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Final East Bay Boys Soccer Notebook

By Matt Smith
Monday, March 2nd, 2009 at 11:14 am in Boys soccer.

The North Coast Section’s soccer season has come to a close. It was a thrilling ending to a fantastic season.

The undisputed No. 1 team, the De La Salle Spartans, were pushed to the absolute brink by San Ramon Valley in the 3A final. The game wasn’t even close to being decided until Garrett Biel’s header find its way into the net during double overtime.
Then the dream was realized; literally.
As I wrote in my story for the newspaper the next day, Biel dreamt he would score the championship winning goal. He also said that it was prophesied when he was a sophomore by his JV coach that it would happen.
Talk about destiny.
On the San Ramon Valley side of things, the Wolves probably feel like they couldn’t have played any better and it’s probably close to true. Sure, they would have liked more chances at the Spartans goal, but the fact remains that they went toe-to-toe with De La Salle for 95 minutes.
The Wolves should feel proud.
The 2A game was even more intense, believe it or not. The game went through double overtime without a score before going to penalty kicks where No. 2 Acalanes was able to unseat top-ranked Bishop O’Dowd in a very physical game.
It wasn’t actually decided until Nic Carrillo’s penalty kick, the fifth made by the Dons, found its way into the net that the Dons finished their championship run.
This 0-0 game was certainly their style as they were involved in 11 games that were either 0-0 or 1-0.


The final poll has the four 3A semi-finalists and the two 2A finalists rounding out the top six.

1. De La Salle (23-1-1)
2. San Ramon Valley (16-5-6)
3. Richmond (19-5-2)
4. Newark Memorial (18-2-7)
5. Acalanes (16-4-5)
6. Bishop O’Dowd (21-3-3)
7. Amador Valley (14-6-5)
8. Antioch (17-5-4)
9. Granada (14-7-3)
10. Piedmont (21-2-3)
11. Castro Valley (18-6-2)
12. Monte Vista (12-9-3)
13. Pittsburg (10-5-4)
14. Las Lomas (15-8-1)
15. Hayward (13-7-5)

Others considered: San Lorenzo (14-5-3), Deer Valley (11-7-6), Campolindo (10-8-3), Albany (17-4-3), Berkeley (12-7-5), Dublin (13-5-6), Freedom (9-6-7), College Park (10-11-3), Northgate (11-10-4), Ygnacio Valley (11-9-4).

League standings

Final standings.

Team Overall League Points
Richmond (19-5-2) 10-0-2 32
Berkeley (12-7-5) 8-2-2 26
Pinole Valley (9-7-4) 7-3-2 23
De Anza (8-12-2) 5-6-1 16
El Cerrito (6-9-3) 4-5-3 15
Alameda (3-15-5) 2-8-2 8
Hercules (0-12-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Piedmont (21-2-3) 14-1-1 43
Albany (17-4-3) 13-2-1 40
St. Mary’s (10-6-3) 10-3-3 33
Kennedy (12-6-5) 9-3-4 31
Encinal (5-11-5) 4-8-4 16
Salesian (4-12-4) 4-8-4 16
St. Joseph-Notre Dame (4-14-3) 4-10-2 14
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (4-11-2) 4-11-1 13
Swett (0-19-0) 0-16-0 0

Team Overall League Points
Antioch (17-5-4) 10-3-2 31
Deer Valley (11-7-6) 9-3-3 30
Pittsburg (10-5-4) 8-4-3 27
Freedom (9-6-7) 6-4-5 23
Liberty (5-10-5) 3-8-4 13
Hertiage (3-18-2) 0-14-1 1

Team Overall League Points
Acalanes (16-4-5) 8-1-3 27
Las Lomas (15-8-1) 7-5-0 21
Alhambra (7-6-1) 6-5-1 19
Campolindo (10-8-3) 5-4-3 18
Miramonte (5-5-7) 4-2-6 18
Dublin (13-5-6) 4-5-3 15
Dougherty Valley (2-16-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points
College Park (10-11-3) 8-2-2 26
Northgate (11-10-4) 7-4-1 22
Ygnacio Valley (11-8-4) 7-4-1 22
Clayton Valley (11-10-2) 6-4-2 20
Concord (6-9-4) 4-5-3 15
Mt. Diablo (4-8-3) 3-6-3 12
Berean Christian (2-20-0) 1-11-0 3

