Piedmont’s petition denied by CIF’s Football Advisory Committee

Just got hold of the recommendation’s by the CIF’s Football Advisory Committee and by unanimous 8-0 votes, the motions to consider Piedmont’s three-year experient with the A-11 and the motion for the CIF to ignore the NFHS rule change regarding the A-11 were defeated. At this point, the A-11 offense as we now know it is likely dead. Piedmont administrators will likely still work to have the Federated Council considered their petition, but if I were to guess on the chances of that happening after this unanimous vote, I’d have to say it’s about a 1,000,000-to-1. But as Jim Carrey said in “Dumb and Dumber,” “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!.”

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • So you’re telling me there’s a chance?!” Classic line….and my guess is that the guys at Piedmont have put so much into this that they will have a little more fight in them. I respect them for that. However, in my opinion, I hope the A11 goes away forever. The rules under which the offense was developed were clearly not intended as a basis for an offense.

    Ron Tarpley
    Prep News Report

  • tdterry

    Seen it, love it, and was not a fan of it before we saw it last year at Albany. Great offense and it will make the game better even under the new rules, it can still be executed to most of its effect.

    Looking forward to seeing it live again when Albany plays at Piedmont in 2009. Should be a great shootout.


  • Piedmontdad

    A-11 is glorious to watch, it will survive in a ratified version. The people at Piedmont should be proud of what they accomplished.

    Highlander Dad

  • Old meddling Former Coach

    As A Former Football Coach,I really didn’t like the A-11 And the Argument that Piedmont didn’t have size to play a regular offense didn’t wash as Encinal Had only 22 to 24 players With one lineman just over 300 lbs and had success. But When I talked to the Jet players this week,They said that it was too Bad about the A-11 because they had fun playing against it. And i also had to admit it was fun to watch our guys go against it.

  • runslikethewind

    It looks like Kurt and Steve will have to go back to selling snake oil. Geez, what a gimmick. Does this mean that Verve is no longer the official drink of the A-11? Perhaps they can rummage up some new defensive scheme and market that? Maybe something like the “trip tackle” in order to promote safety in smaller schools with lower enrollments? Maybe camouflaged weaponry? The hidden ball trick? One of things has got to sell!

  • KillerD

    The burning question remains, what other adjustments will be made within this offense?

    We did not face the A11 but were looking forward to it, now we will just get ready for to see it in its new version.

    Football strides forward and A11 is one more option for coaches to use. Should be an exciting 2009.


  • LLKnight

    We played piedmont in the playoffs a couple of years ago. Going into the game we were not worried at all about stopping their offense. But they were fast and well coached, that offense is legit.

    We rolled them in the 4th quarter but it was a close game until then.


  • Old meddling Former Coach

    KillerD,They’ll probably go to a run and shoot or a spread Offense.

  • PiedmontDad

    To the miniscule minded —- runslikethewind who namecalls our Piedmont coaches, those fine men spent two days last month being asked to meet with college coaches and two NFL scouts about the type of players projected to fit into an A-11 type offense, prioritizing player attributes.

    I oversaw one of the meetings as a favor to our coaches, and packaged the transcript for the scouts.

    You have no idea what you are talking about runslikethewind, the only thing that runs like the wind is your unfortunate mouth!

    Proud Highlander Dad

  • runslikethewind

    Overly-Proud Highlander Dad,

    Just Stop.
    I’m sorry everyone who is sensible, voted to allow the rules to be interpreted as they were meant to be. The A-11 is a gimmick that exploits a loophole. The loophole, as it was meant to be when it was written, has been closed. I’m sure Kurt and Steve will try to find another loophole… but rather than do that, why don’t we just PLAY THE GAME OF FOOTBALL THE WAY IT IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED! Oh that’s right, Piedmont is a small school of only what, 800 kids, that plays in the EBAL, no wait, the DFAL, no wait again, the OAL, woops I mean the BSAL against gigantic schools like John Swett 545 kids, St Pat St Vince 645 kids, St Mary’s 600 kids, Moreau 900 kids… in other words, against mostly like sized schools. And then thay go to the playoffs against… like sized schools. One of the their arguments is that allows small schools to compete against big schools… when did that happen? It’s not like they took on Logan, Deer Valley or Berkeley. It is what it is, a gimmick to separate a fool from his money. Kurt is the master propagandist, he’s done a great job fighting his battle, but the bottom line is, the people have had their say, and the people say IT AIN’T FOOTBALL.

    I’m sure Kurt and Steve were paid for their time last month. if they weren’t I’m sure they understood that meeting with college coaches to pass along the “secrets of the A-11” would be quite lucrative in the future.
    So I’ll take my “minuscule mind” and “unfortunate mouth” and wait and see if you guys choose to play football or exploit more loopholes… Hey I hear no one’s tried to implement circus animals into the game yet… see what you guys can do with that. How about “football on fire”… only the offense wears asbestos suits and gloves… that ought to even things up a bit for the smaller schools.

