East Bay Baseball Poll 4/13

Here’s the latest East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Monte Vista (4) 8-3 154 1
2. Clayton Valley 12-2 130 2
3. Irvington (3) 12-2 128 6
4. San Ramon Valley (1) 9-3 122 5
5. Bishop O’Dowd (1) 12-2 114 3
6. Freedom 9-2 101 9
7. Foothill 9-5 94 4
8. Miramonte (2) 11-2-1 87 7
9. De La Salle 5-6 76 8
10. Newark Memorial 12-4 66 12
11. Campolindo 11-3 65 14
12. Deer Valley 9-2 57 13
13. California 8-4 33 10
14. Arroyo 8-5 29 NR
15. St. Joseph Notre Dame 11-1 22 NR

Others receiving votes: Livermore (8-6, 9 points), St. Mary’s (10-4, 7), Head-Royce (12-1, 6), Amador Valley (6-5, 5), Alhambra (10-4, 5), Alameda (10-4, 5), El Cerrito (9-5-1, 3), Dublin (9-4, 3). The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers. Records are through games played Saturday.

Chace Bryson

  • groundskeeper

    Arroyo’s record is actually 8-5. They just beat College Park 12-1 on saturday.

  • Chace Bryson

    I’ve amended the record. Thanks.

  • renegades10

    i know that a 5-6 record is not a very good one but why was DLS moved down 1 spot after winning their only game since the last poll and it came against the top team in the poll? not saying that they deserve to be moved higher than their previous spot of 8 but I don’t quite understand why they were moved down.

  • Mark Marino

    Irvington vs Clayton Valley tomorrow/Tuesday at Livermore at 3pm.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Renegade, can’t speak for everyone, but I moved Freedom and Newark ahead of DLS this week. MV’s loss to Irvington took a little away from DLS’s win …. Freedom no-hit Cal … NM beat Irvington, which also beat MV. It’ll be hard for DLS to make a huge jump unless they rattle of a bunch of wins in a row — it’s just too hard to justify a team with a losing record climbing much higher than they already are.

    So it wasn’t really “moving DLS down” it was more rewarding some of the other teams that have also been playing well.

    There is going to be plenty of shuffling left, expect a really high scoring game in the Gordie Classic tomorrow between Clayton and Irvington. Without Tella or Rogers available to pitch, Irvington is a completely different team.

  • Tom Meyer

    Irvington also travels to Clayton Valley on the 21st.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Kyle loves Newark after my last comment last week in the baseball poll post

  • renegades10

    fair enough kyle…i understand that it just took me by surprise at first glance to see MV still on top and DLS moved down a spot. If only they could close games, DLS quite possibly would be on top of this poll right now. Hopefully they will have a better second half of league.

  • hsbbguru

    California and Foothill should not be in the top 15. DLS lost again today and should be “others receiving votes” at best. Why don’t you put together a D1, D2, D3 ranking so we can start to see who the top 12 teams are in each division?


    Irvington beats Monte Vista, yet MV is still ranked ahead of them. Can’t do much more than beat them head to head and have a 12-2 record.

  • joepa

    how did el cerrito do this past week?

  • Michael Bower

    Baseball is a tough sport to rank, especially high school because the way NCS works with single elimination. The best team doesn’t always win NCS, but the NCS champion will more than likely be No. 1 in our poll.

    Pitching depth plays a much bigger role during the regular season and these spring break tournaments than it does during NCS. A 12 seed can have an ace and easily knock off a top seed, but have a No. 2 pitcher that will get shelled the second round of NCS.

    Use today for example. I will be covering Clayton Valley and Irvington in the championship game of the Gordie Classic. Both teams will be digging deep for pitchers and the teams on the field won’t be anything like the teams on the field come NCS. Both teams likely won’t be in this pitching situation come NCS. (I know Clayton Valley is Division II and these two will never meet in NCS, but this is just an example). Today’s game might tell me who has a deeper team.

    There is a difference between voting for who is the better team and who will win NCS. That’s really my point. I think if Monte Vista and Irvington play a three-game series then Monte Vista wins it. If they play one game, then I would take Tella for Irvington to win it.

