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My knee surgery last Friday was a success and I am back and ready for the return of Prep Corner Live! Friday night at 11 right here on the Prep Corner blog. We will have some fun things to talk about with all the North Coast Section championships going on … we might even mix in some wrestling talk since Waterhouse will be covering the grapplers Friday and Saturday. Our main concentration will be the NCS basketball playoffs. As always, we will welcome¬†viewers to phone into our live streaming video show to ask questions or just shoot the bull with us. We will also have interviews with players and coaches. Make sure to tune in. There is nothing better than playoff talk.


  • Kyle Bonagura


  • cv

    just spoke with MV coach. they are planning to play at SL.. so you can stop all that talk. And yeah for trojan den about Dverdin.. he is a CV hater and can’t get over a great season they had!!

  • The Real Ashawndaus Woods #1

    Haha ncs hoops are always fun I give major ups to the writers doiin this blog

    On another bye bye trojan den haha glad to see them get sent home

    And as far as the most effective 6th man I disagree because from my memory my student section at hayward seemed to knock the trojan den out they were quiet the last 4 minutes of the game


  • Trojen Den, u can be just as effective w/out all the cursin, threats and demeaning remarks. U guys really get the gym jumpin’. It’s great to see that you have so much school spirit, but if u continue to do “whatever” it takes, I garruntee a few things will happen, there will be a huge fight at one of the games, you will get kicked out or won’t be allowed to cheer for your team at all, and if you help your team as much as you say, where will your team be then. I am curious, though, and this is not in joking, do you guys ever go to any of the other schools in the East Bay, namely Oakland and do all that?

  • Trojan73

    Bbfan2, to answer your question, yes we act like that wherever we go. Not to sound like “tough guys” or anything, but we honestly were not scared and didnt think of the possible consequences of our actions, no matter where we went. We felt that anywhere we went, we needed to gain a homecourt advantage and the way we went about things is how we treated every game because most of the time it worked.

  • Trojan73, You actually didn’t answer my question, have you went to any gyms in the Oakland area, besides O Dowd and cheered the same way? I think the concept of what you guys do is great! I just think sometimes you go way overboard and I am pretty sure if it was a large group of primarily african american kids, they wouldn’t be given” pats on the hands” and allowed to continue.They would throw them out of the gym with no tolerance. Not trying to throw in race, but it’s a fact. I have heard some pretty awful things from your group.(ex.racists remarks, cursin etc) Like I said before, you guys can be just as effective without all the other stuff. There’s so many of you, you are loud and with the exception of “over the line” ones, you have really great chants. Trojan Den wants respect, but a 6th man group is not going to get you that, your teams skills will. CV has a good team with some good players, but you guys take away from that.

  • Trojan73

    Ok I see what you are saying. Well the answer is no because we didnt have any other Oakland teams to play besides O’Dowd. I also agree that sometimes the line is crossed when race gets involved but other than that if we get into the other teams head, then we must be doing pretty good. We understand that we arent the typical sixth man, we pride ourselves on taking it to another level so we arent just a normal student section. Most student sections are there to watch and cheer, where as in the Den we try to be part of the game in order to give our team that much more of an advantage.

  • While the subject of Oakland schools is being brought up, I think that’s one thing Castro Valley does need to do to bring its program to the next level. CV is really the only elite level East Bay team that I can think of that didn’t have a single OAL school on its schedule. Playing those types of teams would really help gain valuable experience, especially some valuable road game experience.

  • Michael Bower

    Unless it is at McClymonds, there really is no reason for Castro Valley to go to the OAL. The HAAL road games at Bishop O’Dowd and at San Leandro are going to be better than anything the OAL has to offer, especially this year. CV needs to schedule Monte Vista and Berkeley on the road if it wants to get more experience playing tough road games.

  • coach rodney

    trojan den i dont have hate for the school, you guys are just to cocky and cant back it up. and you dont know daniel almonte or devin moss? jermaine gaines or even nick armas. daniel used to beast carlyle in 8th grade. daniel is the player of the league next year. imagine if they do get hameed ali. they will be even better. and hameed is better than roderick and juan. also devin moss is as well. devin, daniel and hameed are all ranked. and daniel has i believe texas arlington and airforce looking at him and hameed has some as well. you jus wait and see.

