Incredible act of generosity

This is one of those stories that you can’t help but be touched by. After reading Tuesday’s story about McClymonds High’s financial road block to staying in a hotel during their trip to the state finals this weekend, a group of parents from the Monte Vista boys and girls basketball program got together and have compiled $1,100 to donate to the McClymonds program. This is just one of those things that make you truly appreciate how good and generous people can be. I have a story going in tomorrow’s papers and it’s already posted online.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Ballfan

    Good job Monte Vista! Class move.

  • E_Culb

    WOW!!! Thats BIG TIME!!!!

  • Commissioner Michael Moore, Sr.

    Special thanks to the Monte Vista High School Community and Coach Bill Powers for this wonderful act of kindness and honor!

    Commissioner M. L. Moore, Sr.

  • Fee4sho

    To the mack team, I just want to say: when you do good things and stay positive it always comes back to you. Continue to do what you do,and stay true to who you are and those around you, and maybe one day you can share that blessing with someone else. And to the Monte Vista parents, thanks for showing the world what true love is all about.If we all help somebody the world we be a better place!!!!


    Monte Vista,
    This is extremley classy. Thats whats up. Bill Powers, way to lead a stand up group of athletes and parents. I dig it.


    Honestly, it’s no surprise. Powers is a class act and those kids, specifically Barbour and Ertz, were two of the nicest kids I ever had the chance to write about. Good luck Mack!!!!

  • Newark Fan2010

    Since we fell to both these great teams I have not been keeping up on what’s going on; I just read about this. Great gesture from the Monte Vista Community. What great character it shows. To the Mack House Bring the Gold home on more year!!!!!
    To the Monte Vista Ladies bring the Gold Home also. Will be there to cheer you both on!!!!!

  • Bert McGhee Jr

    All I know is:
    By Mr. Bill Powers & Monte Vista High School Community making a “Class Move” like that one, the school & community of Monte Vista has my respect & the respect of “a lot” of people that know about the story.
    (I’ll just put it this way – “Monte Vista has a new fan base because of it”)
    “No One” will every forget about this.
    (I know that I never will)

    “Way To Go”!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck to “Mack Men” & to the “Ladies of Monte Vista”!!!!!
    Lets Bring the Men & Women Championship home!!!!!

  • Old meddling Former Coach

    Thank you Monte Vista For the act of Kindness. You are truly people of Grace and class. The World is a bit kinder because of it.