How does Mack respond to last week’s benching?

The final score tonight is all the indication you need — McClymonds 82, Fremont 42. I’ll post more later after I write my story, but it was pretty clear that coach Brandon Brooks got the response he wanted. This quote from Damon Powell pretty much says it all: “It was a lesson we needed to learn.”


Ok, I promised more on the subject and here goes. It certainly was clear that the Mack players were motivated to show they could play together and this was the highest level I’ve seen them play at since the state championship win over Dominguez. They took good shots (and Justin Standley was on fire tonight with 24, including four 3-pointers), dished the ball well, looked inside to 6-9 freshman Jamaree Strickland early to help set a tone and played with the fire and intensity that you saw all last season.

I’m also very impressed with what the players said after the game. In addition to the above quote from Powell, Standley said the following: “We had to prove to Coach (Brooks) that we could play like he wanted us to.”

Mission accomplished.

By the way, the underclass talent at Mack that has been getting more minutes lately just continues to impress me. Strickland is going to be a stud and I’m told has already had Cal in attendance to watch him, but the 6-4 duo of Maceo Bell and Corey Haynes should be special also, as well as 6-2 Lawrence Otis (Frank Otis’ freshman brother). Bell had a nice steal at halfcourt tonight that turned into a big one-handed jam. My guess is Strickland should get to at least 6-10, 6-11, Bell and Haynes will probably grow to 6-7 or 6-8 and Otis could probably get to his brothers height of 6-6, but he’ll at least be in the 6-4 range. They all have a ton of talent and are going to be really fun to watch in a couple of years.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Bert McGhee Jr

    If I know my man (Coach Brooks) he had his reasons for it & as you can see “it worked”. It’s all to get the fellows ready for the NCS – & Believe me – “They Will Be Ready”!!!!

  • E_Culb

    “Warriors come out and PLAY!!!!!!!!”

  • BigGreen

    Yeah I have to agree, they are definitely trying to make a good statement that they are ready for another state title run. If so I will be rooting for them. And yes the big freshman is impressive, I hope that he is able to redefine the role of the dominant big man in the OAL in the next 3 years to come. I’ll be watching, sitting next to Eculb!!!!!


    The thing to learn out this situation with Mack is that the coach took a stand, the players learned their lesson and came out to play. Out in the EBAL or DFAL, the parents would have filed a law suit and had the coach run out of town had they done the same thing. That is why these candy ass teams with their morons for parents won’t win the big titles.

  • OG Bobby Johnson

    Man I am from the west and I was cool on going to Mac I hope the positive attention Mac is getting from athletics gets some finacial support back into that school.

  • BigGreen

    Yeah they need to do something to make the school look a little bit better.

  • E_CULB

    School looks fine Green stop hating!

  • BigGreen

    I’m just kidding man!You still need to be there! Think about it after a few years off of going back!

  • BigGreen

    Eculb on the real, you guys need to expand the gym so you can have a regulation floor, that floor is so small and you know it is. And they need to paint the walls a different color, I’m gonna have a seizure looking at all that orange,LOL! hahahaha!

  • E_Culb

    That’s whats gives us the 34 game winning strak advantage at the house, fans breathing down your neck, orange everywhere, dim lights, IT’S WEST OAKLAND MAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Playing at MACK is definitely “different” than any other OAL gym, but if you got tough ballplayers you can win there… I did! O-High C/O 2000

  • E_CULB

    Yeah Kenny Boy then you went on and got YA DRAWS BLEW OUT by BOD disgrace for the OAL champs! Ya’ll did not represent!

  • BigGreen

    Hold on wait a minute We have won there many times as well, don’t forget just a few years back Tech was runnin the show! And what give you guys the advantage is ya’ll paying off refs every week, and they don’t call any fouls. And you all play dirty basketball. And how you gonna talk about Kenny, Mack just woke back up the last couple of years in basketball, before that you guys weren’t doing much of anything! Plus nobody expected O-high to win that year, and by the way who did O-high play in the OAL championship? I don’t think it was MACK was it? An we even whipped yall twice to win the championship Quentin Thomas’ senior year when ya’ll had supposedly the best player in the area.

