Bay Area Prep Report — Feedback?

Our new design for prep sports made its debut today and I thought it would be great to get some feedback from the Prep Corner readers that also receive the newspaper.  Let us know what you think of the new layout and if you have any concerns or suggestions for us. Also, let us know what you like!


  • Prepluvr

    Why do I care about the leagues outside my own until I get to the postseason. At the risk of sacrificing coverage to the teams in the league where I live, why would I get forced to read about other leagues I don’t give a crap about. What kept me reading the BANG papers was their specialization of local leagues. Now I might as well switch to the Chronicle, which has better college and pro writers.

  • E_Culb

    Not as harsh I tend to think the Bay Area writers are really good but I also dont like the way things are being covered.

  • E_Culb

    Jimmy still no word on All league ACCAL?

  • High School Sports Junkie

    I don’t like it one bit… No Mustard…not just in sports but all over the paper I dont want to read about other areas. Today’s paper for example in the LOCAL section of the Argus the front page has stories from CV,Danville, and 1 from Fremont. They say it is to improve the paper but it is obvious it is to improve the bottom line…PROFITS dont treat me like a puppet and tell me it’s all about improving the delivery times. other than that I dont have an opinion…LOL

  • vball4ever

    A few comments:
    (1) I agree with High School Sports Junkie. The Argus is news about the Tri-City area (Fremont, Newark, Union City). There was zero coverage. Local sports is no longer a reason to subscribe to the Argus.
    (2) Counter to Prepluvr, I do care about other leagues. The time you care about other leagues is when you have a school that has post-season potential, such that you want to track the other top schools. But…
    (3) I really don’t care about baseball or basketball. I love volleyball, but there’s been zero coverage. Even Lacrosse gets more and not all leagues participate in it (no offense against Lacrosse). There is an web-limited ranking now so that’s a start.

    But my main point is that an improvement should be an improvement, not something less. In the case of Argus and the Tri-City area, it’s far less.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t mind reading about other leagues in the East Bay (I actually like it), but I do find it a little strange seeing articles about San Mateo County in my local paper.

  • ss396

    I love the idea of expanded prep coverage, which is a primary reason I subscribe to the Times vs the Chronicle. There are many sources for pro teams, national news, but very few sources for high school sports and local news.
    The expanded box score section in Wednesday’s Times was fantastic. Finally I could check on results of a number of games. I wish this had been in effect during the Queen of the Mountain Tournament, which had very little coverage, or even box scores.
    It does seem strange to see San Mateo and Tracy stories in the CC Times, but I will take a little bit of “strange” to get the expanded overall coverage of high school sports.

  • junior

    absolutely LOVED todays sports section! the expanded section on HS sports fills a big void. I can get the professional sports coverage in many other publications. Nice work!

  • Tom Meyer

    don’t see why we need soccer results from Stockton but I will withold judgement until tomorrow and see how many MVAL baseball game s get reported on and not just a box score. If it is only one like the sofball today then this format will not be for me

  • Ben Sparks

    Glad to finally see lacrosse scores in the newspaper! Its the fastest growing sport in the country, and over 4000 1st-8th graders play in the Northern Ca Jr Lacrosse Ass’n alone… its about time it got some ink.

    Box scores are a good start, now how about a game review every now & then? Game of the week or something…


  • Prepluvr

    The page with all the results looked like a mess. Hard to read all that stuff. Plus, where was the schedule for games today? Wow, it was nice to see how those soccer games in the Stockton/Tracy/Manteca area turned out. Just kidding of course.

    Vball4ever — what i meant about not caring about other leagues, was meant to be, I don’t care about other leagues when it comes to sacrificing coverage from my local league. I would much rather see a softball story, baseball, volleyball or lacrosse story all about my local league.

  • Ballfan

    Articles – not bad, but not great, so far, but I will give it some time. So long as the depth of local coverage does not suffer too much, I will keep an open mind. Agree with what others say above re expanded box scores – enjoy today’s full page of box scores very much. Instead of hunting through a bunch of sources, it’s nice to have them all in one place. One suggestion, column with short articles on left side could be better labeled – baseball, softball, etc.

