Live from NCS Selection Sunday

Hoops fans,

Join me here at 8:45 a.m. to being all the discussion as we await the selections of the North Coast Section basketball playoff brackets (the meeting starts at 9 a.m., but it’ll take some time to get our first brackets). Posted just below this will be where I will enter all of the brackets as they come in, so keep an eye on both posts. We’ll talk about what’s going on in this chat and when I enter a new field of teams and bracket, I’ll let you know to pop over to the other post. Also, DON’T ASK WHEN A DIVISION’S BRACKETS WILL BE POSTED. THEY’LL BE POSTED IN ORDER FROM DIVISION VI TO DIVISION I AND WHEN I GET THEM, THEY’LL BE POSTED IMMEDIATELY.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.






    will the forfiets cost freedom even though they are above washington in quality wins

  • Joe Johnson

    what time do you think d1 seedings will be out?

  • Joe Johnson

    freedom beat cotate concord deer valley pitt

  • Mr. J

    Technically they lost to Rancho because they had to forfiet because of kids that were not aloud to play but played anyway

  • ed

    pitt suspended some key guys for freedom game.They won by 3.Other than that pitt ruled freedom

  • i think washington should get in and freedom is out…

  • washington has quality wins over valley christian sj, novato,woodside, foothill,hogan

  • Jaime Alexander

    I’m an official with the CMOA. Can you send me a bracket of Divisions 4,5 & 6 ASAP. Thanx…

  • Joe

    Did you get a chance to see Senior Teasara Thompson play this year? @ Irvington High School. Point Guard 5’8″ averaged about 14 a game. They didn’t win alot but deserved some looks from some D1/D2 schools.

  • coach c

    personally i feel washington should definetly be in over freedom. Freedom’s only quailty win to me was over dv by 1 point bt that was 2 days after the injury of there 6th man and they bumped up some young talent… not that impressive of a win.

  • Jack Fuller

    Hmmm … nothing on the blog site, as of 1245 – and on the ncs site [ http://www.cifncs.org ], all divisions except 1 and 2 are posted.

  • The Voice

    I have to agree with ed Says. Pitt lost to Freedom only because they had were missing players including the leagues best Eric Dargan. At full strength Pitt waxed Freedom. The truth is the truth. Nobody in the BVAL can come close to Pitt. They also avenged thier only other BVAL loss agsaist Antioch having blown them out by 30 plus twice. Total domination of the BVAL.

  • Michael Bower

    not sure what is wrong with the blog. i guess it disappeared. try this link…. Not sure if it will work.


  • Michael Bower

    guess that link won’t work. sorry guys. just keep refreshing the bracket update post

  • tcostello

    Thanks for doing this again guys…It makes the waiting a little more bearable. Good Luck. Go Gaels!!!!

  • Al

    Hi Jack,
    Where do you think we will end up?

  • Michael Bower

    Thanks, Tom. We want you on our live show “Prep Corner Live.” We will try to get in touch with you to set that up. We do a show every friday night at 11 p.m. It is live streaming video and we take phone calls and stuff. It all is right here on the blog.

  • Michael Bower

    we have the blog fixed now, guys. The live chat should be above.


    Without guys like covering the bay area where would High school sports be at. Great job covering today and all year long.

  • Ummm. Sounds fun. I don’t know if you want my ugly mug on the screen though. There is a reason I am told I have a great face for radio. Looking forward to the playoffs. This is a fun time of year. Thanks again for keeping us posted

  • Michael Bower

    haha, don’t worry, Tom. We will just keep it to your voice! We just have the coaches/players phone into the show for interviews.

  • Thomas Oakley

    What happened to St. Elizabeth Divion V?

  • Thomas Oakley

    What happened to St. Elizabeth Division V?

  • Washington got snubbed this year but you guys are right…this yr wasnt the year to get in but next year they have great returning players coming back… for ex. jack veronin, john songponopachon,transfer pt. guard mikchael mckinney….. raw talent

  • St. Elizabeth did not turn in an application for an at-large berth.

  • BigGreen

    St Liz had a down year In my opinion, they lost inthe league playoffs in the 1st round!

  • coach p


  • A couple of updates after speaking with NCS commissioner Gil Lemmon.

