Angell returns to John Swett

Just got off the phone with John Angell, who has been re-hired as the head football coach at John Swett. Angell stepped down in 2006, citing the deplorable field conditions and a lack of commitment to keeping his players healthy.

Now though, with the installation of a new field slated for completion by the start of the 2009 season, Angell has returned to fill the void left by former coach Allen Talley, who stepped down after the 2008 season according to assistant principal/athletic director Jeff Brauning. Angell said he was very excited about coming back to guide the program.

“The field’s going in, and that was the reason I quit. They also got rid of the superintendent, so that was a plus. Those were my two big complaints,’ Angell said. “i just want the kids to be successful and have a good time and do things right like we did before.”

Brauning said he’s aiming to have the new field ready to go in time for the Indians first home game.

“I think there’s a change in the school district and we’re getting some new facilities with the bond issue we passed,” Brauning said. “Some of the headaches he had to deal with he won’t have to deal with anymore.”

Angell was 47-31 in seven years as coach of the Indians. In his final five years, John Swett went 41-15.

Ben Enos


    how good is this coach

  • BOD B

    Yeah kids, if you don’t like how things are going just quit. New motto for John Swett Football: “JUST QUIT BABY!”

  • John Angell

    Not good at all I have great assistant coaches. In 7 years I did not call one play or make any game time changes. The only thing I do is let the coaches coach and take care of injuries, water, and keep the kids on track to walk the stage in June… I am not a football coach. I’m a team manager and I like it that way.

    Just quit baby, thats right when you have a field that has caused 11 surgeries and a lawyer tells you, “you personally can be sued for not doing something about the field”. The only thing I didn’t do up to that point was quit. So before you start running your mouth and hiding behind a screen name, know your facts. I guess I better start doing what I’m good at, I better “just quit”. Maybe one day you will know what it is to care about people not a little football game. We all can’t be NFL(Not For Long) Coaches like you.