Live from Rabobank Arena: CIF State Wrestling – Day One

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10:45: Four hours between posts. Not bad, I guess. Well, the East Bay will have three representatives in tomorrow’s semifinal round. De La Salle’s Vinny Moita, Liberty’s David Klingsheim and Concord’s Nick Pica. Also heading to tomorrow’s consolation rounds are Livermore’s Alec Fraser, Foothill’s Chase Aura, Liberty’s David Rios, Freedom’s Nick Waldrop, College Park’s Dylan Phillipy and Las Lomas’ Sean Dougherty.

It’s been a long day, and we start bright and early with consolation matches at 9 a.m. tomorrow. So, I’m going to sign off for the day. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Check us out tomorrow bright and early as I’ll try to have play by play for each semifinal match.

6:45: We’re in the middle of a consolation round, with another championship round set to begin probably in about half an hour. A couple consolation bracket wrestlers still alive are Foothill’s Chase Aura, Granada’s Zach Waldren, and Livermore’s Alec Fraser and Shawne Hoehne.

5:50: OK everyone. I have to go watch a few matches for print. I’ll try to pop on with some updates, but they’ll be a bit more sporadic. Hang in there.

5:30: Alrighty, Nick Pica is on the mat. He’s got Rocklin’s Brandon Barone. Pica’s wearing the green ankle band.

Pica went for an interesting move but got caught, giving Barone the 2 point takedown. Pica escapes to make it 2-1. That wasn’t a high percentage move, but I’m not quite sure I could do it justice with a description here. Pica with the takedown into a near-fall and he’s got a 5-2 lead. That was quick. End of one period, Pica leads 5-2.

Barone’s on bottom to start the period. Pica trying to score some back points but so far, nothing doing. Pica cuts Barone loose and it’s 5-3. Pica’s getting annoyed and he’s doing a lot of chasing. Barone is warned for stalling. Barone gets called for stalling not once but twice. 7-3 Pica. End of two, 7-3 Pica.

Pica with an escape and then a takedown at the boundary. 10-3 Pica with a restart coming. Pica cuts Barone loose and shoves him across the mat. Penalty point awarded to Barone. 10-5. Takedown for Pica and it’s 12-5. Takedown again and it’s 14-5. Out of bounds. 30 seconds left. He can ride this one out. Then again, it’s Pica. He doesn’t really do that. Cuts Barone loose and it’s 14-6. The official calls the match with seven seconds left after Barone continued to dance away time after time. Pica’s through to tonight’s quarters. 

5:15: Sean Dougherty just scored a reversal with one minute left to take a 6-4 lead in his consolation match, then turned it into a near-fall to eventually win 9-4. So, Dougherty will wrestle tonight for the right to move on to day two.

5:05: We’ve got a slideshow to share. As Steve and I have been hard at work on press row, Dean Coppola and Jose Carlos Fajardo have been taking pictures and putting together a slideshow. Check it out here.

4:50: Only local left to wrestle in championship round three is Concord’s Nick Pica. That won’t happen for a little while though, as we’re at 160 pounds right now.

4:35: De La Salle’s Tyler Sheridan is on the mat for his 152-pound match against Buchanan’s Martin Fabbian. This could be a tough one for Sheridan. Fabbian hooks the right leg and Sheridan is bouncing around trying to stay upright. After a series of sweep attempts, Fabbian finally gets one to work and leads 2-0. Now Fabbian has the left leg and Sheridan is playing defense again. Fabbian can’t quite get the takedown and the period ends 2-0 in favor of Fabbian.

Fabbian is down to start the second period. Sheridan looking for some back points and he’s getting close. Midway through the period and Sheridan is still looking to score. Stalemate called. Sheridan warned for a false start. Fabbian comes oh-so-close to the reversal but the buzzer sounds. 2-0 at the end of two.

Sheridan starts down to begin the third. He needs to get on the board. 1:30 left and still nothing for Sheridan. Fabbian has him locked into the mat and a stalemate is called with 1:06 left. False start warning on Fabbian. Fabbian gets two for a takedown but Sheridan gets two with 20 seconds left. 13 left and they restart. That’s all she wrote and the Buchanan faithful are going crazy. Sheridan loses 4-2.