  • Tom Meyer

    I don’t Kyle I would never count out Michael Rogers in any big game.Also I would stack up the middle of Irvington’s batting order against any pitching staff anywhere anytime

  • Tom Meyer

    meant to say I don’t know Kyle. Stupid me

  • Michael Bower

    Not saying Irvington can’t win. Just saying I would pick Monte Vista in a three-game series.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Tom- I agree. That’s why I wrote “Without Tella or Rogers available to pitch, Irvington is a completely different team.”

    That being said, he (Rogers) is definitely hittable and Irvington will need to play better defense when he’s on the mound than it did on Monday.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Just heard from Michael Bower who was out at the Gordie Classic final between Clayton Valley and Irvington. Clayton won 12-2 … which only hammers the point home that the Vikings are a completely different team when Tella or Rogers isn’t pitching.

    The two teams will play again next week, it will be interesting to see if Harrington throws Tella in that game or saves him for a league game (Kennedy or Mission). I say throw Tella and bank on beating the other two without him. Maybe Rogers against MSJ and the kitchen sink against Kennedy?

  • Tom Meyer

    well the kitchen sink got thrown today even my TJ the catcher had to come in and pitch

  • Tom Meyer

    meant to say my son TJ stupid me

  • NCS Man

    Arroyo beat Albany today, the umpires were just terrible. But a win is a win.

  • EBAL Dad

    So, just to clarify Michael, you would take Tella over Jones of MV in a one game playoff? Don’t get me wrong, I think Tella is a pretty darn good pitcher, but surprised you would pick him over Jones.

  • Derek

    This is in response to Tom Meyer’s comment about not being able to count on Rogers in any big game. The kid is very smart when it comes to making good pitches in the right count, tempo, and keeping composure. He throws strikes. I would put him on the mound for the mere fact that he doesnt walk very many batters. I have worked with him on his mental game for the last two years and he is consistent. He is a different type of pitcher then Tella obviously, getting outs by way of his defense. Talk about Irvingtons defense not being reliable before you say you cant count on Rogers – he throws strikes and is smart on the mound.

  • Tom Meyer

    Derek reread my post I said

    Tom Meyer Says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    I don’t Kyle I would never count out Michael Rogers in any big game.Also I would stack up the middle of Irvington’s batting order against any pitching staff anywhere anytime

    and then I corrected the fact I left out the word KNOW in my next post

    Tom Meyer Says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 12:54 pm
    meant to say I don’t know Kyle. Stupid me

    hopefully this clarifies my posts

  • Tom Meyer

    one more thing I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael and his family since he was 7 years old way back in FBI Pony. He’s a great kid and I’m proud to know him

  • Derek

    AHHHHH I seeeeee – I put my foot in my mouth. Sorry I completely miss read your comment. 🙂 Glad to know we are on the same page.

  • Tom Meyer

    it’s all cool Derek

  • Michael Bower

    Jones and Tella are both really great pitchers. The reason I would take Tella is because he just threw a one-hitter over eight innings against Monte Vista. It’s really hard to outduel that.

  • I haven’t seen Tella, but I saw Jones pitch last year in the playoffs against O’Dowd and that was the best pitching performance I saw all year. And I saw a lot of Alameda’s Jordan Pries (now dominating the Pac-10 at Stanford), Piedmont’s Jordan Remer (USF) and Bryce Chu (UC Davis) and St. Mary’s Matt Flemer (Cal).

  • EBAL Dad

    All I can say is look at the history of performances (Jones has given up a total of 4 earned runs over the past 8 high school games…O’Dowd, Serra, St. Mary’s Stockton, St. Francis, Foothill, Cal, DLS and Castro Valley) before you crown a winner.

  • Michael Bower

    I didn’t crown anybody. And I am talking about Irvington vs. Monte Vista. Obviously, Tella owned Monte Vista in the first meeting. Not sure how somebody can outduel that performance he gave. And I am not saying Jones is bad. Jones is obviously the ace of the best pitching staff in the East Bay. But I am not sure how you beat giving up no runs in eight innings?

  • EBAL Dad

    Tella pitched a fantastic game against MV and you can’t beat giving up no runs in 8 innings. All I am saying is look at the history, if Tella goes on to shut down several high powered teams and is consistently coming out on top…then it is a tie and the winner is who has the stronger #2 and #3 pitcher that comes on in relief.

  • Michael Bower

    Who knows what would happen … I wouldn’t bet on that game, that’s for sure. I could see either team winning.

