East Bay Prep Baseball Poll

Here’s the first East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Monte Vista (8) 3-0 120
2. Clayton Valley 5-0 109
3. San Ramon Valley 5-0 107
4. De La Salle 2-2 86
5. Foothill 5-2 84
6. Bishop O’Dowd 5-1 77
7. Amador Valley 4-0 67
8. Campolindo 6-0 60
9. Miramonte 6-1-1 45
10. Castro Valley 4-1 33
11. Northgate 3-0 29
T12. Deer Valley 3-1 25
T12. Pittsburg 4-1 25
14. Livermore 4-2 23
15. California 4-2 13

Others receiving votes: Alhambra (4-2, 12 points), Newark Memorial (4-2, 10), Irvington (4-1, 10), Albany (4-1, 9), St. Mary’s (4-1, 7), Redwood Christian (5-0, 5), St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-1, 3), Arroyo (2-3, 1) . The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Ben Enos

  • Ballfan

    Thanks Ben – I was starving for prep baseball. MV is a very special team with a deep and very talented pitching staff. EBAL will be a battle almost every game – placing 7 teams in top 15. Pitt appears to be the surprise, at least to me, newcomer in this mix. As I recall, their QB is a pitcher who throws in the high ’80s and touches 90, correct?

  • Ben Enos

    You’re exactly right. You’re talking about Joe Lewis, who is a very accomplished two-sport athlete. I know he took his junior year off from the gridiron to focus on baseball, so you have to figure he has some chops.

  • High n Tight

    Wow Clayton Valley 5 & 0 and ranked #2 to start the season, first CV football has a great year and now there baseball team looks legit and speaking of Joe Lewis another QB Levine pitching for Clayton

  • ngfan


    Why is it every year you discount Northgate at the beginning of the year? Norcal Preps have them #8 in Northern California and they are #11 in your poll. 12 returning players, including 4 all league players and 6 starters back. Thanks for providing the kids with some locker room news. As usual they are the underdog. last year you had them 8th in their league to start.

  • Ballfan

    Any plans to do division by division rankings sometime during the season before the new expanded (Div 1-5) NCS playoffs? If so, would that include Redwood Empire schools as well?

  • Ballfan,
    I think if we did that, it wouldn’t be until pretty close to the playoffs. These are pretty raw rankings right now as it is, since most of us haven’t seen much, if any, baseball yet. Once basketball season ends this weekend we’ll be able to concentrate a lot more on the diamond.

  • Ballfan


    Understood – I figured this wouldn’t happen until close to season’s end if at all. Division rankings or not, now that the East Bay will not be separated from the rest of the NCS for the playoffs, it would be nice to get some info, to the extent available, about other programs in the NCS, but outside of the East Bay.

  • Ballfan


    You’re kidding, right? If being ranked 11th in East Bay and 2nd in DVAL in the very first poll provides NG with bulletin board material or is viewed as a slight, then something is very wrong with this picture. Now, being picked to finish 8th in the league last year is something entirely different – I can see the team using THAT for motivation, but 11th in entire East Bay with teams like MV, SRV, DLS, etc. on top, c’mon.

  • hsbbguru

    Baseball fans

    Those rankings are a joke. Someone needs to go out an watch all the EBAL teams before you start putting them all in the rankings! Cal is horrible, Livermore hasn’t played anyone, Foothill is honorable mention at best. Did you know who Pittsburg and Deer Valley played before you put them in your top 15? Pittsburg is a one man show and that was proven tonight by a young Livermore team. These are the teams that are loaded with pitching that should be in the top ten next week. 1. Monte Vista 2. San Ramon 3. Campolindo 4. Freedom 5. De La Salle 6. Antioch 7. Northgate 8. Newark Memorial 9. Miramonte 10. Amador Valley 11. Bishop O’Dowd 12. Clayton Valley 13. Alameda 14. Irvington 15. Heritage

  • Cowboy Up

    Hsbbguru — I mostly agree with your revised rankings…but you can’t accurately say Livermore hasn’t played anyone. Considering they have beaten both Irvington and Freedom — they are doing quite well for a team that lost 13 off of last year’s EBAL championship team. Only losses this year were close ones to Castro Valley and Bellarmine College Prep.

    Clayton Valley should be in the top 5 and Livermore and Foothill belong somewhere on the list.

  • PrepBBFan

    Hsbbguru nailed it. Why bother posting a poll if you know nothing about the teams? I would put Clayton against ANYBODY right now. They should be #1. Cal High is not good. Pitt should not be there. Swap Northgate and Alhambra. Move Antioch in (if they beat Pitt tomorrow). Freedom will right the ship and should get in.

    Better yet, run 2 polls. One for D1 and one for the rest! Run 2 separate top 10 polls.

  • Ballfan

    Liv 12, Pitt 10 – tons of runs scored late
    Alhambra 4, NG 1 (Alh did not use Waterman and Ward did not start, but did close)
    Any first hand accounts for these games or other games involving ranked opponents? More info will help the rest us evaluate these rankings.

  • renegades10

    DLS took out SRV 6-0 and a few days before SRV lost 11-5 to Foothill. Therefore DLS should be higher and Foothill is much better than honorable mention. Or SRV just isn’t as good as everyone says they are. Or both. I think the fact that SRV did not play one team with at least a .500 record in the preseason is showing whereas both Foothill and DLS went out and scheduled tough games knowing that the EBAL is going to be a grind every single game. And Campo should not even be anywhere near the top five and is a bubble top ten team. Especially after the 7-1 drubbing they took at the hands of Washington High.