Team Overall League Points
De La Salle (23-1-1) 13-0-1 27
Amador Valley (14-6-5) 9-3-2 20
San Ramon Valley (16-5-6) 6-3-5 17
Granada (14-7-3) 7-5-2 16
Monte Vista (12-9-3) 7-6-1 15
Livermore (8-14-2) 3-9-2 8
California (5-13-5) 1-10-3 5
Foothill (6-16-2) 1-11-2 4

Team Overall League Points
Bishop O’Dowd (21-3-3) 13-1-2 41
Castro Valley (18-6-2) 12-2-2 38
San Lorenzo (14-5-3) 9-4-3 30
Hayward (13-7-5) 8-3-5 29
Arroyo (9-7-6) 6-5-5 23
San Leandro (9-10-3) 6-9-1 19
Mt. Eden (5-14-4) 3-10-3 12
Tennyson (4-14-3) 2-12-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-16-2) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points
Newark Memorial (18-2-7) 11-0-1 34
Washington (11-10-2) 6-5-1 19
Mission San Jose (9-8-2) 6-5-1 19
Irvington (9-11-3) 6-5-1 19
Logan (7-11-5) 5-5-2 17
Kennedy (4-7-2) 4-6-2 14
American (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at

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  • dvdad

    I think your rankings are fairly accurate except for your placement of Deer Valley. I am not sure how you have Pittsburg ranked above DV since DV finished above Pitt in the BVAL and Pitt’s non league was almost non existant. I would hope that last years title does not enter into this ranking.

  • KnowItAll

    Have to repeat my comments on the blog from the previous column – the 3A finals doubleheader was amazing. It was the best $8 I’ve spent in awhile. The field was excellent, music good, crowd amazing (anyone know the gate?). Let’s chat this up and see if this can become the norm going forward. Both games lived up to their hype – especially the girls game!

    NCS Officials – let’s make this the norm going forward – a 3A boys/girls doubleheader in Dublin. It was great for Bay area HS soccer

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I wasn’t there, but everything I’ve heard about the event mirrors what you just said.

    And how about the SRV girls?? First team to ever win four straight NCS titles (boys or girls) … impressive stuff.

    Scoring four goal against Foothill in 20 minutes? That was a team that only gave up three goals in all of EBAL play!

  • Scout


    Did you see Carl Stewards article about the game? It was pretty shabby how he attacked the officials for doing something thats kind of the standard in any soccer match, adding extra time for stoppages. The least he could have done was gotten some comments from the officials and allow them to defend their decisions. I’m all about sportsmanship and fairness of the game and in that regard, it was too bad to see a great event tainted by the activities after the girls’ game.


    Not as bad as the Foothill fans throwing stuff on the field after the game. Nice example they set for their kids…..

  • Scout

    yeah, the foothill fans were pretty bad

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I read Carl’s column … Referee’s are never going to comment on calls they made during the game, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen.

    What I haven’t heard anyone bring up is that they have to add time after every goal in the second half. There was three goals before stoppage time — that’s at least three minutes right there. Plus a referee can add time if they determine a team is wasting time, which I heard Foothill was doing.

    I know someone that watched the tape back, there was three minutes of stoppage time, then they gave SRV one last set piece (which they scored on) to take it close to four minutes.

    That isn’t excessive at all.

    Plus all that did was tie it up. SRV won in overtime. Foothill shouldn’t be complaining.

  • Scout

    Foothill shouldn’t be complaining, and neither should newspaper columnists who know very little about soccer (steward) be commenting on the finer points of officiating.

  • Hung

    newark deserved to be in the final they had de la salle beatand dominated the game for 80 mins(except for the first 15 mins of the game )