Piedmont presents petition on A-11 to CIF

I have just returned from the California Interscholastic Federation headquarters, where Piedmont High coaches Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries and principal Randy Booker presented their petition and facts to ask the CIF to run a three-year pilot program to study the A-11 offense, which became illegal when the NFHS amended its rules a couple months ago.

It was a VERY interesting meeting. The Piedmont folks were very organized and detail-oriented and the Football Advisory Committee had lots of questions. One of the more interesting exchanges came near the end when Steve Stearns, California’s football rules intrepreter and the CIF’s voting representative on the NFHS, told Bryan that he believed two years ago when Bryan presented the offense to him that he thought it was a “travesty to the game” and said he believes he told Bryan that. Bryan responded that he never told him that and if that had come up, we’d probably not be in this position today.

Currently the CIF’s football advisory committee is meeting to discuss and come up with a recommendation to forward to the Federated Council, which then may or may not decide to vote on the issue in their meeting May 8-9. If it’s decided not to forward to the Federated Council, that council could still decide to discuss or the issue could be dropped and the petition for the three-year pilot program could be denied. There’s also the possibility that the Federated Council decides there isn’t enough time to gather information to vote in two weeks and the vote could be held off until next year, thus eliminating the A-11 for this season. Obviously they also¬†could vote and deny the petition and the A-11 would be done. I should know if the next couple of hours what the football advisory committee recommendation is and I will post when I find out more.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.