Cal High football coaching update

I keep getting asked who the new coach at Cal High is going to be so I thought I’d throw out an update …

The school has received at least 10 applications and plans to start interviewing candidates next week. Applications have come in from as far as the East Coast and they will continue to accept applications until a new coach has been hired.

Three confirmed applicants:

–Bill Hoefs, The Cal High freshman coach who was the head coach at Washington for two years before being replaced by current coach Ken Wittmer.

–Sean Manuel, Varsity assistant coach. Played with former coach Tony Sanchez at New Mexico State and was drafted by the 49ers as a tight end in 1996.

–Aaron Becker, San Ramon Valley JV coach. PE teacher at SRV, played at SRV then Chabot and LaVerne.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Manuel definitely interviewed.

    We should find out tomorrow or Thursday who the next coach is.

  • Errrrrr

    Hurry up already!! How hard is it???

  • KillerD

    I have been coaching football at Pop Warner, then High School for 12 years, high school for 10 of them in the Concord area. I am qualified to tout my opinion.

    This latest news just in regarding the new football coach at Cal High, whose name will be Sean Manuel!

    Three of the EBAL head football coaches were spotted kneeling on the marble steps of the Vatican (Italy) at the Noon Mass today. The trio of giddy head coaches were seen kissing the Pope’s Ring and giving unbridled thanks to the Holy Father that the One team in the EBAL (other than DLS) that is so loaded with size and speed has hired a new head coach with zero coordinating and head coaching experience.

    2009 Order of Finish in the EBAL Football Rankings:



  • You guys bring up some good points about Sean Manuel not being a coordinator. He’s gonna be the guy. So he’s got to be able solve offensive & defensive problems schematically during games, practice ect. If they’re doing a thorough interview process which as big as this has gotten I’m sure they are they’ll ask him in depth questions about his offensive scheme, defensive scheme & so forth as they should all the applicants. So that should be part of him selling himself to the committee. Look at it this way its easy to see on the field. If they hire him & his O or D looks lost next year then you know they blew it.

  • KillerD

    The coach defending Manuel as the choice a few posts earlier compared Manuel to Tom Cable head coach of the Raiders?

    What? Cable has been a coordinator for several years at the NCAA level and an ol coach/ assistant coordinator NFL for several years. Comparing Manuel to Cable is ridiculous at best.

    The Cal high interview committee should have had only one thing in mind when hiring their new head coach, and if they ever varied from that point it should have always brought them back to reality, and that’s who is the only coach that every coach in EBAL will fear or take notice of if we hire him, because his teams at Cal will be so formidable and well prepared on offense, defense and special teams, that it’s impossible not to hire this coach?

    Manuel deserves credit for being a strength and conditioning coach and being at Cal as an assistant coach, but if Cal passes on all of the other incredible talent pool of proven head coaches, then it will be the Best news of the off-season to every EBAL head football coach.

    Details are still cloudy, but multiple sources have reported seeing Granada Coach Silva and Monte Vista Coach Bergemen walking to the top of Mt. Diablo together to gleefully sing The Sound of Music when Cal officially makes the announcement of Sean Manuel to lead the Grizzily Bears.


  • WaitWhat??

    There is no way Manuel should get that job. John Wade from Miramonte has several league titles, a few NCS Championships, and I believe a mythical State Title. He is the only finalist capable of matching schemes with those other great coaches in the best league in NorCal. If they hire a guy with no HC or coordinator experience they deserve to join Livermore at the bottom.

  • GrizBiz

    Leave Coach Manuel to his players and new assistant coaches, he could do wonders or not. Only the next one or two years will tell.

    He is the new Coach at Cal high.


  • Counter Gap

    Hey, you all don’t know the other coaches and their experience that Sean Manuel will have on his staff. There are several coaches with years of experience, including head coaches at various levels, that can bridge the gap where you think Sean lacks. Big oversight by all of you naysayers. Any CEO is going to have the best qualified supporting staff possible. Cal has some residual gems on their staff that didn’t bolt with Sanchez.

  • runslikethewind

    Anything “official” yet, or are we still all speculating?

  • ProudParent

    It’s officially NOT Sean Manuel, as I stated before.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    This is correct. The coach was not on the staff at Cal High last year.

  • runslikethewind

    Ah Ha! sounds as though Proudparent is redeemed. Sorry to have doubted you before.

  • runslikethewind

    So Kyle knows! Do we have to play 20 questions or are you going to tell us? Is he bigger than a breadbasket? Is he male? Has he coached football at any level before? I think I can narrow it down with those questions.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I actually don’t know still.

    The coach hadn’t had a chance to tell players from the school he coached at last year, so when those players and the Cal High players are notified today the name will become public information.

    Which will be in less than an hour.

  • runslikethewind

    Ah Ha!
    Then I know exactly who it is…

    Bob Altshuler… The Former Head Coach at Bishop Gorman High School. In a twist of irony Cal High / Bishop Gorman worked out a trade of coaches… I knew it all along! Okay, for you serious minded people, that was a joke.

  • Whoknew

    ProudParent is right.. it is not Coach Manuel.. so the boys should know soon.. anyone have any bets on who it is?

  • runslikethewind

    Seriously, with no inside info at all, I’d say Walsh from Serra? TOTAL speculation.

  • runslikethewind

    By the way… It’s one hour since Kyle’s post. He said it’d be public in one hour.

  • abc

    Lou Holtz

  • Whoknew

    Eric Billeci is the new Head Coach at Cal. It was just announced.