  • Sanford

    I though the the NFL and NCAA did not have the rule exception that allowed the A11 to function in highschool

  • PiedmontDad


    More you open your jaws, the less intelligent, painstakingly unworthy, and more ignorant you magically become.

    Simple as that, bad news for you.

    Highlander Dad

  • The Wood

    the A-11 was a joke and it always will be…Piedmont coaches were just trying to get famous and act like there team is soo small and cant compete against other schools when they put together these 50 man rosters… the schools in your league only have 30 at the most… The A-11 is a joke and so are those coaches who tryed to get famous off it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • LanceSims

    Now you will see how good the ole ball coach is and how he will change the offense and see if thy can win games with a new offense this year

  • PiedmontDad

    Thank the good Lord for the brave, intelligent and fun coaches like the two men we have, and all of our assistants on the hill at Piedmont.

    The A-11 will be at Piedmont in 2009 it will simply have different jersey numbers on some of the kids. The kids know that, the supportive parents do, and my son is fired up and raring to go.

    It never ceases to amaze me how there is such a nasty stench coming from the mouths of a few people who open their pie holes without understanding the basics of life or football.

    By the way, to the clown runslikethewind who said that college coaches probably paid our coaches for their insight, you should leave your idiocy at home – it is illegal for college coaches to do that for high school coaches in that setting.

    Highlander Dad

  • fieldpass

    hey, piedmontdad, can you ask the coaches how thier interview went at cal high?

  • runslikethewind

    ouch… You mean the “brave, intelligent and fun coaches like the two men we have, and all of our assistants on the hill at Piedmont” would want to leave the “supportive parents” of Piedmont? Why would they possibly want to do that?

    Could it be to get away from crazy parents like
    Piedmont Dad?????

    Tell you what Piedmont Dad since I’m so lacking in “understanding the basics of life or football,” I’ll google and see if the A-11 shows up for either one…

    I’m back, and surprise, surprise… it didn’t show. I was going to type in “Scam” but that would be a low blow… so I’ll let it go.

    Oh, and another thing. Before we start throwing “Brave” around, these guys coach football for God sakes. They do not land planes in the Hudson, or run into collapsing buildings looking to save people, and they’re not in some foreign land taking on sniper fire trying to liberate the masses. These guys are simply trying to forward their agenda in order to make a name for themselves. That’s it. Nothing too brave about that. So I’ll shut my “Stenchy piehole” now and let you respond with some other sanctimonious comment. But honestly, your comments, like the A-11, are becoming annoying and irrelevant.

  • PiedmontDad

    Runslikethewind, some people’s arrogance is only surpassed by their ignorance and you have joined that elite club.

    Good for you but too bad for the boys you coach.

    Highlander Dad

  • fieldpass

    PiedimontDad. Did you get a chance to see how the interview went for the cal high job? Why would they want to leave?

  • PiedmontDad

    Except for Pop Warner or Pee Wee football, coaching is about challenging yourself and your team.

    If and I say If he interviewed for a big potential coaching job as you say, that is wonderful news for him.

    Grow up Field Pass, you are sinking to the depths of runslikethewind.

    Piedmont people root for the success and advancement of their own, NOW do you get it? Good…

    Highlander Dad

  • fieldpass

    piedmontdad, all i did was ask a simple question. so i guess you dont know. but doesn’t it seem a little hypocritical to stand on the soap box with one leg demanding that they should be able to use the L-11 (loophole)for the good of all small schools and at the same time interviewing for a large school job. even you must think that is a little funny. so let me see if I get this. 2 college coaches and two NFL coaches came to ask the staff what type of players you need to run an offense that doesn’t exist and they needed someone to take notes. i’m sure they will be for sale soon, so let me guess. you need big fast people that can run and catch and block. was I close? but at your school you only have small kids, hence the L-11. Let’s skip to the facts. your going to have to play football the way the majority want it played. sorry.

  • runslikethewind

    Hey fieldpass, If you ask really nicely, and swear allegiance to the L-11, I’m sure Piedmontdad can send you the transcribed notes of the Cal High interview, but to save him the stamp it probably went something like this: “A-11 huh… Ha ha ha ha. Thanks for coming. No, we play REAL footbal here. There’s the door, bye”

  • Bryan wants out, Wade wants out, not a factor but Moreno wants out? I wonder how that sitting with the players from those schools that have dedicated themselves to those coaches? I’m liking my Jets chances a lil more in Div III. What morons to let that get out. I wonder how they’re going to be received at the weightroom Monday by their players? “Hey Coach did you get the job?” “We’re not good enough for you?” Terrible.