  • Michael Bower

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Keep it coming. It will only help us improve the section.

  • Just a fan

    We finally get expanded coverage and it is about other areas. Nice Job.

  • E_Culb

    The HS sports section today was like information overload, and a lot of the info I didnt really care about. What I do see happening especially in the OAL area with sports like baseball and track is the coverage and written articles about the games will become obsulete because outside of Oakland who cares about the OAL.

  • Tom Meyer

    E_Culb I agree with you about the OAL I feel the same think will happen to the MVAL.

  • E_Culb, I’ll check in with the commissioner. They still haven’t been sent in yet.

  • Tom Meyer

    now my mind is made up. One article in the Argus Newark vs Logan and only one other box score Mission vs American. No Irvington vs Kennedy but you get the non league Washington vs Campolindo box score and I guess that box score was placed since the game wasn’t played in Fremont. Way to go Argus I hope you realize these kids read the paper to see what is being reported. This new format blows. THANKS FOR THE CRAPPY BIASED REPORTING

  • Bay Area Watcher

    Unlike some others, I’m glad to be getting results from a bunch of different leagues even before the playoffs. I used to live 7 minutes from Monte Vista but their results were NEVER in my paper because of how the zoning there worked. Now, I really don’t care about the San Mateo and Stockton/Tracy stuff but I just won’t read that. So far it seems like the coverage in my local leagues is the same as it was before (re. some people thinking their leagues are slighted). There never was a ton of DFAL/DVAL stuff before playoffs anyways.

    I did like the local notebooks (Buzzer, Tower, etc.), maybe they can go online only?

  • Ballfan

    I am liking the scoreboard page more and more. Now, if others can do what Steve is doing for the MVAL (baseball) on line (more in depth take), I could learn to like this way of covering prep sports.

  • Cowboy Up

    My 2 cents — I generally like the new expanded format, but why are we reading a recap of the Burlingame/Sequoia game — these schools aren’t in the NCS. Since it’s all from the same pool, give us Sonoma and Marin scores. At least they’d be somewhat relevant to possible NCS matchups.

    Only CCS schools I’d be interested in reading about are in the WCAL.

  • Liberty Parent

    The sports section is a mess. It’s hard to read, too much stuff. The expanded coverage was a good idea, but do we really care about Ceres, Burlingame? This format actually takes space away from our local teams. To expand coverage to our NCS area would be a much better idea.

  • Mission San Jose Parent

    I do not like the expanded coverage. The main reason we subscribe to the Argus is for local tri-city coverage. I don’t care about other leagues until (post season). In addition it would be nice to see more in depth coverage of ALL of the MVAL teams. We have a new coach, new attitude, improved field, all for the better. I haven’t read anything about that. There’s more than two teams in the MVAL.

  • Cowboy Up and Liberty Parent,
    The reason why you see San Mateo area rather than expanding to cover the whole NCS such as the Marin/Sonoma area is that San Mateo is part of our newspaper group that is operated under the umbrella of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. It’s not that we’ve expanded the area that we’re covering, it’s that we’re pooling together the coverage we already have into one section, rather than the previous zoned sections. Hope that helps you understand why it’s like that. There may be some drawbacks to the new format, but the upside is it should help us save money — something we need to do in this economy so that we don’t have further staff reductions which would really hurt coverage. Again, keep the feedback coming. It’s all helpful.

  • Cougar

    Pooling together and expanding coverage is fine, as long as you don’t lose the depth of coverage in your local area. So far there has been very little relevant local information in the Argus since the expansion and the change has definitely been for the worse.

  • dcsaturn61

    Small little mention of Hayward girls softball team—HUGE article on Ceres and Tracy sports–not what i expect, but I will reserve judgment ……..for now

  • sports reader

    I do not like the new sports section at all. I was very excited when I first heard about it but very disappointed so far. I think our local coverage has suffered from it. Less coverage then ever. Where is the section about all our local baseball and softball teams where you tell about each teams and returning players and newcomers?? VERT DISAPPOINTED!