Mack returns donations to Monte Vista, others

A story that generated lots of e-mails to myself and phone calls and e-mails to those involved over the past day has an added development. The Oakland Unified School District now says it will cover the costs for McClymonds to spend the weekend in Sacramento for Saturday night’s CIF Division I state championship game against Westchester-Los Angeles and Mack will be returning the donations to Monte Vista and others. The district says a miscommunication left Mack thinking there wasn’t money to cover the costs. OAL commissioner Michael Moore Sr. said in previous years the standard practice was for teams to scrape together money to cover these types of costs, but this year the OUSD wanted to and was planning to cover the costs itself although because it hadn’t been done before, Mack coach Brandon Brooks “didn’t have any way of knowing we were going to pay for it.”

Monte Vista, which lost to Mack 46-43 in Saturday’s NorCal title game, had learned of Mack’s lack of funds and raised $1,100 to help pay for the Warriors accommodations.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • E_Culb

    Talk about covering there backside!

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Power of using the media! Good job Coach Boozie, that’s one victory this week. Let’s get another on Saturday!

    Jimmy, what’s the scoop on Westchester? Anyone know?

  • E_Culb

    Big, Long, Athletic, think Fairfax two years ago.

  • BigGreen

    How long has it been since Westchester went to the finals? Was it Hassan Adams year, or have they went since then?

  • Westchester was last in the finals in 2005, beating Serra. It also beat Oakland Tech two straight years in 2002-03 and beat St. Joe’s in 1998. So Mack can get some revenge for a couple local teams.

    I’m told they are an athletic league, but maybe a step slower than Mack. Only two guys are shorter than 6-foot, but I believe their tallest player — 6-9 Reggie Murphy — comes off the bench. Their top player is one of those shorter guys, 5-10 Dominique O’Connor. He was the LA City Section player of the year. A good team no doubt, but I think Mack is capable of matching up with them and winning this game.

  • Fee4sho

    I agree with the statement of covering their backside. Why did’nt they step forward before all of this and offer the team the opportunity to stay overnight? I think it’s a lot of bull. Did they offer last years team the opportunity?? I think not. Boy I tell you, things change when you call the real players in the district on their stuff.How do the coaches know what’s available when the district keeps saying we don’t have no money for this and that. Now all of a sudden they have the money. I think it’s a lot of crap and now they are trying to save face. And again thank you Monte Vista for stepping to the plate and helping those that need help. Believe me it will never be forgotten.


    Wouldn’t want the State to find out OUSD isn’t paying for athletic transportation in a state championship huh. Good cover up.


    But who’s going to pay for their rings if they win? I know AUSD won’t. Ask Encinal.

  • Last year’s rings were covered by private donations.

  • Concrete17

    Jimmy D…When McClymonds wins State you put out the word/address and sign me up for a donation towards their rings….Go Mack for NorCal

  • i don’t understand why the school dist just doesn’t let them keep the donations and use that money for something else. all the districts are struggling right now, monte vista was just lookin out for a fellow east bay team and wanted them to have a good experience. hey, things are gonna be tight and this shows people are willing to help some deserving kids. When Mack wins I am willing to send a donation.

  • XTower

    Polee vs. Powell should be fun.
    Can Mack match up with Jordin Mayes, though?

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    As an alumni and fan of the OAL, I think the league usually gets “it” right. But I think we can all agree they dropped the ball on this one. Everyone makes mistakes, let’s just be happy they were able to realize their mistake… Even if it took someone else to point it out. Thank you Monte Vista, that was Big Time!!!!

    Sounds like Westchester has our number here in NorCal. Does this year’s team have any players with the caliber of those WHS of the past (Jason Hart, Hassan Adams, Ashanti Cook, etc…)? Well, I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.

  • E_CULB

    Ken can I get you to call me.