  • PiedmontDad

    More dumb typing by a handful of elitist idiots!

    The few cry babies on this board are so immature when it comes to understanding the game of life and how it relates to football coaching.

    It is godd to see GREAT coaches from top schools pursuing Head Jobs at the biggest schools.

    What is that you stupidly utter?

    Should only Poor coaches or Unemployed coaches pursue Big School Jobs?

    You guys are LOSERS and your impotent text shows it to all who must SUFFER through your baby minded ideas!

    You guys are WEAK sad excuses for coaches, quit the game and give better people than you a chance to lead their teams. You are SOFT, SOFT weak men.

    Highlander Dad

  • runslikethewind

    Okay, you win,

    “The few cry babies on this board are so immature when it comes to understanding the game of life and how it relates to football coaching”.

    Since you have the answers, would you care to use this forum to impart your knowledge to us? What is the game of life and how does it relate to football coaching?

    Also, Highlander Dad, it seems you have some kind of complex because you feel the need to call my text “Impotent” plus you feel the need to call others who disagree with you “soft” and “weak”. Wow, you are Freudian nightmare.

    Upon further review, I’m starting to get a little creeped out by you now, so, you win. I’m done here. Continued luck titlting at your windmills Don Quixote.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Well, Well, Well,

    Bryant wants out of Piedmont. Is that true? Jimmy Durkin, did you get a chance to see how the interview went for the cal high job? What happened? Sucks for Andrada, and that 6’4 defensive end who I dont have a name for. What is the name of that guy?

  • PiedmontDad

    Glad you are going away runslikethewind, you are weak.

    Let’s see if we got this straight in terms of what a few people think – the coaches who interviewed for the Cal job, Want Out of their current job?

    Crippling lack of wisdom by some folks on here.

    Longero, the Miramonte coach, Bryan, Moreno at Dublin, and the Serra coach ALL should be commended for having the —– to step up to the challenge of playing the best and seeing what might happen.

    It does not mean any of them want out, it means they have the maturity and football wisdom to see what might be a better challenge for them at this point.

    Crippling immaturity by some people on here.

    Reggie Hammond: The young man Keyton Arden earned a scholarship to Oregon as a Defensive End from Piedmont, and Joe Andrada will get division I offers soon.

    Our boys have a great quarterback at Piedmont, going to stun people, even though we lost an amazing player in George, wait until the people see Craigie.

    Scouts already on him and this will be his only season at QB, he was a receiver last year. 6’4, 220 lbs. and throws the football with amazing heat and accuracy.

    Not one coach can do everything right, but Coach Bryan and his staff must be doing something correct, they will have 4 or 5 Division 1 scholarship players coming out of our football program in the last four years when this season ends.

    Our kids love Coach B and the staff, so please grow up.

    Highlander Dad

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I don’t know any details about any interviews, but like Highlander Dad says, you can’t knock somebody just for going on an interview. You can love your job yet you always owe to yourself to hear about a new position if something comes up. Maybe Cal called some of these folks to have them come in for an interview just to hear from different people. Schools like to hear from different people, even if they know who they are going to give the job to.

  • Sanford


    4 or 5 D1 players over the last 4 years seems like a lot, that would make them one of the top 5 D1 schools in the area. Can you please name the 4 or 5, just seems like a bit of a stretch.

  • Reggie Hammond

    I hear you Jimmy. No, I dont knock any of those coaches actually a lot of this is new to my ears.

    Andrada is good too. I want to see him in action though in a more traditional offense.

  • PiedmontDad

    At the end of the 2009 season, Piedmont players with full rides for football over the last 4 years will be:

    Celloto at Oregon 2006, Arden at Oregon 2008, Andrada will accept a D1 offer in 2009, and Cragie will hopefully accpet a D1 or 1aa offer in 2009.

    I should have said, 3 or 4 scholis after 2009 season, and not 4 or 5, that mistake was all mine.

    Our kids are very excited by what the coaches are doing up on the hill at Piedmont. Since we know the kids are not normally big, those coaches do almost entirely speed work and nothing else.

    Highlander Dad

  • Reggie Hammond

    Piedmont Dad,
    did you hear anything about St. Pats? You guys think you can still beat them especially with transitioning into a new offense. What offense will Piedmont be running anyway? Who does St. Pats bring back thats good? Who is their next QB?

  • BigGreen


  • BigGreen

    hey Jimmy I might be late but did you know that Tonio Cellotto decided to leave the Oregon program and give up football? I just found out because I did not see his name on the roster so I started searching and i found out that he left school right before spring ball started and moved back to Southern California. For the most part it is due to personal reasons, and they said that his dad was very shocked but was going to support him, and that the coaching staff tried to give him some options just to keep him there. Did any of you guys know that already?