NCS Wrestling update, Day Two

Updates at the top. Enjoy.

4 p.m.: Former Clayton Valley coach Bill Smith is being honored as this year’s NCS Honor Coach. One of his former wrestlers, Antioch HS coach Brett McNamar, is accepting the award for Smith.

Also, for those wondering about the streaming video, they haven’t turned it back on yet I don’t think. The screen here in the gym is blue. I’m not sure if they’ll do the medal matches or not. 

103: Vinny Moita (De La Salle) vs. Kristian Blanco (James Logan)
112: Lawrence Blanco (James Logan) vs. Evan Murden (Sonoma)
119: David Klingsheim (Liberty) vs. Chase Aura (Foothill)
125: Anthony Thurgood (Liberty) vs. Danny Mai (James Logan)
130: Cody Howe (Windsor) vs. Alec Fraser (Livermore)
135: Ryan Smith (Liberty) vs. Wesley Young (Healdsburg)
140: David Rios (Liberty) vs. Robbie Avery (Upper Lake)
145: Nick Waldrop (Freedom) vs. Joey Kravitz (Del Norte)
152: Tyler Sheridan (De La Salle) vs. Anthony Cress (Antioch)
160: Luke Sheridan (De La Salle) vs. Nick Fedrick (Sonoma)
171: Sean Dougherty (Las Lomas) vs. Nick Jansen (De La Salle)
189: Adam O’Brien (Petaluma) vs. J.T. Baumann (Dublin)
215: Nick Pica (Concord) vs. Toni Pole (James Logan)
285: Roger McCovey (Del Norte) vs. Bud Guinn (Rancho Cotate)

The finals are slated for 6 p.m. and are being streamed live. We’re going to try to embed the stream here on our blog so you can find it easily. I’ll have updates from the medal matches later this afternoon.

Ben Enos

  • Koni

    I am from the north bay and we have people up here that have been getting the live feed all afternoon from the ncs website, but I have not been able to get it. Any suggestions?

  • Linda Smith

    I am up in Oregon, trying to watch my nephew, Brian Endgahl (160) wrestle in the 3rd/4th place match, but I can’t get the live feed, either.