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Photos of the week

Here are this week’s photos of the week, courtesy of Ray Saint Germain and the photo staff.

Photos of the week

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NCS Pick’Em challenge

Pick’Em Challenge is back for its second year.

This is how it’s going to work: Below we have every first round game, boys and girls, divisions 1 through 4. Feel free to include your D5/D6 picks as well, they will not be part of the scoring. Your job, as the loyal Prep Corner reader, is to comment to this post with your picks for every game. Picks are due by 7 p.m. Tuesday Feb. 24. After each round, I’ll add up the scores, post the standings and set up for the next round. Eventually we’ll have a champion to name and it should be fun. Send the link out to your friends, the more the merrier.

Last year’s champion was Hoop Fan, however he has since changed his name to Prep Fan. To view his eternal glory certificate, click HERE. High School Sports Junkie finished in second with Coleman (who we haven’t heard from since) also in the mix.



Copy the list of games below, paste it in a new comment to this post. Erase the team you think is going to lose. If you don’t pick a game you will automatically lose that game. Each correct pick is worth 1 point (other rounds will be scored the same). If you want to tell us why you picked your games, feel free. If you win, you will automatically be granted eternal glory.


BOYS: Logan/SRV; Berkeley/Freedom; Pitt/Granada; Castro Valley/Deer Valley. GIRLS: Cal/Logan; Granada/Antioch; SRV/MSJ; American/Santa Rosa.


BOYS: Alameda/Clayton Valley; Pinole/Concord; Maria Carillo/San Lorenzo; Ukiah/Redwood. GIRLS: Sonoma V/Livermore; Alameda/San Lorenzo; Heritage/Clayton; Montgomery/Windsor.


BOYS: Dublin/JFK; Analy/San Marin; Campolindo/Acalanes; Terra Linda/Eureka. GIRLS: Drake/San Marin; Miramonte/Eureka; Dougherty/Analy; Acalanes/Tamalpais.


BOYS: Healdsburg/Ft. Bragg; Fortuna/Clear Lake; McKinnleyville/Willits; . GIRLS: Ursuline/Justin Siena; Piedmont/Middletown; SPSV/St. Helena; Fortuna/Healdsburg.

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2009
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Newman doesn’t think its loss to Piner affected seeding

Cardinal Newman coach Tom Bonfigli believes his team’s loss to Piner on Saturday night had no effect on the North Coast Section Division IV playoff seeding. Here’s what he told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

“If we had beaten Piner, I honestly don’t think it would have changed,” said Bonfigli, coaching his 27th season. “(According to the NCS) anybody north of San Francisco can’t play basketball. It’s never going to change, it’s a fact of life.”

It would’ve been an interesting scenario had Newman finished unbeaten because I know seeding committees always like unbeaten teams. And it would’ve given Newman something to complain about had they still been seeded third, which I believe is the correct spot whether or not they lost just because of the quality of competition that St. Mary’s and Salesian play. The loss essentially took away any argument Newman had for the top seed.

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East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

There have been very few surprises in the North Coast Section’s soccer playoffs; but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been interesting.

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Live from NCS Selection Sunday

Hoops fans,

Join me here at 8:45 a.m. to being all the discussion as we await the selections of the North Coast Section basketball playoff brackets (the meeting starts at 9 a.m., but it’ll take some time to get our first brackets). Posted just below this will be where I will enter all of the brackets as they come in, so keep an eye on both posts. We’ll talk about what’s going on in this chat and when I enter a new field of teams and bracket, I’ll let you know to pop over to the other post. Also, DON’T ASK WHEN A DIVISION’S BRACKETS WILL BE POSTED. THEY’LL BE POSTED IN ORDER FROM DIVISION VI TO DIVISION I AND WHEN I GET THEM, THEY’LL BE POSTED IMMEDIATELY.

Posted on Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
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NCS basketball entries and brackets

Hoops fans,

This will be where you will find the NCS basketball playoff brackets before they are post anywhere else. Join us in the above chat to discuss what’s going on today and check back here as brackets become available to me. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. and I’m guessing it’ll be at least 11 a.m. or so before we see our first bracket.


Division I

No. 1 — De La Salle (25-1)
No. 2 — San Leandro (23-3)
No. 3 — Monte Vista (23-3)
No. 4 — Newark Memorial (24-4)
No. 12 Freedom (10-16) vs. No. 5 Berkeley (23-3)
No. 11 Deer Valley (15-10) vs. No. 6 Castro Valley (22-4)
No. 10 Granada (17-9) vs. No. 7 Pittsburg (20-6)
No. 9 San Ramon Valley (17-9) vs. No. 8 James Logan (20-9)

Division II

No. 1 — Hayward (17-8)
No. 2 — Las Lomas (17-9)
No. 3 — Northgate (21-5)
No. 4 — Heritage (18-8)
No. 12 Concord (16-10) vs. No. 5 Pinole Valley (17-9)
No. 11 Redwood (14-13) vs. No. 6 Ukiah (19-8)
No. 10 San Lorenzo (14-12) vs. No. 7 Maria Carrillo (16-11)
No. 9 Clayton Valley (16-10) vs. No. 8 Alameda (16-10)

Division III

No. 1 — Bishop O’Dowd
No. 2 — Miramonte
No. 3 — Piner
No. 4 — Drake
No. 12 San Marin vs. No. 5 Analy
No. 11 Eureka vs. No. 6 Terra Linda
No. 10 Acalanes vs. No. 7 Campolindo
No. 9 Kennedy-Richmond vs. No. 8 Dublin