4:30: Freedom’s Nick Waldrop is up at 145 pounds. He’ll face Sunny Hills’ Josh Zaragoza. Waldrop has the red ankle band in this one. Waldrop strikes first with a takedown. 2-0 Waldrop. He’s already matched his point total from his last match. They go out of bounds and, on the restart, Waldrop allows a neutral start. 2-1 Waldrop. He follows it up with a quick takedown, going up 4-1. Waldrop leads 4-1 at the end of one.

Waldrop with another takedown to start the second and he scores the pin. Waldrop wins at the 2:19 mark.

4:10: Alrighty, Rios is set to face Camarillo’s Matt Hickman on mat 8. Rios has no tape on his shoulder, which I can only assume is a good thing after he had it heavily taped last week. Liberty stalwarts Rudy Dizon and Roy Rios are in the corner. Rios scores a takedown and after one period, it’s 2-0 Rios.

Rios with another takedown to begin the seocond and it’s 4-0. Injury timeout for Hickman. Hickman scores a point for an escape. 4-1. End of two periods, 4-1 Rios.

Rios down to start the third and he scores a point for an escape. 5-1. Hickman with a takedown with 25 seconds left makes it 5-3. He’s trying desparately to get Rios to his back for a near-fall. Clock ticking and Rios is playing defense beautifully. He gets it  to the end and Rios hangs on. 5-3.

4:05: Best I could tell, Stirm lost. Still waiting for Liberty’s David Rios to take the mat. And, for the rabid Concord fans out there, Pica won’t be on the mat for a while yet. They’re at 140 pounds and this round has a long way to go.

4:00: Yes, Nancy, Dougherty won his first consolation match 8-3.

4:00: Northgate’s Cody Stirm just hit the mat for his consolation match. He’s on a far mat, so I can’t see too well, but I’ll try to deduce who wins at least.

3:50: For those just joining us, we’re in the middle of the third championship round and second consolation round. We’ve hit a lull as far as locals are concerned in the championship bracket. Next one up is Liberty’s David Rios at 140 pounds.

3:50: Today’s media lunch (burgers), left a little to be desired. Good fresh fruit though. Gotta like that.

3:40: Team update: Top 5 – Poway 46, Clovis 45, Buchanan 38, Selma 34, Bakersfield 26.5. Top local team right now is James Logan in 14th with 17 points.

3:25: Klingsheim is getting set to face Fallbrook’s Brett Jones. He’s on mat 8, so it’s a bit of a distancce from where we are on press row. That’s ok.

Klingsheim sports the green ankle band. Klingsheim shot into a takedown. 2-0 Klingsheim and they go out of bounds. Jones down on the restart. Klingsheim had to scramble for a second but managed to escape trouble. Still 2-0. End of one period, 2-0 Klingsheim.

Jones is down to start the second. He almost gets the escape but Klingsheim snatches the left ankle and drags him back down. They’re both wearing red, and that’s getting a little confusing. Klingsheim picks up two for a near-fall and now leads 4-0. Klingsheim, possibly frustrated by the amount of time he’s spending on top, allows a neutral restart, giving Jones a point. 4-1. Klingsheim reads the restart perfectly and scores a takedown. Great timing. 6-1. End of two periods, Klingsheim leads 6-1.

Klingsheim got a warning for stalling at the end of the second period. He starts the third down. After an out of bounds and a stalemate, Klingsheim scores two for a reversal. Jones escapes and it’s 8-2. Klingsheim with a takedown and it’s 10-2. Escape by Jones to make it 10-3. That’s all she wrote. Klingsheim wins 10-3 in a thoroughly uninspiring match. 

3:22: Go Knights is here! My most consistent wrestling fan. We’re waiting for David Klingsheim to take the mat next.

3:20: Foothill’s Chase Aura is wrestling Turlock’s Fabian Garcia and he trails 2-1 midway thru the first period. Garcia gets Aura on his back and has points in hand as he’s looking for the pin. Garcia hits the double chicken wing (mmm… chicken wings) and pins Aura at 1:38.