  • XTower

    I have to respectfully disagree that Mack woke up the last couple of years in basketball.
    Mack has been right there the entire decade, almost always No. 1 or 2 in the OAL. It was good when Akinjo and Sir Henry were around, it was good with Kellogg, a young Simpkins and Woods, and it was good when Malave, Count, our West Oakland correspondent Chris Nguon and that whole crew played.
    (By the way, someone should post the Youtube clip of Ike dunking on Leon Powe at Tech when the Mack crowd started chanting “Leon Powe got sh^&ed on …”)

    When Leon dropped 42 at Kaiser in the section title game, wasn’t it against Mack? When O-High played Tech for the championship with Ayinde, Parker and Buckley, didn’t it have to get past Mack first? (By the way, I remember Kenny Edwards!)
    There’s always a team or two that has popped into the mix. Skyline with Vaughn and Chew, Castlemont with Oakes, Chavis, Rhodes and the Katrina Kids (Turner and Miles), O-High, Tech’s four-year run and so on.
    But Mack has been the constant through it all. When was the last time the Warriors weren’t in the OAL playoffs?
    I’m just saying. It’s not like Mack all of a sudden got good or anything.

  • E_CULB

    Green in your haste to be a professional blogger, one thing you must do is your research. I’ll deal with you first on this level, how many years was Dwight Nathaniel the head coach for Mack? I think total maybe 12-15 yrs name a year in which he coached that Mack was not in the OAL title game hmm.. that doesnt sound like a waking up to me. And secondly, Green we are not known as the school of champs for nothing do your history the Mack House youd be surprised you might learn something.

    And here’s a statement I’m willing to put my last dime on. “80% of all the top ballers in the bay area that didnt go to Mack if asked to tell there true feelings wanted to go to Mack”

  • BigGreen

    I don’t think so, but you know it all sounds good, but since you guys have the top basketball program around,then why haven’t you guys been able to put kids in college on a consistent basis? Where is the academic standard at sir? For Basketball, we know what football did when Zo was there. irst of all i don’t want to be a professional Blogger but i don’t get my rocks off by talking ABOUT HOW GOOD MY HIGH SCHOOL USED TO BE IT’S JUST FUN FOR ME AND I DON’T HAVE TO BE RIGHT, I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT HISTORY ESPECIALLY WITH MACK CAUSE WHEN IT CAME TO ME PLAYING AGAINST MACK I DIDN’T LOSE, YOU GUYS START TAKING THINGS PERSONAL! CAUSE YOU STILL LIVING IN THE PAST SO CALLED GLORY DAYS!!!

  • E_CULB

    Ok Green you getting sensitive so I’ll leave you alone. But you dont have to question the placement of kids into college because again if you were doing your homework you would know about the kids that went to college. Lets not act like Tech is just placing kids in school that righ there wasnt even called for. And as far as still living in the past man get real, i’ve done no different than you I just happen to know the history of my alma mater and i’m not ashamed about it. No one took anything personal just set the record straight for you, but i’ll leave it alone cause its going somewhere it dont even have to go. You got my number call me if you need some clarification.

    P.S.- You must didnt play varsity in the 10th because you would have got the bizness! LOL I’m out.

  • De La Salle beats Mack, St. Mary’s and O’Dowd play Mack to the wire and the Salesian ex-Chieftons from Oil Town beat Mack with a non-senior lineup. They are the real deal 3 out of 4 BSAL titles. The rest of the OAL better stand back, the BSAL is the top league in the East Bay. They qualified 6 for the NCS, remember these are small enrollment schools, yet the Chroncile has Salesian and St. Mary’s ranked in the top 10 and DLS as the number ONE ranked.

  • Someone up North is going to run into Mater Dei( Santa Ana), they are the real deal.

  • BigGreen

    Hey E I’m not trying to to touch on any sensitive spots.Nor am I trying to Make this a Mack vs Tech thing, cause if that were the case it would be easy for you to win, And yeah I did play Var in the 10th I forgot about that game against Mack that year.But after that we went to work. Anyway If I offended you with one of my comments forgive me sir!

  • BigGreen