    El Cerrito was ruled ineligible for playing 27 games. When they played in the Clovis Elks Classic in Fresno early in the season, that tournament had been merged with another area tournament that lost some teams. As a result, El Cerrito played one too many games. The game that put them over was against Clovis and it was played like a contest, but ruled a scrimmage and that can’t be done. So that’s why the Gauchos are out.

    Also, on the girls side, Marin Academy was a surprise non-apply.

    As for championship sites, the only thing official is that six games will be at St. Mary’s College. Two will be at Redwood High School and others may be at Albany or El Cerrito. That will all become official later in regards to what divisions will play where. I’m heading out of the NCS office, so I’ll be away from the computer for a little while. Thanks, talk to you later.

  • The Catholic schools and Christian schools had 11 entries for boys and 15 for girls. Wow! Looks like the old CAL. The BSAL qualified 6 teams- could be one of the stronger leagues in NorCal.

  • Mike

    It’s disappointing that the games will be at St Mary’s College. They should be at a bigger arena like the Oakland Arena or Arco or even Cal.

  • A Disney on Ice conflict prevents them from being at the Oracle Arena. I believe Cal was explored but not available. They would never be at Arco because that’s not even in NCS territory. If anyone would have their finals there, it’s the SJS (which they might, I’m not sure). But with no NCS teams from the Sac area, the NCS wouldn’t go there.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    If NCS learned anything from the Football game being at Dublin (which was the best atmosphere ever for an NCS title game) it’s that it is better to fill up a smaller venue and create a championship type feel than to play in a big stadium and hope to get a fourth of the stadium filled.

  • dez

    So NCS Boys and Girls Finals are not at Oracle this year?

  • dez

    the athletes are big fans of playin in the big venues, they could careless if it is empty its all about the feel of playin in a pro or college facility.

  • Michael Bower

    Yea. I don’t think the athletes care if the place fills up or not. They would rather play at a pro venue. I know that’s how I was.

  • dez

    ncs should really get a contract or sumthin goin with Oakland-Alameda County to get these venues reserved because this is crazy….they should have set facilities for all sports a year in advance that’s y Mickey and Donald Duck on ice is going on instead of great high school basketball…Come on Gil

  • FB Player

    If you count the fofeits freedom had they had a better record than washington and cal preps has their quality wins ranked higher than washington’s. As far as Pitt they were the best team in the BVAL, only Antioch beat them when they were at full strength and Freedom was the only team to lose under single digits and that was the first league game of the season. DV will surprise people in the playoffs they are playing really well right now.

  • BigA
  • Kyle Bonagura

    What do you think Oracle wants more?

    A filled up area and parking with expensive tickets or a HS basketball day where you may get 7k?

    It’s all about the money.

  • DEZ

    Thats True but thts also Y u have a set contract where NCS runs everything including bringing in the people for parking.But still NCS needs to get a set facility instead of doing things on the run.

  • Just because the NCS would want a contract, that doesn’t mean Oracle would be willing to sign one. As Kyle said, it’s a money thing and it’s unlikely that an organization like NCS would have the funds needed to afford a major contract like that unless it started raising membership fees from the schools, money the schools definitely don’t have. I’ll guarantee that any contract that would guarantee the arena be available for NCS would be expensive but it would involve telling the NBA it can’t schedule a Warriors home game that weekend.


    sht up, dez. u dont kno shit.

  • dez

    thts true I keep forgettin NCS is just a section not the State Association.

  • Yeah, there’s a reason the NorCal and State games get those venues consistently and not NCS. Truthfully, and CIF Executive Director Marie Ishida said this in a press conference at last year’s state title game, it would be ideal for the state game to get moved around a bit to SoCal (maybe Staples Center) and the Oracle, but Arco Arena gives them a good price so that’s why they stay there.

  • dez

    yea it would be nice to see the CIF Games have games down in SOcal every other year, The athletes would love it, But I see y The Staples Center would b so high priced because its a very known venue around the nation

  • guillory

    freedom sucks they beat dv by one point

  • East bay balla

    hey BIG A. nice upset special prediction with San Marin getting smoked by analy. Stick with staying in Marin County and leave real basketball talk to those who know about it