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East Bay Boys Volleyball Notebook

By Matt Smith
Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 3:16 pm in Boys volleyball.

It might have been a bit slow in the North Coast Section with it being Spring Break for quite a few schools, but a number of ranked teams headed up to Chico for the Pleasant Valley Tournament this past weekend.

No. 6 Deer Valley, No. 8 Mission San Jose, No. 11 College Park and No. 14 Clayton Valley were in attendance in the 18-team tourney and all had a good showing. The rankings shifted a bit after the weekend.
The Warriors had the best showing for the tournament, reaching the championship match of the gold bracket, falling to Valley Christian-San Jose. THe Warriors beat College Park in the first round, then had a big, surprising win over Deer Valley in the quarterfinals and then beat Chico in the semifinals.
In pool play, Mission San Jose topped River Valley-Yuba City, Vista del Lago and lost to Placer in three games.
Deer Valley went 4-1 over the weekend, beating Chico on Friday and beating Laguna Creek, Pleasant Valley and Ponderosa-Shingle Springs on Saturday before falling to Mission San Jose.
College Park beat Vista del Lago and Jesuit-Sacramento, before losing to Placer in pool play. A loss to Mission San Jose ended their tournament.
Clayton Valley reached the semifinals in the silver bracket, falling to River Valley. The Eagles beat Rio Americano and Orland in going 2-3 in the tournament.


Mission San Jose jumps up three spots to No. 5 with San Ramon Valley moving to No. 4. The top three remain the same.
We need to welcome Head-Royce to the rankings, debuting at No. 15. The Jayhawks are having a great season and are getting some recognition for it.

1. Foothill
2. Northgate
3. California
4. San Ramon Valley
5. Mission San Jose
6. Deer Valley
7. Amador Valley
8. De La Salle
9. Monte Vista
10. Las Lomas
11. Campolindo
12. College Park
13. Clayton Valley
14. Granada
15. Head-Royce

Others receiving votes: De Anza, Logan, Heritage, Washington, College Prep, Alhambra.

League standings

If they need to be updated, let me know. There are likeley league games that I am missing.

Team League GB
Alameda 3-0 -
Berkeley 2-1 -
De Anza 2-0 .5
Hercules 0-3 3
El Cerrito 0-3 3

Team League GB
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 5-0 -
Salesian 1-1 2.5
Encinal 0-1 3
St. Joseph Notre Dame 0-2 3.5
St. Mary’s 0-2 3.5

Team League GB
Deer Valley 9-0 -
Heritage 7-2 2
Antioch 5-4 4
Freedom 4-4 4.5
Liberty 0-7 8
Pittsburg 0-8 8.5

Team League GB
Las Lomas 6-0 -
Campolindo 4-1 1.5
Alhambra 3-2 2.5
Miramonte 1-2 3.5
Dougherty Valley 0-4 5
Acalanes 0-5 5.5

Team League GB
Northgate 7-0 -
College Park 5-1 1.5
Clayton Valley 4-3 3
Berean Christian 3-4 4
Concord 3-4 4
Mt. Diablo 1-6 6
Ygnacio Valley 0-5 6

Team League GB
California 6-0 -
Foothill 7-1 -
San Ramon Valley 5-2 1.5
De La Salle 4-3 2.5
Monte Vista 3-5 4
Amador Valley 2-5 4.5
Granada 2-6 5
Livermore 0-7 6.5

Team League GB
Mission San Jose 8-0 -
Logan 6-3 2.5
Washington 6-3 2.5
American 5-3 3
Moreau Catholic 3-6 5.5
Kennedy 2-6 6
Castro Valley 0-9 8.5

For questions, comments, to report scores, update standings or add players to the watch list, please email Matt Smith at

