NorCal basketball pairings

UPDATE: Alright, the pairing are out now. Here’s the links to view them.



The full pairings haven’t been released yet, but I got an inside scoop on the boys Division I. Here goes:

No. 1 McClymonds
No. 2 Monte Vista
No. 3 Folsom
No. 4 Bellarmine
No. 5 Lowell
No. 6 Newark Memorial
No. 7 Skyline
No. 8 Franklin
No. 9 Lincoln
No. 10 Salinas

No. 10 Salinas will play No. 5 Lowell in one play-in game with the winner facing No. 2 Monte Vista.

No. 9 Lincoln will play No. 8 Franklin in the other play-in game to face No. 1 McClymonds.

Then it’s:

No. 7 Skyline at No. 3 Folsom
No. 6 Newark at No. 4 Bellarmine

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • OG Bobby Johnson

    Bower – when does the HAAL release league MVP, 1st team, 2nd Team, ect.

  • judi flannery

    Mack girls play Lowell at Mack Monday!!! 7PM

  • Michael Bower

    OG Bobby Johnson,

    The commissioner did not release the team yet. I know it has been completed but there were some questions. The Hayward boys coach didn’t show so no Hayward players are on the team. That is a rule so it will probably stand.

  • Chace Bryson

    Jimmy, are you sure it’s No. 10 vs. No. 5. That doesn’t make sense to me. Why wouldn’t the No. 7 seed play the play-in game? Seems silly to make the No. 5 team do that. Just curious, because it goes against every standard seeding system I’ve seen in the past.

  • Michael Bower

    Don’t they only seed the top 4 and then after that it is based on location? That could be why it worked out that way. Not sure, though.

  • Chace Bryson

    You’re right, Mike. I forgot that it’s not pure seeding.

  • Yeah Chace, the other six aren’t really seeded, but that’s the hosting priority so I put the numbers up there. Lowell gets the hosting priority as a section champion, but has no real quality strength of schedule and so that’s why it’s banished to the play-in game.

  • Michael Bower

    Banished … haha, I love that choice of word.

  • OG Bobby Johnson

    Bower – Thanks but that’s a bummer if none of Hayward’s players are recognized especially after winning NCS because of their coach dropping the ball. I would have to think that Berry and Martin would be 1st team and Nasir second team.

  • why didn’t the Hayward coach show?