Waterhouse made it to Bakersfield

For those keeping tabs on me, I’m in Bakersfield gearing up to cover the CIF State Wrestling Championships. We have a slew of folks from the East Bay. Ben Enos and myself will be giving updates throughout the day (please stay patient with updates as we have a broad area to cover for print).

One quick story from that wicked five-hour drive through the Central Valley. I was almost blinded by this idiot who had his highbeams on then entire 35-minute cruise on Highway 46 from I-5 to Highway 99. Thanks, pal!



    Hoose, classic stuff….don’t forget to offer insight to all the incidents away from the wrestling tournament!!

  • Sam

    Classic stuff? Really? How about who gives a rats. Get Enos on there…he might post something interesting and relevant.


    Atta boy Sam, good to see your hitting the bottle so early on a Friday.

    You know, they both will post a ton of good information about the wrestling. It’s nice to laugh about the other stuff in life once in a while.

    Try laughing, it might do you good. The again, you may to far gone already.

    Have a nice day -:

  • Steve

    Cut them some slack — they’re having to spend the weekend in Bakersfield. The CIF doesn’t pick state wrestling sites for their resort qualities (I would have never spent a weekend in downtown Stockton every year if not for covering the state tournament). Even Buck Owens was smart enough to get out of Bakersfield.

  • titanRB

    hey whats good steve waterhouse. its jerrell walker from kennedy the running back. remember you told me contact you when i decide where i wanna go? i think im just gooa head to laney college for three semesters then transfer.

  • Sam

    Ah, EBAL fan…always coming to the rescue of ur former coworkers. The biased must band together.

    Trust me, I enjoy laughing, especially when I read their stuff. The unintentional comedy factor is high…even while sober.

    Have a great day. I know, I am.


    Ah Sam, it’s was a joy working for so long with a group of people that I A) trusted and B) were really friends with.

    As I look back, in my mind it was better to be a has been, than a never was – or wannabe for that matter.