  • Cowboy Up

    I’d certainly pay to see Tella and Jones duel in the NCS Div 1 playoffs…

    of course, since it’s NCS, I’d have to pay…

  • erndog

    Just a ‘heads-up’ to the championship Alhambra Easter Tourney game tomorrow night at 7P.

    Rematch between Arroyo and Alhambra.

    Last years’ game was a classic. 10 innings, Alhambra winning in 10th. But had it not been for an umpires shoe (grounder off the foot) Arroyo would have won the game in 7.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Mark my words Newark is going to be a team recond with in NCS….. right Kyle …..lol

  • renegades10

    Real quick DLS won today against Don Bosco Prep of NJ (the same school they played in football) at the National Classic. As a result DLS will be playing Jesuit of Carmichael tomorrow. This will be the first of two meetings between the teams as they are scheduled to play on May 2nd.

  • hsbbguru

    DLS beat Jesuit 17-3 today.

    Campolindo beat Freedom 7-3

    Alameda beat Concord in the Stargell

    Antioch shutout the number 4 ranked team in the state 2-0

    Deer Valley beat Santa Barbara and plays Antioch in the semi-final game tomorrow at the Righetti tournament in Santa Maria

    Next weeks rankings should be interesting as the top teams start to separate from the pack

  • GrizzliesBB

    Cal High beat Newark Memorial today 9-7 for the second time this season. Should they be ranked ahead of them?

  • Michael Bower

    Since Division I is a 12-team bracket, the Nos.1-4 seeds will get byes. I think that actually helps restore the advantage of being a top seed. I can’t imagine the top four seeds losing a first game against any No. 2 pitchers. Pretty much any team with a shot of being a top-four seed has a shutdown ace. Should be interesting to see if the teams that do have to play a first-round game will try to save their aces for the second round.

  • Derek

    IS there a website for that tournament DLS is in? I want to check it out and see the other teams (prospects, whoes going where next year, etc.)

  • erndog

    I know this suggestion has been made before but it needs to be made again.

    Identify which division level each of the ranked schools are in when posting the East Bay rankings.

    And to hsbbguru…great suggestion!! Do the overall rankings but do a ‘Division by Division’ ranking.
    It may be a bit of work, but newspapers need all of the readership possible and this will help!!!
    Couldn’t hurt!!!

  • Michael Bower

    We will try to get the Division rankings going, but that will only be able to be seen here if we do it. You can find the divisions of each team at the ncs website …


  • renegades10

    will the real DLS please stand up…never know what to get from these guys but Jesuit is a big time baseball power. 17-3 is even more shocking. can one of the writers like kyle or bower comment on the DLS team and why the results have been so inconsistent

  • LanceSims

    I think these writers are riding DLS’s school bangwagon a little too hard because they are 5-6 and shouldn’t even been on that poll….If u guys think they are that good then you all must have the Nats goin to the world series because this is bonkers!!!!!!

  • Prep Fan

    DLS lost another one yesterday, this time 10-7 to Norco in the consolation finals. This was a quality tournament with some great teams, but going 2-2 with both wins through the consolation bracket without facing the other teams’ aces isn’t exactly DLS-esque. There is nothing wrong with being 7-8, but DLS is just used to winning more games than this.

  • Photo Moment

    I was the the Arroyo and Alhambra game to take pictures of both teams and I couldn’t believe how good of a game it was. Arroyo started up 1-0 then after a walking the bases loaded, Alhambra hit a triple to take the lead. Arroyo came back to make it a 3-4 game and had a runner left on third in the 6th and a runner thrown out at home in the 7th for the tie. The starting pitchers were Waterman and Plotz. These two teams deserve to be up on the poll.

  • ErnDog

    Photo Moment, I was at Alhambra – Arroyo too. You are correct. Outstanding game.

    Though Alhambra has very good pitching, Arroyo showed their determination throughout. They had the tying at 3rd base I believe on 3 occasions but were unable to score that run.

    And yes, both teams should be ranked this week.

  • ErnDog

    One last thought. And this is for the Media News staff.

    For example, whereas Mike Bauer is always covering HAAL action and Kyle Bonagura is covering schools on the east side of the hill, change up a bit and and switch assignments.

    This is give the reporters exposure to other teams and allow the readers a different view of teams, not just in their own area but above and beyond.

    Any thoughts??

  • Alhambra beat St. Mary’s, campolindo, El Cerrito, and Arroyo and should be highly rated.