Division IV

No. 1 — Salesian (24-4)
No. 2 — St. Mary’s (24-4)
No. 3 — Cardinal Newman (27-1)
No. 5 St. Patrick-St. Vincent vs. No. 4 Arcata (21-6)
No. 11 Willits (11-14) vs. No. 6 McKinleyville (14-11)
No. 10 Clear Lake (15-12) vs. No. 7 Fortuna (13-12)
No. 9 Fort Bragg (14-13) vs. No. 8 Healdsburg (12-13)

Division V

No. 16 Roseland Prep (16-11) vs. No. 1 Branson (24-3)
No. 15 Emery (20-7) vs. No. 2 St. Joseph Notre Dame (19-8)
No. 14 Drew (14-13) vs. No. 3 Cloverdale (26-2)
No. 13 Hoopa Valley (11-9) vs. No. 4 Head-Royce (25-2)
No. 12 Rincon Valley Christian (25-3) vs. No. 5 S.F. University (21-6)
No. 11 College Prep (17-11) vs. No. 6 International (24-3)
No. 10 Stuart Hall (16-10) vs. No. 7 Lick Wilmerding (16-10)
No. 9 St. Vincent (21-7) vs. No. 8 Marin Academy (20-6)

Division VI

No. 1 — St. Bernard Catholic (17-9)
No. 2 — Summerfield Waldorf (22-7)
No. 3 — Pacific Union Prep (19-3)
No. 4 Ferndale (10-12) at No. 5 Round Valley (12-4)
No. 11 Archbishop Hanna vs. No. 6 Sonoma Academy (16-9)
No. 10 Anderson Valley (10-16) vs. No. 7 S.F. Waldorf (10-14)
No. 9 Point Arena (11-11) vs. No. 8 California School for the Deaf (17-9)
*Note: Only 11 teams in the field, so Round Valley got a first round bye to play No. 4 Ferndale on Saturday, Feb. 28. All other games are scheduled for Wed, Feb. 25.


Division I

No. 1 — Monte Vista (23-2)
No. 2 — Deer Valley (20-6)
No. 3 — Berkeley (21-5)
No. 4 — Newark Memorial (20-8)
No. 12 Antioch (13-13) vs. No. 5 Granada (17-9)
No. 11 Santa Rosa (15-12) vs. No. 6 American (20-8)
No. 10 Mission San Jose (16-12) vs. No. 7 San Ramon Valley (14-12)
No. 9 James Logan (15-13) vs. No. 8 California (15-10)

Division II

No. 1 — Cardondelet (23-3)
No. 2 — Pinole Valley (20-5)
No. 3 — Northgate (22-3)
No. 4 — Petaluma (23-5)
No. 12 San Lorenzo (14-12) vs. No. 5 Alameda (18-8)
No. 11 Windsor (13-13) vs. No. 6 (20-8)
No. 10 Clayton Valley (17-9) vs. No. 7 Heritage (18-8)
No. 9 Livermore (13-13) vs. No. 8 Sonoma Valley (16-12)

Division III

No. 1 — Bishop O’Dowd
No. 2 — Dublin
No. 3 — Encinal
No. 4 — Campolindo
No. 12 Eureka vs. No. 5 Miramonte
No. 11 Tamalpais vs. No. 6 Acalanes
No. 10 Analy vs. No. 7 Dougherty Valley
No. 9 San Marin vs. No. 8 Drake

Division IV

No. 1 — St. Mary’s (24-4)
No. 2 — Marin Catholic (22-5)
No. 3 — Moreau Catholic (21-5)
No. 4 — McKinleyville (20-5)
No. 12 Middletown (18-7) vs. No. 5 Piedmont (19-9)
No. 11 Healdsburg (14-13) vs. No. 6 Fortuna (24-4)
No. 10 St. Helena (23-2) vs. No. 7 St. Patrick-St. Vincent (15-12)
No. 9 Justin-Siena (17-11) vs. No. 8 Ursuline (19-8)

Division V

No. 16 Bay Shoool of San Francisco (17-9) vs. No. 1 Branson (24-3)
No. 15 Hoopa Valley (10-9) vs. No. 2 St. Joseph Notre Dame (19-7)
No. 14 Emery (16-11) vs. No. 3 Convent of the Sacred Heart (18-4)
No. 13 International (21-7) vs. No. 4 Head-Royce (23-4)
No. 12 Redwood Christian (15-12) vs. No. 5 Bentley (21-5)
No. 11 Athenian (12-15) vs. No. 6 Urban (16-10)
No. 10 S.F. University (15-11) vs. No. 7 Cloverdale (22-6)
No. 9 Lick Wilmerding (12-11) vs. No. 8 Rincon Valley Christian (22-6)

Division VI

No. 1 — Sonoma Academy (23-3)
No. 2 — Potter Valley (22-3)
No. 3 — Tomales (15-4)
No. 4 — Fremont Christian (19-6)
No. 12 Contra Costa Christian (10-6) vs. No. 5 St. Bernard Catholic (7-18)
No. 11 California School for the Deaf (16-8) vs. No. 6 El Sobrante Christian (19-6)
No. 10 Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy (12-4) vs. No. 7 Ferndale (10-15)
No. 9 Round Valley (13-6) vs. No. 8 Pacific Union Prep (11-7)
All first round games are scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 25.

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DFAL/DVAL wrestling results

Here are the results for today’s DFAL and DVAL wrestling tournaments

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EBAL Wrestling update

So, I expected De La Salle to do fairly well at today’s EBAL wrestling championships. Upon further review, I may have lowballed the Spartans a little.

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BVAL wrestling impressions

Since the BVAL meet went long last night, I didn’t have a chance to post any thoughts from the tourney. So, here they are.

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