NorCal basketball qualifiers

Ok, I think I’ve figured out all the teams that will be in NorCals. The seeding and brackets obviously won’t come out until the section championships are played, but the fields are set. 

I’m 95% sure the record are accurate, there may be a couple off by a game (maxpreps). Also, I’m pretty sure the San Francisco Section schools are D-I, but not positive. Anyone who knows, fill me in. 

I plan on running a complete NorCal preview on Sunday, so be sure to look out for that.

Team (Section) record … The teams are listed in a completely random order.


Division I
Monte Vista (NCS) 25-3
Newark Memorial (NCS) 26-4
McClymonds (Oak) 26-1
Skyline (Oak) 18-12
Bellarmine (CCS) 20-8
Salinas (CCS) 23-7
Lowell (SFS) 22-11
Lincoln (SFS) 25-9
Folsom (CCS) 29-1
Franklin (SJS) 22-7

Division II
Northgate (NCS) 23-5
Hayward (NCS) 19-8
Rocklin (SJS) 29-2
Fairfield (SJS) 24-6
Mitty (CCS) 18-10
St. Francis (CCS) 27-2
Pleasant Valley (NS) 19-8
Chico (NS) 19-6

Division III
Analy (NCS) 25-6
Miramonte (NCS) 24-4
Sacramento (SJS) 23-6
Del Oro (SJS) 22-7
Burlingame (CCS) 26-4
Sacred Heart Catherdral (CCS) 22-3
Enterprise (NS) 19-9
West Valley (NS) 15-10

Division IV
St. Mary’s (NCS) 26-4
Salesian (NCS) 26-4
Christian Brothers (SJS) 21-6
Modesto Christian (SJS) 21-8
Sacred Heart Prep (CCS) 19-9
Menlo School (CCS) 22-3
Corning (NS) 23-5
Sutter (NS) 21-5

Division V
Branson (NCS) 26-3
St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 22-8
Bradshaw Christian (SJS) 23-6
Forest Lake Christian (SJS) 21-5
Priory (CCS) 16-9
Eastside Prep (CCS) 18-8
East Nicolaus (NS) 26-2
Redding Christian (NS) 24-5


Division I
Monte Vista (NCS) 25-2
Deer Valley (NCS) 22-6
Kennedy (SJS) 24-6
Sheldon (SJS) 20-10
Evergreen Valley (CCS) 23-5
San Benito (CCS) 23-4
Lowell (SFS) 27-3
Lincoln (SFS) 27-4
McClymonds (OAK) 21-6
Castlemont (OAK) 18-9

Division II
Oak Ridge (SJS) 27-3
Valley (SJS) 20-6
Gunn (CCS) 28-0
Mitty (CCS) 20-8
Chico (NS) 20-7
Pleasant Valley (NS) 20-7
Carondelet (NCS) 25-3
Northgate (NCS) 23-3

Division III
Bishop O’Dowd (NCS) 26-2
Dublin (NCS) 23-5
St. Mary’s (SJS) 26-3
Sacramento (SJS) 22-8
St Ignatius (CCS) 21-6
Sacred Heart Cathedral (CCS) 25-1
Enterprise (NS) 19-8
Paradise (NS) 19-8

Division IV
St. Mary’s (NCS) 26-4
Marin Catholic (NCS) 24-5
Linden (SJS) 24-6
Modesto Christian (SJS) 23-7
Mercy (CCS) 18-13
Santa Cruz (CCS) 25-3
Corning (NS) 21-4
Central Valley (NS) 22-6

Division V
Branson (NCS) 27-3
Urban (NCS) 21-10
Bradshaw Christian (SJS) 26-4
Wilton Christian (SJS) 26-1
Castilleja (CCS) 22-7
Pinewood (CCS) 27-4
Durham (NS) 24-3
Hamilton (NS) 26-3

