East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

There have been very few surprises in the North Coast Section’s soccer playoffs; but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been interesting.

A very interesting story line is the Newark Memorial High School boys team, which probably felt like it had a lot to prove after losing just once all year, and receiving the No. 5 seed in the 3A playoffs.
Still, the Cougars got to host a quarterfinal game, doing so against a fourth-seeded Amador Valley team that had beaten them and tied them.
Determined to continue to prove the doubters wrong, Newark went to penalty kicks to beat a Dons team that reached the 3A finals last season. Now the Cougars set up a battle of the only two teams in the NCS with one loss when they travel to face top-seeded De La Salle.
Speaking of De La Salle, the No. 1 Spartans looked very sharp against No. 8 Granada. They have been a quick strike team this year, and when they broke the scoreless tie in the 33rd minute, three more goals followed in the next 15 minutes.
So we know who Newark’s one loss is against, but does anyone remember who the Spartans lost to? It was Watsonville of the Central Coast Section. The Wildcats are 20-4-2, going 9-0-1 in the Monterey Bay League and earned the No. 4 seed in the CCS’ Division I playoffs. They play top seeded Palo Alto, which is a highly ranked team nationally, much like De La Salle.
The No. 2 Richmond Oilers were down 1-0 to No. 7 Antioch at halftime, and they had lost three of their four games by 1-0 scores this year. Still, Richmond stayed calm and collected three scores in the second half for the 3-1 win.
That win set up a third showdown with San Ramon Valley, the No. 3 seed. The Wolves and Oilers have split two games this year, the home team winning each time.
San Ramon Valley moved on with a 2-0 win over No. 6 Castro Valley.
The 2A playoffs feature all four top seeds advancing.
No. 1 Bishop O’Dowd will face No. 4 Las Lomas. The Dragons looked very good in a 6-1 win over No. 8 Northgate with Michael Garrick scoring three goals. No. 4 Las Lomas edged out league rival Campolindo. The No. 12 Cougars upset No. 5 Albany the round before.
No. 2 Acalanes and No. 3 Piedmont both moved on with 1-0 wins. Acalanes topped a tough Hayward team with a late goal and the Highlanders beat another Hayward Area Athletic League team, San Lorenzo.
Bishop O’Dowd and Las Lomas have played twice this year with the Dragons winning 2-0 the first time, and the two teams tying 2-2 the second time.
The Acalanes v. Piedmont game is very intriguing. They are both very talented and both probably feel entitled to the No. 2 seed. The Highlanders will need to win on the road to reach a fourth straight NCS final.


Not too many changes. Small shifts in the bottom part of the top ten with Antioch climbing to No. 7 and Acalanes joining the top ten. Las Lomas climbs into the top 15.

1. De La Salle (21-1-1)
2. Richmond (19-4-2)
3. Newark Memorial (18-1-7)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (20-2-3)
5. San Ramon Valley (15-4-6)
6. Amador Valley (14-6-5)
7. Antioch (17-5-4)
8. Granada (14-7-3)
9. Piedmont (21-2-2)
10. Acalanes (15-4-4)
11. Castro Valley (18-6-2)
12. Monte Vista (12-9-3)
13. Pittsburg (10-5-4)
14. Las Lomas (15-7-1)
15. Hayward (13-7-5)

Others considered: San Lorenzo (14-5-3), Deer Valley (11-7-6), Campolindo (10-8-3), Albany (17-4-3), Berkeley (12-7-5), Dublin (13-5-6), College Park (10-11-3), Freedom (9-6-7), Northgate (11-10-4), Ygnacio Valley (11-8-4).

League standings

Update me if needed.

Team Overall League Points
Richmond (18-4-2) 10-0-2 32
Berkeley (12-6-5) 8-2-2 26
Pinole Valley (9-7-4) 7-3-2 23
De Anza (8-12-2) 5-6-1 16
El Cerrito (6-9-3) 4-5-3 15
Alameda (3-15-5) 2-8-2 8
Hercules (0-12-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Piedmont (20-2-2) 14-1-1 43
Albany (17-3-3) 13-2-1 40
St. Mary’s (10-5-3) 10-3-3 33
Kennedy (12-5-5) 9-3-4 31
Encinal (5-11-5) 4-8-4 16
Salesian (4-12-4) 4-8-4 16
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (4-14-3) 4-10-2 14
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (4-11-2) 4-11-1 13
Swett (0-19-0) 0-16-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Antioch (16-4-4) 10-3-2 31
Deer Valley (11-7-6) 9-3-3 30
Pittsburg (10-4-4) 8-4-3 27
Freedom (9-6-7) 6-4-5 23
Liberty (5-10-5) 3-8-4 13
Hertiage (3-18-2) 0-14-1 1

