the case.”
Because Concord only had nine kids, Howliston had two Deer Valley kids play for Concord and it turned into the illegal scrimmage that it was.
All signs indicate Pittsburg, which was left out of the playoffs on Sunday, will become the No. 10 seed and play at Antioch at 7:00 on Thursday. The defending champion Pirates were left out in favor of Berkeley, but now get a chance to defend their crown.
“If the committee had picked another team, it probably would have been Pitt,” Lemmon said. “So they would probably be the next in line.”
As of the time this gets published, Pittsburg has not been verified as the team on the NCS website, but Pittsburg coach Paco Gonzalez did say that he received the call, they are going to accept and they are just waiting for Athletic Director Al Hurtado to call back and make it official.

Matt Smith