3:10: Logan’s Lawrence Blanco has taken the mat for his match against East Bakersfield’s Marc Collier. It’s a scoreless tie after one period. Blanco is down to begin the second. He scores the escape for 1-0 lead. Collier follows that with a takedown though, and takes the 2-1 lead. Blanco gets out though and ties it at 2. Collier with another takedown and it’s 4-2. End of two periods, Collier leads 4-2. Blanco starts the third on top and is looking to turn Collier for some back points. With a minute left in the match, he’s been unsuccessful. Out of bounds with 41 seconds left and they’ll reset. Blanco driving the head but isn’t having much luck. Collier scrambles out of bounds and at some point this official is going to need to warn him for stalling. The match ends with Collier on top, 4-2.

2:55: Good news. Moita has just taken mat 4. He’s facing Washington Union-Fresno’s David Rico. Moita has the green ankle band (duh…). Moita circles left before locking up and he scores a takedown not long after the first tie-up. 2-0 Moita. Rico scores a reversal though, and ties it at 2. Moita with a reversal of his own to take a 4-2 lead. Moita riding and the official is asking for action. Moita looking to turn Rico but instead, Rico is fending him off. End of one period, Moita leads 4-2.

Moita on bottom to begin the second. Scores the reversal to go up 6-2 but Rico scores two himself on a reversal for 6-4. Restart and Moita is down again. Moita with a reversal for an 8-4 lad. Lots of reversals in this match. Moita with a quick near-fall to go up 10-4. Moita leads 10-4 after two periods.

Rico on bottom to start the third. Moita rolls him and scores the pin. Moita wins at the 4:35 mark to advance to the quarterfinals.

2:50: We’re getting the third championship round started with 103 pounders and that means DLS’s Vinny Moita will hit the mat soon. Hopefully he’ll be on a mat close to me so I can give you some play by play.

2:40: Took a mini-break and watched Dublin’s J.T. Baumann beat his consolation opponent by technical fall. Took him a while, but he finally warmed up. We’re nearing the end of the first round of consolation matches and then we’ll get into the next championship round.

2:15: I could work Jason Welch into any story. Not today though. He’s wrestling in the Big Ten Championships this weekend. As for Thurgood, still no official word. I haven’t seen the coaching staff yet. I’ll let you know soon, I promise.

2:00: Egleston is 1-0 with a first-round win. Padilla lost his first match 12-5 to Buchanan’s Martin Fabbian.

1:57: Logan’s Danny Mai had a 10-7 lead with 13 seconds left in his consolation round match, ended up going to overtime, and lost 14-12 to Exeter’s Robert Patino.

1:50: Because I encourage comments, I’ll stray outside the NCS for a second. Fabian Garcia is 2-0 with a technical fall win and a pinfall. Matt Galton lost his first round match to Daniel Horcasitas, 6-5. Jake Hill lost his first match by major decision. So, Galton and Hill will be wrestling soon in the first consolation round. Garcia won’t wrestle again for a while.

1:50: Quick team update through the first full round. Poway leads with 39 points, Buchanan is second with 38 and Clovis is third with 34.

1:40: NCS referee Mark Hayes is officiating a match right below me. Also representing the NCS in the black shirts this weekend are Cory Salmon and Quintin Shawk. Brad Martin is an alternate.

1:35: A quick math tally reveals 10 East Bay wrestlers still alive in the championship bracket after one full round of wrestling. That’s down from the low 40s when the day began.

1:05: Lets try this play by play thing again. Concord’s Nick Pica is set to get his tournament kicked off with a match against Capo Valley’s Michael Maierhoffer. Lets get it on!

Pica wearing the green ankle band. Pica looks for a shot but recoils when he can’t get it cleanly. As usual, Pica is the agressor. Headlock into a takedown and a quick near-fall for Pica. He’s up 4-0. Pica on top and he cuts Maierhoffer loose. 4-1. Shot into a takedown for Pica. 6-1. Escape and then another takedown into a near-fall. Pica looking for the pin up 8-2. He’s in complete control. And there it is. Took Pica 1:39 to get the win. 

12:45: Play by play time. I’ve got De La Salle’s Nick Jansen wrestling Fountain Valley’s Anthony Duarte here in front of me. Let’s get it on!

Jansen wears the green ankle band. Duarte with an immediate shot and takedown. Quickly turns it into a near-fall and is looking for the pin. Jansen is struggling to get off his back but isn’t having much luck. Duarte has the head hooked and that’s it. Alrighty then. Maybe not the best match to start the play by play on. Duarte wins by pinfall in 41 seconds.

