NorCal finals recap

I’ve arrived home from Sacramento and what a fun, but exhausting day. I started blogging around 9:30 a.m. and kept going until I turned it over to Michael Bower for the 8 p.m. game. During that game I was vigorously taking notes so I could have a story done to meet our first deadline of 9:45 p.m. Guess what time that game ended? Yep, 9:45! Don’t worry Daily Review readers, I got it sent up in time.

While I was parked at Arco Arena all day and saw some great games, it sounds like the final three games at Folsom High were unreal, especially St. Joe’s miracle comeback. Congrats to the Pilots. Ditto to Salesian, who unbelievably beat St. Mary’s for a fourth time this season. You just don’t beat good teams like St. Mary’s four times. Congrats also to the St. Mary’s girls on a great season. Even though it’s sad to see it end short of the state title game, it was a great year for Nate Fripp’s bunch.

Onto the action I saw, the Monte Vista girls certainly struggled during the early morning hours and playing on the big stage at Arco Arena. Fortunately, Kennedy did too and in the second half Monte Vista proved to be the superior team and rose to the top. Tough task next week against Long Beach Poly, but they’ll be happy to be there.

Also, nice work by the Carondelet girls to outlast a solid Oak Ridge team and dominate the second half. How good is freshman Hannah Huffman going to be in a couple of years?

Of course, the highlight game of the night locally at Arco was Monte Vista vs. McClymonds. Great game played by the Mustangs, who pushed the Warriors to the brink. But Mack just has something special about them and pulled out a win to become the first Division I boys team to ever win three straight regional titles. A win next week would make them the first NorCal Division I boys team to win back-to-back titles since St. Joe’s and Jason Kidd did in 1991-92.

Also, a little horn-tooting for myself. The halftime analysis that I relayed to have Bower post centered on the struggles of Justin Standley and how he wasn’t used to this stage like the rest of the Mack players who were here the last couple of years. I figured the game would be decided for Mack based on how Standley could get going. Well, eight points in the final 1:45 helps them pull it out. Seems he was the difference. Another horn-tooting takes me back to a prediction I made after last season that Mack would be back in the state finals. And, well, here they are.

Fun day up in Sac. Thanks to all who joined us on the blog. I just booked my hotel in Sac for next weekend so let’s do it all again Friday and Saturday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • E_CULB

    Go head Jimmy TooT away! Congrats to the team of the Decade!

  • E_CULB

    And how about that Damon Powell from what I read during the live blog and seen in the highlights the young man who everybody questions his abilites played REAL GROWN UP last night when his team needed buckets going at the much bigger TE MV had playing in the post and showing off that jumper some people (Kenny Edwards OAL fantic!! LOL) seem to think aint in his repretuare! And getting it done with 4 fouls when everyone seem to think he doesnt play smart!

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Hey, let’s set the record straight… I LOVE McClymonds and I respect Damon Powell, I just question his ability to shoot the rock. I believe he is a D1 player, but what level D1, umm not sure. We’ll see. I didn’t see the game last night, but I will be there for the State title game. Any team in the OAL is alright w/ me (although it’s hard to root for Skyline football)!!!!

  • guest

    once damon powell got his fourth foul it was a smart decision by the coach to switch him off ertz and put him on phillips. but kudos to Mack they are a very good team and i hope they represent NorCal well against a very talented Westchester squad.

  • Fee4sho

    Big shout out to the boys of MCClymonds. Watching these young men grow up has been a never forgettin experience for me. I am so so proud of the Mack Warriors. Just wanted to give them a shout out and say how much I really miss them. Yeah, Mack all the way!!!! I look forward to reading about them bringing it next week in the finals. Good luck guys and always remember to keep your head up and represent the O.

  • what channel will division 1 state title game be held on?