  • dedicated fan

    rodney, you are making some good points. daniel is a special talent and is the next jared cunningham. also devin moss is a pure shooter. but trojan den is right when he says they will lack experience. they will have all the talent but no composure in big games. unless daniel can get some killer extinct over the summer they will lose close games.

  • dez

    nobody has seen Daniel play at the Varsity level in the HAAL. San Leandro thinks he is a JV player so he needs to obviously develop and to say he is the POY in the league next year is a stretch over players like Brandon Ashley, Bobbit for CV and Hameed at THigh they will prolly be the contenders…….

  • coach rodney

    u must have never seen him play dez? he is better than bobbit and ashley is just taller than him. i believe him and hameed are good friends so they are great players. daniel almonte and devin moss is the best san leandro has to offer along with nick armas and jermaine gaines. jus look out for daniel on the aau circuit because i know i will. if the kid has two schools looking at him they must know he will be a great varisty player right?

  • The Trojan Den

    The Trojan Den acts the same way wherever we go. We havent had the chance to play Oakland schools besides Odowd which doesnt count. But we go to SL, Hayward, wherever and act in the same brash, over the top manner, because we do whatever it takes and we don’t look at consequences. We don’t condone racist or sexist remarks, but anything else pretty much goes. Thats the way we influence the game, thats why there are so many haters, and yet, thats why so many out there respect us.

  • The Trojan Den

    The CV team had a great season and they need to be congratulated. And as for the Trojan Den, this group of seniors took it to a whole nother level and I’ll remember being part of the Trojan Den of 2008-09 for the rest of my life. The single greatest thing at our high school. May the Trojan Den live on throughout CV’s future and continue to live up to the standard of this year and only get deeper and crazier.

    Trojan Den FWI. Peace out.

  • coach rodney

    oh please you guys lost a game that you should’ve won. good season but you didnt finish it. jus be afraid of san leandro next year. its the takeover of the 011 and 012 class.

  • Trojan Den, you say you haven’t had the chance to play any of the Oak schools, but you could if you wanted to, just like all the other schools scrimmage or play non league games, you could,too. That’s besides the point, though. Can anyone explain to me why I keep hearing about kids moving schools? Aren’t there rules about that? Maybe I am just naive,someone enlighten me on how this works?

  • Bower, especially this year? Maybe ONLY this year, and still I disagree. I know you don’t cover the OAL, but you have to know the history a little bit. You’re talking about the most competitive league, top to bottom, in NorCal. In just the last 10 years, the OAL’s sent four teams to the Div. I state title game (three different schools) and won twice. In the modern era of state championship games (since 1981), Oakland High is the only OAL school to never reach the title game. The HAAL has NEVER even sent a team to the Div. I title game.

    You’re basing this just on the HAAL having four really good teams this season when the rest of the league is crap. The OAL had four teams of that quality last season. Remember that Newark Memorial team that pushed De La Salle to the limit in last year’s NCS finals? They got beat by Skyline, a non-playoff team in the OAL, at last year’s MLK. Even this year Hayward has a loss to Oakland High, a 20-loss team (but one that is sooooo loaded with young talent that it should be back in the playoffs soon).

    So don’t give me that the HAAL road games are going to be tougher than anything the OAL will offer. And if there’s no value to scheduling OAL teams, why does every other ranked team do it? Including the other top three in the HAAL. (Newark is the lone exception of ranked teams this year and they at least had Berkeley and Salesian on the schedule, plus SL and BOD). Even Tennyson scheduled two OAL teams. Every team in the OAL would have a much better looking record if they played in the HAAL because they would have those same automatic 10 wins from playing those bottom 5 teams.

    I’m not saying CV isn’t a good program, but for a good program to not schedule a team from the top year-in, year-out league, says something. Honestly though, my guess is that’s probably more a decision from the administration. I know the CV girls coach agreed to come play at Mack before the adminstration pulled the plug and Mack had to go play at CV.

