East Bay Baseball Poll 4/20

Here’s the latest East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Monte Vista (8) 11-3 134 1
2. Clayton Valley 12-2 125 2
3. San Ramon Valley 11-5 98 4
4. Irvington (1) 13-3 91 3
5. Campolindo 13-3 86 11
6. Miramonte 14-2-1 80 8
7. De La Salle 7-8 79 9
8. Foothill 10-6 77 7
9. Deer Valley 13-2 68 12
10. Freedom 11-4 67 6
11. Bishop O’Dowd 14-3 62 5
12. California 10-5 30 13
13. Alhambra 13-4 29 NR
14. Newark Memorial 13-5 16 10
15. Amador Valley 10-6 12 NR

Others receiving votes: Arroyo (9-6, 6 points), Northgate (10-5, 5), St. Joseph Notre Dame (13-2, 4), Alameda (12-4, 4), Livermore (9-8, 4), El Cerrito (10-6-1, 3), Head-Royce (14-1, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers. Records are through games played Saturday.

Chace Bryson

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  • Prep Fan

    Disagree? Disagree with the entire set of rankings, or one school in particular? Not much change from last week, although Campo and BOD switched places, and Freedom dropped 4 spots. DLS gained 2 notches by virtue of their winning 2 of 4 this week against some high quality nationally ranked teams.

  • hsbbguru

    okay so Antioch beats the number four ranked team in the state and doesn’t even get a vote? Not to say that DV moves up after playing two very weak teams in their tournament and has both their aces set up for the semi’s and final games. Freedom is better than DV. Cal and Amador Valley shouldn’t be ranked in the top 15. Pittsburg shutout Cal and Freedom beat them twice. What is the deal with the voters and the EBAL. I agree with Dela in the rankings, but Jesuit was way overated. Livermore? Come on! Just to be fair DV and Freedom should be ranked right behind MV and CV.

  • PrepBBFan

    Hsbbguru- You dont really think Antioch should be ranked, do you? 8-7? A loss to Liberty? Havent beat anyone in the top 15? Give Antioch DLS’ or MV’s schedule and they have 3 wins max (depending on when their ace pitches). Jesuit overrated? Have you seen them play? DLS also knocked off a perennially ranked top 10 in the country team in Bosco. Campo beat Freedom, so Freedom shouldnt be ranked ahead of them.

  • Prep Fan

    Jesuit won just 1 of 4 games in the tournament last week. USA Today had them at something like #11 in the nation before the tourney, so I would say they were waay over rated. Still a very good team, but nowhere near #11 in the nation. Bosco was undefeated last season, but is just a good team this year, and they went just 2-2 in that same tournament. Just because a team is great when their #1 or #2 pitcher is in there doesn’t mean they have solid pitchers behind them. Beating a team’s #4 starter is not the same as beating the #1, but a win is a win.

  • Tom Meyer

    Irvington @ Clayton Valley today. Another big game

  • renegades10

    everyone talks about DLS facing these teams when they play their # 3 or 4 pitchers. what about DLS playing their own 3rd or fourth pitchers? It’s the same for any school involved.

  • Prep Fan

    This is true. I was just making the point that in baseball it is a different game when both team have their aces going compared to when their #3 or #4 pitchers are going. Upsets can happen more often in baseball than other sports due to pitching matchups. My other point was these other teams were over rated because maybe they have 2 very good pitchers, but not much else. DLS hung something like 17 on Jesuit in a loser’s bracket game. My guess is that wasn’t their ace. DLS won the game beacause of the depth of their staff, and their hitting.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Hey Steve we missed you out at the Viola Blythe volunteer of the year awards dinner last night in Newark. Thanks for your help with that important event

  • Junkie,
    Are you telling me Steve had the opportunity for a free dinner and didn’t go? He may have to get his sports writer card revoked for that kind of a violation! ha ha!

  • Darren Olguin

    De La Salle is ranked #7, Amador Valley beat em, San Ramon Valley is ranked #3, Amador Valley beat em. Foothill is ranked #8 and Amador Valley beat them too. Amador goes to San Luis Obispo, wins the entire tournament and you give them a paragraph. DLS, SRV and Monte Vista win and you dang near write a book. When are you morons going to give Amador Valley their due? You guys have your drool all over the above teams, yet don’t even have enough responsible journalism in you blood to be unbiased and impartial.

    If you’re gonna write about good teams get your faces out of the DLS, SRV and Foothill high butts and do your jobs. Next week be responsible and take a fair look at ALL OF THE TEAMS! If you are unable go write for the farm report in Merced…

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Jimmy, it was a good dinner too at $40 a plate and my work paid for me and my wife to go. But I am sure he enjoyed the linguisa at the Logan-Newark softball game

  • GrizzliesBB

    Well, after the first half of the EBAL league, there is no clear cut leader. Monte Vista loses to Foothill. Cal beats Amador for the 2nd time. Pitching is far better than hitting in this league. It is really crazy!
    Cal plays Foothill and Monte Vista this week. Big week to see how the standings shape up!