12:30: Alrighty, here are some updates through 135 pounds

103 – Vinny Moita (De La Salle) tech’d his first opponent and  pinned his second. Logan’s Kristian Blanco lost 12-0 in the first round and is in the consolation bracket.
112 – Castro Valley’s Brian Vierra won his first match 7-3 and awaits his next opponent, Sheldon’s Isa Hurtado. Logan’s Lawrence Blanco has two wins under his belt already (two pinfalls). Antioch’s Ricky Castillo lost his first match.
119 – Logan’s Eric Perez lost his first match 6-1 (ironically, to another kid named Perez). Granada’s Zach Waldren won his pigtail and then lost in the next round. Foothill’s Chase Aura won 6-0 in his first match. Liberty’s David Klingsheim won his pigtail 18-5 and then beat Clovis East’s Connor Larson 7-1 in his next match.
125 – Liberty’s Anthony Thurgood did not wrestle. Logan’s Danny Mai lost his first round match.
130 – College Park’s Dylan Phillipy got his pinned by Bella Vista’s Jake Briggs in overtime of a pigtail match. Livermore’s Alec Fraser lost his first-round match 6-3 to Oroville’s Tyler Diamond. Windsor’s Cody Howe is 2-0 so far today.
135 – Northgate’s Cody Stirm lost 10-9 in his first round match. Livermore’s Brisk Kannel lost his pigtail match. Liberty’s Ryan Smith won his pigtail but then lost to Monache’s Gabe Ramirez 5-3 in the next round.
140 – Dublin’s Nate Vincent got pinned by Natomas’ Vlad Dombrosky (No. 1 in the state). Liberty’s David Rios won 9-6. Livermore’s Aaron Sanchez got pinned by Del Oro-Loomis’ Jesse Stafford. Also, Oak Ridge’s Kyle West lost his first round match. He was a finalist last year.
145 – Mission San Jose’s Jose Ruvalcaba lost his first round match. Freedom’s Nick Waldrop is 2-0 on the day, with a 2-1 win in his second match.
152 – Tyler Sheridan won by pin in his first match. Granada’s Michael Bueno won his pigtail match but lost in the next round to Central Catholic-Modesto’s TJ Belton. Antioch’s Anthony Cress got pinned in the third round of his first match.
160 – Granada’s Brian Engdahl lost in his first maatch. DLS’s Luke Sheridan won his pigtail but lost 6-5 to Tesoro’s Sean Datte in the next round. That’s an upset, considering Datte was the seventh-place qualifier from the Southern Section and Sheridan was the NCS champ.
171 – California’s Jesse Remington lost his pigtail. Las Lomas’ Sean Dougherty got pinned by Tulare Union’s Dwight Flores in the first period of his first match. DLS’s Nick Jansen got pinned by Fountain Valley’s Anthony Duarte.
189 – Livermore’s Shawne Hoehne got pinned by Poway’s Ian Daube. Dublin’s J.T. Baumann lost his pigtail against River Valley’s Jesus Chavez. Freedom’s Justin Baffico got pinned by Granite Bay’s Ryan Loder.
215 – Nick Pica pinned his first opponent. College Park’s Sean Rogers got pinned in the second round of his first match. Kalafitoni Pole from Logan won by pinfall in his first match and he’ll face St. Francis-Mountain View’s Drew Meulman in the next round. Meulman is ranked No. 2 in the state.
285 – Newark Memorial’s Greig O’Connor lost his pigtail match. Ygnacio Valley’s Siua Taufa lost his first round match.

That’s where we’re at right now. As I get more brackets and see more matches, I’ll keep ya updated.

12:10: AT&T is having issues, so the wireless signal is non-existent at the moment. We’re not caught off guard, since it’s happened pretty much every year we’ve been here. I have my own card though, so I’ll be with ya through thick and thin!

12:05: I walked into the arena and saw Liberty’s David Rios come back from down 5-2 and win his first round match. So, a good start to the proceedings. I’m going to scan the brackets and see what I come up with. One news item to report is Liberty’s Anthony Thurgood does not appear in today’s 125-pound brackets. I’ll find out for sure what’s going on and let you know.

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