    One final fun fact, the HAAL champ San Leandro is an OAL castoff that was in the league back during the Bill Russell days. I have some audio I recorded of Russell talking about his Mack teams going into SL to play back when it was essentially an all-white school and town. It’s some good stuff.

  • Michael Bower

    Didn’t realize we were talking about the past. Traditionally, it is a great move to schedule some OAL teams. You’re right about that. Just isn’t the case THIS year.

    And I will stand by what I said for THIS year. Only traveling to Mack is worth the time. Other than that, I would rather see them go to Monte Vista or Berkeley.

    Both are NCS teams and better than anybody beside Mack in the OAL … THIS YEAR. I think most of the top teams schedule the OAL squads based on tradition of the OAL usually being the dominant league. So that’s why the top teams do it. Most of the time that is a great move. Just … yep you guessed it .. not THIS year.

    But coaches can’t predict how strong a league is going to be so the safe route is to schedule OAL teams. But that wouldn’t have done anything for CV THIS year. Let’s just be real about that.

    Not to say scheduling an OAL team would have been bad. The games for sure would be competitive. But it certainly wouldn’t have changed the outcome of what happend in NCS. It wouldn’t have made CV a better team just because they go play at an OAL court. And it certainly wouldn’t have prepared them for a 3-pointer at the buzzer any better. If the EBAL was strong like it normally is, then CV’s schedule would have been challenging. But like the OAL, the EBAL is down this year.

    Like I said, you can’t predict who will be good and who won’t be when you’re making the schedules. So what do coaches do? Schedule the traditionally good teams. So CV elects to play EBAL teams instead of OAL teams. But this year both leagues were down.

    If we want to talk about the Bill Russell days then maybe we should get a vintage blog going….

  • E_Culb

    Way to go Jimmy, and Bower EVEN this year it was worth while to get an OAL team on your schedule. PLaying Fremont at Fremont is not a cake walk, Skyline is not a cake walk heck Tech beat DLS so even this year it would behove a team to put an OAL team on there schedule dont get it twisted. You will always get a competitive, battle tested game.

  • Michael Bower

    I didn’t say it would be a cake walk. Just saying it isn’t any better this year than going to MV or DLS or Berkeley. Wasn’t going to change the outcome of NCS for CV if they had an OAL team on the schedule.

  • Michael Bower

    And let’s remember CV was a really young team. The Trojans overachieved this season by a long ways. I don’t think CV should be worried that maybe it could have done better if it did this or that….

    The Trojans did better than anyone expected them to do at the beginning of the season and I think people are forgetting that. CV wasn’t even supposed to be in that game against MV.

  • Trojan73

    I agree with you Michael and I think that is why it is that much harder for CV players and fans to accept that loss last Friday. We were definately the underdogs and the feeling we had being up by 3 with 10 seconds left is unexplainable. No matter what, this season, CV suprised everyone and had a great year. We know we should have won that game and I can only hope that people respect what we did this year….And the next 2 years should be VERY exciting with all the young talent CV has.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    There is also something to be said for scheduling teams in your division.

    Would playing at Mack only to get smashed be better for Castro Valley than playing at Granada or San Ramon (both NCS D1 playoff teams) and winning by 10-15?

    Castro Valley would never have to play at an OAL school in the postseason, odds are that at some point it will have to play at an EBAL school.

    So why not put together a non-league schedule that is more like what the post season will be like?

  • Castro Valley should hope to have to play against an OAL school in the postseason (I never really said play AT an OAL school, just get one on the schedule. Home, away, neutral, wherever), since that would mean they would be making NorCals. And I never said schedule Mack. But there’s no reason to not go after a Tech or Skyline or Oakland.

  • Oh and Bower, the past was brought up because of your “especially this year” comment, which made it seem you thought this to be the case in most other years too. And honestly, the OAL — while down a bit — isn’t as down as most people make it out to be. A team that didn’t even make the OAL playoffs (Tech) is still the only team with a win over DLS.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Castro Valley has won 2 playoff games in history.

    They need to worry about NCS before NorCals even becomes a thought.

  • Good point. I think we get so much CV chatter on here that we start thinking of them as an elite program, when really they aren’t there yet. Very good, but not elite yet.

  • dez

    what’s the ticket info on OAL Championship