MVAL and HAAL baseball/softball standings and information

For those following MVAL and HAAL baseball/softball. Here are standings, slate and pitching records.



Team W L Pct. GB Overall
Newark Memorial 3 0 1.000 8-3
Irvington 3 0 1.000 9-1
Mission San Jose 3 1 .750 1/2 6-3
James Logan 2 1 .667 1 2-7
Washington 1 2 .333 2 6-6
American 0 4 .000 3 1/2 4-7
John F. Kennedy 0 4 .000 3 1/2 4-7

Wednesday’s slate: Logan at Mission, American at Irvington, Washington at Newark.
Friday’s slate: Irvington at Logan, Mission at Newark, Kennedy at Washington. 

Week 2 scores: Newark 11, Kennedy 3; Irvington 14, Mission; Washington 6, American 1; Mission 3, Kennedy 2; Irvington 6, Washington 3 (9 inn.); Logan 5, American 1.
Week 1 scores: Newark 10, Logan 6; Mission 8, American 4; Irvington 16, Kennedy 4; Newark 5, American 4; Logan 4, Kennedy 0; Mission 6, Washington 3.

 Pitching records: Rogers (Irv.) 2-0, Deeter (NM) 1-0, Flexen (NM) 1-0, Flores (JL) 1-0, Imhof (MSJ) 1-0, Lombana (NM) 1-0, Loza (JL) 1-0, Mahruon (MSJ) 1-0, Ramos (Irv.) 1-0, Gwynn (MSJ) 1-1, Cervantez (JL) 0-1, Tuma (A) 0-2, R.Artero (JFK) 0-2, Benton (Wash.) 0-2, Ebersole (JFK) 0-2, Meiss (A) 0-2.


Team W L Pct. GB Overall
Newark Memorial 3 0 1.000 3-6
Irvington 3 0 1.000 5-5
James Logan 2 1 .667 1 6-1
American 2 2 .500 1 1/2 2-4
Washington 1 2 .333 2 4-6
*Mission San Jose 0 3 .000 3 0-4
*John F. Kennedy 0 3 .000 3 1-3

Tuesday’s slate: Mission at Logan, Newark at Washington, Irvington at American.
Thursday’s slate: Washington at Kennedy, Logan at Irvington, Newark at Mission.

Week 2 scores: Newark 10, Kennedy 0 (5 inn.), Mission 8, Irvington 2, American 5, Washington 3; Irvington 12, Washington 2 (5 inn.); Logan 2, American 0; *Mission at Kennedy (not reported)
Week 1 scores:
Newark 4, Logan 3; Irvington 4, Kennedy 1; American 9, Mission 2; Washington 7, Mission 4; Logan 11, Kennedy 0 (5 inn.); Newark 6, American 5.

Pitching records: Campbell (Irv.) 3-0, Sclafani (NM) 2-0, Chapa (NM) 1-0, Schwartz (JL) 1-0, Bartlett (JFK) 0-1, Condeff (JFK) 0-1, Samad (MSJ) 0-1, Brown (A) 2-2, Cistone (Wash.) 1-1, Martinez (JL) 1-1, Day (MSJ) 0-2.




Team W L Pct. GB Overall
Bishop O’Dowd 5 0 1.000 _ 9-1
Mt. Eden 4 1 .800 1 5-5
San Leandro 3 2 .600 2 5-4
Castro Valley 3 2 .600 2 6-3
Hayward 3 2 .600 2 3-8
Arroyo 2 2 .500 2 1/2 4-5
Moreau Catholic 1 4 .200 3 1/2 1-8
San Lorenzo 1 4 .200 4 2-7
Tennyson 0 5 .000 5 2-7

Tuesday’s score: Moreau Catholic 5, San Lorenzo 4.
Wednesday’s scores: Bishop O’Dowd 3, San Leandro 2; Mt. Eden 3, Arroyo 1; Castro Valley 13, Tennyson 1; Hayward 9, Moreau Catholic 1
Friday’s scores: Arroyo 2, Castro Valley 1 (8 innings); Bishop O’Dowd 12, San Lorenzo 1; Hayward 7, Tennyson 1; Mt. Eden 7, San Leandro 2.


Team W L Pct. GB Overall
Castro Valley 5 0 1.000 _ 5-2
Bishop O’Dowd 3 0 1.000 1/2 7-0
Moreau Catholic 4 1 .800 1/2 7-1
Arroyo 2 2 .500 2 1/2 7-4
Hayward 2 3 .400 3 6-4
San Leandro 2 2 .500 2 2-6
Tennyson 1 4 .200 4 2-6
Mt. Eden 0 4 .000 4 1-5
San Lorenzo 0 4 .000 4 0-7

Tuesday scores:  Castro Valley 18, Tennyson 1; Arroyo 11, Mt. Eden 2; Moreau Catholic 8, Hayward 4; Bishop O’Dowd 12, San Leandro 1.
Wednesday’s scores: Moreau Catholic 20, San Lorenzo 0.
Thursday’s scores: Hayward 6, Tennyson 5; Castro Valley 7, Arroyo 5, San Leandro vs. Mt. Eden unreported


  • Tom Meyer


  • Lori

    MVAL Track & Field – just awful that only 1st place is being recorded in the paper! At least list the top 3 for each event as it has been done for the past 20 years!!