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • E_CULB

    Here’s my division I prediction on the seeding order, also Kyle I know Lincoln is D-I not so sure about Lowell, but for the sake of my prediction I will say they are. Actuall ten teams is a little tricky how will they do this will the #1 seed get a bye? There are no byes I thought

    Division I
    1.McClymonds (Oak) 26-1
    2.Newark Memorial (NCS) 26-4
    3.Folsom (CCS) 29-1
    4.Bellarmine (CCS) 20-8
    5.Monte Vista (NCS) 25-3
    6.Skyline (Oak) 18-12
    7.Lincoln (SFS) 25-9

    8.Salinas (CCS) 23-7

    9.Franklin (SJS) 22-7
    10.Lowell (SFS) 22-11 winner plays 8 seed I guess.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Since you’re assuming NM beats MV….

    If the rule is all section champs have to be seeded ahead of non-section champs, then the winner of Lincoln and Lowell would also have to be seeded ahead of MV and the MV would be at No. 6.

    If there is no such rule, then they’ll have to consider that Monte Vista beat Folsom and Bellarmine — both by double digits and MV should then be at No. 3.

    I think Monte Vista will beat Newark and end up with the No. 2.

    The 4 or 5 seed is not a good spot with a semifinal game vs Mack (Newark had it last year).

    If anyone knows the rule, fill us in…

    If there is 10 teams I think the 10 would play the 7 and the 8 would play the 9 to get it down to 8 teams.

  • E_CULB

    Hey I figure Newark will do one of two things

    1. Have the DLS win propel them into a deep run or
    2. They shot there wad and the DLS win was there big win. I’m going with 1 I really think they have a really solid coach.

    You may be right and I’m going with section winners being seeded ahead of non-section winners but here is the exception last year Mission won the SF section and had to play the play in game then face the #1 seed but I think your right so maybe it looks like this

    Division I
    1.McClymonds (Oak) 26-1
    2.Folsom (SJS) 29-1
    3.Newark Memorial (NCS) 26-4
    4.Bellarmine (CCS) 20-8
    5.Lincoln (SFS) 25-9
    6.Skyline (Oak) 18-12
    7.Monte Vista (NCS) 25-3
    8.Salinas (CCS) 23-7

    9.Franklin (SJS) 22-7 vs. Salinas for the right to play the #1 team.

    You know what I’ll make a bold prediction and say the SF section only gets 1 team in. I just cant see them doing 10 teams unless as you pointed out they scrape the section champ rule and do a free for all seeding like they do in the south.

  • dez

    I wouldn’t mind seein Deend Parker and his Lincoln Mustangs come to the East Bay

  • Kyle,
    The SF Section teams go into their enrollment division. In this case, I do believe Lincoln and Lowell are both Division I. The most recent CBEDS I could find were 2007 and they both were D-1 enrollment numbers. And yes, the 7 vs. 10 and 8 vs. 9 is how it would go with 10 teams. Both those games would be Monday, so a quick turnaround from the seeding and then another quick turnaround to play Tuesday.

    Also Dez, Deend Parker and Lincoln did come to the East Bay last year to play Mack in the NorCal first round and it was UGGGGLY. 77-49.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    That’s what I thought. What about the seeding? Are the five section champs 1-5?

    Culb, no way Monte Vista drops all the way to 7 with wins over Bellarmine and Folsom!

  • dez

    yea I was up there at CSUEB to see tht but tht kid can score……when I seen lincoln play thy are a one man team because he has no support on tht team

  • I believe that’s how it typically goes, although I’m not sure it’s a requirement.

    Here is the CIF wording:

    The seeding committee will take all reasonable action to ensure that section champions receive a home game in
    the first round, however the integrity of the tournament will take precedent.

  • E_Culb

    Kyle I had to do something to gt the two NCS teams on different sides of the brackets as well as the two OAL teams. I guess I’m not that good at guessing the seeds but Jimmy you bailed me out with how they would play it out with the 10 teams now I will just be wuiet and let the experts handle it.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I actually like the idea of separating the sections to opposite sides, but I doubt they do that.