Final thoughts upon arriving home from Arco

I’m back in the comfort of my own home, so I wanted to post some final thoughts on the past two days at Arco Arena.

No game had a more exciting finish than the wild ending of Salesian’s 65-64 win over Bishop Montgomery to win the Division IV boys title. Awesome performance by Desmond Simmons with 31 points and 19 rebounds. It’s scary to think how good he’ll be next year.

Mack just had a rough day. The shots couldn’t fall for the life of them. I actually thought they outplayed Westchester in the first quarter, but the open looks wouldn’t go in and stuff just snowballed from there. Even though there was lots of head hanging, Mack really has nothing to hang its head about. It was a tremendous season for the Warriors to overcome adversity and get back to this level.

That last statement also rings true for St. Joseph Notre Dame and the Carondelet and Monte Vista girls. All three just ran up against teams they were overmatched against.

A couple of CIF related notes. Next year’s state championships will be at Bakersfield’s Rabobank Arena. They’ll return to Arco in 2011 and future sites past then have not been determined. Also, the NorCal playoffs next year will expand to a 16-team bracket, meaning a large section like the NCS will now get four entries to the NorCal playoffs (I bet De La Salle wishes that could’ve been in place for this year). The Oakland Section will stick with its two entries.

Football-wise, it seems that it’s likely in May there will be approval given for regional championships in football. In the five divisions, two teams will be selected in the north and two in the south and the winners will face each other for the state title.

One final note that is semi-unrelated. I’m sure most have heard about the four Oakland police officers shot Saturday. Three are dead and one is on life support. McClymonds hadn’t heard about that until after the game and coach Brandon Brooks was shocked and saddened when he learned of that. On a personal note, the officer who is in critical condition, John Hege, was a former football coach and teacher at Tennyson High. He was the offensive line coach of the freshman team that I played on at Tennyson. My thoughts are with all of the families.

Final note is that I will be away on work furlough for the next week, so as of tomorrow night you won’t see me on the blog for a week. Have a good one.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • junior

    Jimmy-can you elaborate on the football change? when will the regional game be played? after the section games? will they be played at neutral sites?

  • Commissioner Michael Moore, Sr.


    Excellent coverage all season and the last three weeks. You will be missed this week!

    Hurry back!


    Commissioner Michael Moore, Sr.

  • Jacob Wang

    The Sac Bee says the state basketball title games will move to Bakersfield next season because of a schedule conflict in Sacto with the women’s NCAA tournament. Any chance those games can be played at the Coliseum or Haas Pavilion? D4 & D5 at Maples, perhaps?

  • Junior,
    The games will be played after the section games and at the home site of the higher seed. So essentially, just like they do now with gathering to select one team, they’ll instead select two, seed them 1 and 2, and the 1 seed will get the home game.

  • renegades10

    how will they handle the open division? They would select the two best teams regardless of division i’m guessing? but then what about the loser of that game? let’s use last year’s situation. Let’s say the Open regional would be Grant and DLS? Would they have had a Large school regional of Bellarmine and another school? Hypothetically let’s say Grant wins. DLS would not even get a state bowl game berth in the large school state game over the winner of Bellarmine and whatever other school? Even though the committee thought DLS was better than the other two teams in the large school game? not sure if that made sense or not but i was just curious as to how that would be handled

  • Those are details that would have to be worked out and I should emphasize this isn’t official yet. As I wrote, it’s likely there will be approval for this, it hasn’t been made official yet. What Marie Ishida said is that it would be the same five divisions and two teams selected each in the North and South. You definitely bring up a good flaw in that system.

  • Jacob,
    No. Just as I wrote and the Sac Bee wrote, those games have been moved to Bakersfield. That contract’s been signed. That’s where they’ll be.

  • The Real Ashawndaus Woods #1

    so for football 2 teams will be picked from divisions 1-5 to play 2 teams from the south for the state title..sort of like a final four type of format?

  • Concrete17

    With the basketball championships moving south for at least one season what are the chances of having the football championships up north?

  • The Real Ashawndaus Woods #1

    Yea I agree with concrete…they should have the games at memorial stadium or something

  • XTower

    Great move to add the regional championships in football. Closest thing to making it a true state championship.
    Finally, CIF got something right.

  • Prep Fan

    I really don’t see that as a flaw in the system. It is like Real said, a final four type of format. Once you accept a bid to a final 4, you can’t then try to play down if you lose. Make sense to me. It should allow for more teams to prove themselves on the field instead of being bypassed due to other teams’ reputations. It wouldn’t be without controversy, but it is kind of like what people are calling for in NCAA Football with the And 1 format.

  • renegades10

    the only possible flaw is with the open division. i will use a little more dramatic example for this. let’s say at the end of the year the two Norcal teams deemed the best are DLS and Cardinal Newman. DLS beats CN and this leaves CN out of the D3 game even though they are considered better than the two NorCal teams in the D3 regional game. I would see a problem with that.

  • Mocarbgoode

    Great job on the hoops beat, Jimmy. What do you know about this Friday’s Contra Costa prep all star game at DVC? Who was selected and who are they playing? I believe the Deer Valley coach is part of the staff, but don’t quote me.