  • Cougar

    The quality of the MVAL Track and Field and Swimming box scores have really deteriorated this year. It is impossible to get a gauge of how a team did when all of the scorers aren’t even listed!

  • Tom Meyer

    nice to see MVAL parents for other posts responding. I sent an email to Waterhouse today and I suggest we flood is in box with our concerns and if doesn’t improve then cancel home delivery of the argus

  • Mark Marino

    Mr Waterhouse,
    I see that your coverage of Irvington baseball is right there (marginal at best) with your coverage of Irvington football. There are some top grade players at Irvington and we would appreciate your support. Stop by and watch a game… Tom or I will buy you a hot dog and gatorade.

  • Ballfan

    Mr Meyer,

    You’ve got a brilliant plan there – let’s see, we’ll get everyone to drop their subscriptions, newspaper budget will be further slashed, Waterhouse and rest of the slim prep staff gets fired; yeah that should help Irvington’s and MVAL’s prep coverage. Genius!

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    I’m doing what I can. Mark, sorry you think Irvington football got shafted. I think we had a writer at every single game. There were plenty of other stories out there too, like Kennedy’s first NCS win in school history, Washington winning its first league title since 1998 (I think, I don’t have the numbers in front of me) and Newark vouching for Logan to get in the NCS playoffs. While Irvington did a good job this year, lets give credit to some of the other teams. When Irvington made its run a few years back, we were all over it with features.

    I will be at Irvington-Washington, Irvington-Logan, Irvington-Newark. Is that good enough for you?

  • HuskyHank

    People, get a grip. it’s a sign of the times. Newspapers are DYING! They are constantly cutting back on staff and resources. You’re lucky you get ANY prep coverage anymore. don’t be surprised if it all goes away in the very near future, except for an occasional feature story like the Chronicle.

    you think Waterhouse WANTS his page to look so incomplete and shitty? you don’t think he’d like front page stories with color photos?

    You’re barking up the wrong tree. He’s the foot-soldier, carrying out orders. You want change, email the general. or better yet, call him.

    but guess what, it’s not gonna matter.

    fact of the matter is 99.9 pct of BANG’s sports writers couldn’t care less about Irvington girls tennis OR football.

    it’s about supply and demand. prep parents want to see their kids name in print. no one else cares.

    sad, but true.

    if you want real coverage, start an online prep website and update it with your OWN box scores/standings. write your own damn columns. post photos of your own lil Johnny.

    it’s the only way you’re gonna get the coverage you want in this day and age.


  • HuskyHank

    typo: BANG sports READERS couldn’t care less about Irvington….

    the sports writers DO care. really, they do. i know waterhouse personally and he does the best he could, but his hands are tied

  • Mark Marino

    Mr Waterhouse,
    Irvington football didn’t get shafted. You did a good job of covering them… eventually. We’d just prefer for the eventually to come a little sooner for baseball, that’s all, heh, heh, heh.

    I do have to admit that you had much better indepth knowledge of local football players than any of the other local writers. And you are right about Kennedy, watch out for Joseph Nagalee the next two years. And Newark’s Nick Pandorf is coming with two years of strong football offense.

    Keep up the good reporting and we’ll see you at the Irvington games. You earned your hot dog and gatorade on me.


  • Tom Meyer

    hahaha Ballfan is not often I get the respect of being called Mr. Meyer. I do get called genuis sarcasticly all of the time. I guess I over reacted today and I apolgize.I will think before typing. For the record Steve Waterhouse is a good guy.

    Husky Hank does Washington still use Hank The Husky as a mascot. I’m an alum of Wsshington and Hank was a lot of fun to watch at football and basket ball games.

  • Mark Marino

    Group hug!

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    It’s all good. Can’t wait for that hot dog tomorrow … with plenty of mustard.

  • Ballfan

    Tom (can I call you “Tom”?): It takes a big man to admit a mistake and apologize – way to go, good job.

    Husky: You may have been kidding, but I was going to suggest something similar – most of us do go to our kids’ games/meets etc. Why not share what we are able to see in person on this forum by giving a brief report with some quick highlights? I, for one, would be interested in getting a little more in depth reporting on Irvington and other East Bay programs from people who have seen the games.

  • irvfan

    Ramos got the win in the Irvington game not Ratte

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    thanks irvfan. mad rush tonight to try and get everything in. made the fix.