East Bay Boys Lacrosse Notebook

As if lacrosse in the East Bay Athletic League needed to get any better.

With it already being the strongest league in Northern California, De La Salle High School joins the league and makes it one of the strongest league’s in the entire state.


With the Spartans in the mix, the EBAL has the top five teams in the Bay Area News Group’s East Bay boys lacrosse rankings.

If you look at sites such as laxpower.com and westsidelax.com, the trend is similar. On laxpower, the same five EBAL teams (De La Salle, Foothill, Amador Valley, San Ramon Valley and Monte Vista) are ranked in the top 20 in the state.

According to westsidelax, De La Salle is ranked 14th in the entire country and those same five teams mentioned above are ranked in the top 15 in California.

You would think that the coaches might not want a national powerhouse to come into the league if it is already competitive, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all; especially for the defending champs San Ramon Valley and head coach Peter Worstell.

“I welcome them with open arms,” Worstell said. “Whatever raises the bar is a good thing. They’re the real deal as always and we want to play competitive lacrosse. The addition of De La Salle takes it to another level.”

The Wolves and Spartans played in last year’s North Coast Section championship game with the San Ramon Valley winning 11-4.

The Spartans appear to be the favorite this year, but the Wolves have hung in there despite having four freshman in their six middie spots.

“This week will really tell us where we’re at,” Worstell said.

The Wolves play second-ranked Foothill tomorrow and will host De La Salle on Friday.

The Spartans only loss this season came at Coronado, who is now considered the No. 1 team in the state. Coronado beat former No. 1 St. Ignatius Prep 7-6 on Saturday, which was the first loss to a team from California since losing to Monte Vista in April of 2006.

De La Salle lost to Coronado 10-8 on the road on March 13, and plays St. Ignatius Prep at home on April 11.




The top five is nothing but EBAL teams, for reasons that we have already discussed. The league is loaded and when these five teams face each other, it’s going to be a good game.

Acalanes and Berkeley are still playing well while Piedmont climbs back into the top ten after going 3-0 last week. Las Lomas and Miramonte join the Dons as Diablo Foothill Athletic League teams in the top ten.

Clayton Valley drops down to No. 12 after two losses, one of them a 14-3 loss to Acalanes. The second tier teams in the EBAL, Cal and Livermore, are helping round out the top 15. This just goes to show you how deep this league is, because these two teams might be the best in any other league.


1. De La Salle (6-1)

2. Foothill (6-2)

3. Amador Valley (5-1)

4. Monte Vista (5-1)

5. San Ramon Valley (6-3)

6. Acalanes (4-3)

7. Berkeley (7-1)

8. Piedmont (6-4)

9. Las Lomas (5-3)

10. Miramonte (6-4)

11. California (5-5)

12. Clayton Valley (7-3)

13. Livermore (4-5)

14. Campolindo (4-6)

15. College Park (2-2)


League standings



Team Overall League GB

Cardinal Newman (6-3) 4-0 –

University-SF (7-3) 3-0 .5

Marin Ac. (5-2) 5-2 .5

Bentley (6-3) 5-3 1

Lick-Wilmerding (4-5) 2-2 2

Sonoma Ac. (3-5) 3-4 2.5

Urban-SF (2-4) 2-4 3

Head-Royce (1-5) 1-5 3.5

Stuart Hall (0-6) 0-5 4.5



Team Overall League GB

Berkeley (7-1) 2-0 –

Piedmont (6-4) 2-0 –

Bishop O’Dowd (3-7) 2-1 .5

St. Mary’s (2-4) 0-2 2

Davis (1-8) 0-3 2.5



Team Overall League GB

Miramonte (6-4) 3-0 –

Acalanes (4-3) 2-0 .5

Las Lomas (5-3) 2-1 1

Dublin (2-6) 2-1 1

Campolindo (4-6) 1-2 2

Alhambra (3-6) 1-3 2.5

Dougherty Valley (1-8) 0-4 3.5



Team Overall League GB

College Park (2-2) 0-0 –

Northgate (4-3) 0-0 –

Clayton Valley (7-3) 0-0 –

Berean Christian (1-3) 0-0 –



Team Overall League GB

De La Salle (6-1) 4-0 –

San Ramon Valley (6-3) 4-1 .5

Amador Valley (5-1) 3-1 1

Foothill (6-2) 3-1 1

Monte Vista (5-1) 3-1 1

California (5-5) 0-4 4

Granada (1-8) 0-4 4

Livermore (4-5) 0-5 4.5


For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at mhsmith78@gmail.com.

Matt Smith

  • Al Boyce

    There is a great story taking place at DVC. You should talk with Terry Armstrong over at Diablo Valley College. Terry,myself and several others have started the lacrosse club over at DVC. There are several players at DVC who played in the local high schools and after they graduated they went to DVC for college. Last season DVC did not have lacrosse. So this is a first for DVC.
    DVC has played games so far against UC Santa Cruz, St. Mary’s California Maritime Academy, also San Jose State. Just last week against University of the Pacific they won their second game of the season 12 to 10. So that gives them 2 wins and three loses so far.
    The season is being deadicated to a player who lost is life recently and was a teammate that was helping in getting the lacrosse program started at DVC.
    DVC is the only local Junior College that offers lacrosse for players in Northern California. Several of their players are being scouted by some 4 year college as possible players for their teams.
    It should make for a good story and you should call Terry Armstrong and get m,ore info from him and what the team is doing. DVC plays St. Mary’ sagain this Wednesday at 7pm at DVC. So you may be able to get a frist hand look for yourself. Their is some talent on the team. They only practice 2 days a week for 90 minutes on thiose days and yet they have beat two other teams that practice more and have more funds in their bank account then the DVC team. Just goes to show you what kind of talent is there. We are amking a place to play for the locals after they graduate from high school and need to go to a JUCO(Junior College) for a short time.
    Terry is the Dean of Counselors at DVC and I am the Off Campus Affilate. Let me know if you want more info.

    Al Boyce
    Head Coach
    Alhambra High School
    Boys Varsity Lacrosse

  • coach63a

    Do you have a website where we can follow DVC and get a copy of their Roster and Schedule?