Team Overall League Points
Acalanes (14-4-4) 8-1-3 27
Las Lomas (14-7-1) 7-5-0 21
Alhambra (7-6-1) 6-5-1 19
Campolindo (9-7-3) 5-4-3 18
Miramonte (5-5-7) 4-2-6 18
Dublin (13-5-6) 4-5-3 15
Dougherty Valley (2-16-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
College Park (10-10-3) 8-2-2 26
Northgate (11-9-3) 7-4-1 22
Ygnacio Valley (11-8-3) 7-4-1 22
Clayton Valley (11-10-2) 6-4-2 20
Concord (6-9-4) 4-5-3 15
Mt. Diablo (4-8-3) 3-6-3 12
Berean Christian (2-20-0) 1-11-0 3

Team Overall League Points
De La Salle (20-1-1) 13-0-1 27
Amador Valley (14-6-4) 9-3-2 20
San Ramon Valley (14-4-6) 6-3-5 17
Granada (13-6-3) 7-5-2 16
Monte Vista (12-8-3) 7-6-1 15
Livermore (8-14-2) 3-9-2 8
California (5-13-5) 1-10-3 5
Foothill (6-16-2) 1-11-2 4

Team Overall League Points
Bishop O’Dowd (19-2-3) 13-1-2 41
Castro Valley (17-5-2) 12-2-2 38
San Lorenzo (13-4-3) 9-4-3 30
Hayward (12-6-5) 8-3-5 29
Arroyo (9-7-6) 6-5-5 23
San Leandro (9-10-3) 6-9-1 19
Mt. Eden (5-14-4) 3-10-3 12
Tennyson (4-14-3) 2-12-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-16-2) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points
Newark Memorial (17-1-6) 11-0-1 34
Washington (11-10-2) 6-5-1 19
Mission San Jose (9-8-2) 6-5-1 19
Irvington (9-11-3) 6-5-1 19
Logan (7-11-5) 5-5-2 17
Kennedy (4-7-2) 4-6-2 14
American (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • felipe

    anyone predict the score from newark vs de la salle? or any other comments about that game??

  • Marques

    DLS 2
    Newark 0

  • hang nail

    Newark 1
    DLS 0

  • Rene

    Hard to say when one has not seen Newark play this year…


    DLS 4, Newark 0

  • Marques

    Okay. Now how about Piedmont v Acalanes and Bishop O’Dowd v Las Lomas?

  • Marques

    Rene, good luck tomorrow!

  • Hung

    you guys think nwk hasa chance against de la salle?

  • Marques

    DLS has played all the heavy hitters and come out on top. The only team that has a shot is Richmond.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    any soccer score updates??

  • wow

    SRV girls beat Clayton Valley 1-0. They will be going to the championship for the fourth year in a row!

  • Matt Smith

    I just got back from watching San Ramon Valley beat Richmond 3-1. De La Salle beat Newark 2-1 in overtime.
    Acalanes beat Piedmont in a shootout and O’Dowd beat Las Lomas 3-0.

  • KnowItAll

    The NCS Soccer Playoff committee should be commended for finally realizing they could highlight East Bay HS soccer by having the Boys & Girls 3A championships in a doubleheader format at a neutral East Bay site (Dublin). This will surely bring out a larger crowd and a great atmosphere.

    Fans will come to see if the the Foothill girls can lay claim to the title “Greatest East Bay High School Team Ever” with a win to cap an amazing 22-0 (yea, that’s 22-0, NO TIES) season.

    In the nitecap, SRV and DLS will clash to see who is the EBAL and NCS King for the year. SRV is coming off their best game of the year with the win over Richmond in the semis. DLS was pushed to OT by Newark. Should be a great game.

    Now..the only thing better would be if the games were at 1 pm /3 pm… but you can’t get everything.

  • Maury Wills

    A friend of mine at the match said SRV dominated the second half and deserved to win, but that there were also some questionable officiating. Is there anything to that or is it just your standard high school officiating?

  • KnowItAll

    The only questionable call was the amount of stoppage time added. One of those in our group calculated 3 minutes, perhaps it was more.

    A few Foothill parents showed no class booing the referees and yelling ‘you suck’ when they walked off the field. I was embarrassed to be from Pleasanton for that instant. Foothill had plenty of chance to put the game away.

  • KnowItAll

    Amazing atmosphere in Dublin 3A finals last nite – an excellent call to have a double-header like this. NCS Planners should do this every year.

    One nit from the boys game – only 1 game ball, and no ball spotters to retrieve the only ball. NCS Planners – lets get some spotters for the games – get a few 12 year olds and give them concession tickets in exchange.

  • Scout

    the officiating from the girls match was superb. Fans questioned the three minutes of added time however take the following into consideration, there were 4 goals and 3 cautions issued in the second half. Also foothill was wasting time during stoppages. Yes the referee’s got yelled at by the foothill crowd, some of the students (who had been drinking) even approached the officials on the field after the game. A foothill fan also threw a bottle at the center official as he left the field.

    What a shameful display of sportsmanship from a group of parents and students.