NCS wrestling update

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NCS Individual Championships

At Newark Memorial HS

Team scores (top 20 through quarterfinals): De La Salle 137, Liberty 130.5, James Logan 116.5, College Park 107, Newark Memorial 95, Sonoma 82.5, Terra Linda 81, Castro Valley 80, Healdsburg 78, Granada 77.5, Livermore 74.5, Freedom 72.5, Mission San Jose 64, Antioch 63.5, Montgomery-Santa Rosa 63, Del Norte 59, Northgate 56, Rancho Cotate-Petaluma 53, Dublin 52.5, Petaluma 51.

Individual results (quarterfinals): 103 — Moita (DLS) p. Guitierez (CP), 2:31; Torres (Windsor) d. Hwa (MSJ), 4-3; Stevenson (McKinleyville) d. Borges (El Molino), 8-0; K. Blanco (JL) d. Pham (American), 11-2; 112 — L. Blanco (JL) d. Owens (Dublin), t.f.; Vierra (Castro Valley) d. Garcia (Freedom), 5-4; Murden (Sonoma) d. Barrajas (Arroyo), 14-3; Castillo (Antioch) d. Geraldi (Dougherty Valley), 9-4; 119 — Klingsheim (Lib) p. Robbins (Hoopa Valley), 2:40; Waldren (Gra) d. Hendrickson (Healdsburg), 5-3; Perez (JL) p. Gonzalez (Deer Valley), 5:10; Aura (Foothill) p. Coloma (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), 2:13; 125 — Thurgood (Lib) d. Abono (DLS), 11-9; Young (NM) d. DeMercurio (Freedom), 7-1; Mai (JL) d. Singh (Albany), 12-3; Kenihan (Terra Linda) d. Cardoza (Fortuna), 11-5; 130 — Howe (Windsor) p. Farmer (Gra), 13-8; Arreguin (Healdsburg) p. Lopez (JL), 6:53 (OT); Phillipy (CP) p. Serrano (Lib), 1:08; Fraser (Liv) d. Baldacci (DLS), t.f.; 135 — Smith (Lib) d. Lindstrom (Gra), 9-1; Kannel (Liv) p. Sneathen (Upper Lake), 4:53; Pereira (NM) p. Siegfried (DLS), 0:45; Young (Heald) d. Johnson (Lower Lake), 15-3; 140 — Rios (Lib) d. Basurto (Healdsburg), 13-2; Sanchez (Liv) d. Powers (Sonoma), 9-1; Vincent (Dub) d. Joaquin (Free), 3-2; Avery (Upper Lake) d. Maloney (DLS), 15-4; 145 — Waldrop (Free) p. Boone (JL), 1:07; Hall (Mont) p. Nguyen (NM), 1:09; Ruvalcaba (MSJ) d. Cattalini (Heald), 5-4; Kravitz (Del Norte) d. Houssain (Terra Linda), 15-10; 152 — T. Sheridan (DLS) p. Bueno (Gra), 1:43; Cruz (Eureka) p. Heka (CV), 2:34; Frazier (SPSV) d. Trujillo (Heritage), 8-2; Cress (Antioch) d. Leyen (Lib), 10-5; 160 — L. Sheridan (DLS) p. Fernandez (JL), 1:38; Escamilla (Ukiah) d. Hamilton (Amador Valley), 9-0; Fedrick (Sonoma) p. Cruz (Marin Catholic-Kentfield), 1:39; Engdahl (Gra) d. Lu (Arcata), 14-5; 171 — Dougherty (Las Lomas) p. Wickland (Sonoma), 5:12; Remington (California) d. Anderson (NM), 5-3; Ermolov (Terra Linda) d. Sirovsky (Dub), 6-3; Jansen (DLS) d. Cummings (CP), 6-1; 189 — Hoehne (Liv) d. Rolandelli (CP), 15-5; O’Brien (Petaluma) d. Walker (DLS), 6-3; Baumann (Dub) p. Ryan (Redwood), 1:51; Baffico (Free) d. Gebhardt (Marin Catholic), 3-0; 215 — Pica (Concord) d. Aufderheide (Liv), t.f.; Rogers (CP) d. Felix (DLS), 10-5; Wilson (Maria Carrillo-Santa Rosa) d. Pittman (Deer Valley), 14-6; Pole (JL) d. Dickenson (Upper Lake), 8-4; 285 — McCovey (Del Norte) p. Taia (JL), 5:37; O’Connor (NM) d. Taufa (Ygnacio Valley), 8-7; Guinn (Rancho Cotate) d. Rashad (Fort Bragg), 8-4; Elor (CP) d. Hesterberg (Piner-Santa Rosa), 9-2.


I saw the comment asking for an update from Newark Memorial, so I figured I’d give a little info. We’re in the middle of consolation matches right now, with the quarterfinal round set for 7 p.m. There haven’t been a whole lot of upsets (actually quite a few less than I normally remember). Liberty’s Jesse Baldazo lost his second round match to Del Norte’s Joey Kravitz, so that qualifies.

As far as Las Lomas goes, I believe Sean Dougherty is the lone remaining Knight in the championship bracket. I know you want the College Park update as well, so I can tell you that John Guitierez, Dylan Phillipy, Dominic Rolandelli and D.J. Cummings are still alive. Not sure about Orry Elor, as I haven’t seen second-round results for heavys yet.

The NCS is updating the bracket (slowly but surely) on their web site, so you can check that out. I’ll keep an eye out if you have questions about other wrestlers.

Ben Enos

  • Please tell me more about my grandson Eric Perez (119). He won all three matches on Friday.

  • Ben Enos

    Walter, here are Eric’s matches until this very moment.
    First round: Perez p. Dumont (Ygnacio Valley), 1:14
    Second round: Perez d. Stucki (Northgate), 6-2
    Quarterfinals: Perez p. Gonzalez (Deer Valley), 5:10
    Semifinals: Aura (Foothill) d. Perez, 3-0

    He’s now in the consolation brackets.

  • Go Knights

    Thank you for the Las Lomas and College Park updates, Ben. We are reading. Keep up the good work!