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  • Moreau_Setter

    I said it since the beginning, and mission continues to rise in the ranks!! But I also said that Washington and Logan are deserving teams too. And yeah congrats to Head Royce but honestly they lost to us in 3 I believe in the beginning of the season and that was with an incomplete team. Even though I’ve have more recently seen them play, they still couldn’t touch Washington and Logan would more than likely beat them in three as well.
    No respect!!!! for the MVAL, with the new club teams that have formed and developed in the last couple of years in the Mission Valley area the gap between us and the “dominant” tri-valley is closing. The EBAL really has 7 out of 8 teams ranked come on those last couple teams are just losing to some good teams so they get a spot, Moreau can do that, I do not care what league any team is in but if your record is multiple games under .500 you do not deserve a ranking.
    I guess the ranking are just rankings whatever but well see in NCS, you EBAL coaches who vote for no one but your teams….oh wait half of the EBAL doesn’t even qualify to go to the NCS meeting because their record is so bad. AHHHHH!
    Hey Diablo 18-1 you know I’m right. And I know you are reading this, can’t wait till club starts again because i can’t take this shizzz :)

  • GoMVAL

    Coaches polls / ranking are just that, nothing more, but fun to watch. It’s hard when it mixes Divisions, yet it’s nice to see the overall list.

    More interesting to me is what will happen with the NCS Div I berths. Deer Valley, MSJ and an EBAL team should get automatic berths. Given 8 NCS slots, that leaves 5 at-large selections. It sounds like EBAL in the past has been limited by NCS to 3 at-large berths max. If so, that’d leave 2 not from EBAL. Who would they be? I think College Park, Logan, and Washington. Any others?

  • GoMVAL

    BTW, I hope it goes without saying that the same thought process applies to guessing who will make the final 8 in Div II and Div III. :)

  • Prep Fan

    California d. De La Salle
    At California HS

    Scoring: 25-17, 25-22, 25-15.

    Highlights: C — Adkins 28 assists, 2 aces; Souza 11 kills, 4 aces; Williams 9 kills; Varela 10 digs. Records: California 13-1, 7-0 EBAL.

  • Head-Royce

    Strong words from Moreau. To defend ourselves a little, we beat CPS in 3 no questions asked. We also took down Lowell. Most of our losses come from the Deer Valley tournament in which we played Logan, Foothill, Clayton Valley, all in the morning when our juniors (4/6 starters), were taking the SAT. Later on in the tournament, when our juniors came back, we defeated College Park and finished ahead of Logan. Again we finished low in the nor-cal tournament because we had to play Northgate in pool play. After that loss we are now on a 15 game win streak. But again these are only unofficial rankings, I just felt HRS needed a bit of defending.

  • GoMVAL

    Hey Moreau_Setter,
    Don’t let yourself get caught up in all the background noise (e.g. rankings, random opinions, etc.). Just play your game, establish your record, and then your coach will make her pitch at the NCS at-large & seeding meeting. You did that the last two years, you can do it again.

    MVAL is gaining respect. Moreau won Div IV twice in a row. Washington made it to the Div I semi’s last year. MSJ is in play this year, and maybe there’s still a shot for Logan or Washington.

    It’s not over till it’s over.

  • Moreau_Setter

    Well not for Washington, we beat them in 3 on thursday. Team really pulled it together for the league senior night, and our official senior night is against a DIII opponent St. Joes on tuesday. So i think we are establishing that record quite well during the end of the season, we are on a 3 game win streak looking to lock up a NCS bid that will let us host at least one game this year.



  • Moreau_Setter

    I understand that Las Lomas and Alameda are in your division, but why Logan and Head Royce? who are you trying to defend? I completely agree that the EBAL deserves the most respect, there are the best league in the East Bay. But the amount of respect that they recieve is questionable, there are teams from every league that can beat their lowerer ranked schools and compete with their top 2 schools, but those schools are not getting recognized because the talent in their leagues are not as concentrated as the EBAL’s. And as for asking Northgate, you better just go out there and get them because they have let me know that NCS is going to be a disappointment because they want to be in division 1 since division 2 is going to be a cake walk. So yes, please bring it on…lol.

  • sets the ball

    to moreau setter
    logan thinks, not, that they are good . just want to play them to show them who is better. head royce wow, i know we can beat them were 5-0 in there d-3 league.neither team has played anyone tough. los lomas cant get out of there division with a 11-4 overall record. its about competing not hiding in your division. thats how you get better by competing.