Berry to Cal State Monterey and Parker to Chico State

Hayward High standout guard Davion Berry, the 2008 co-player of the year in the Hayward Area Athletic League, signed with Cal State Monterey. Berry is a second team All-East Bay selection, as he led the Farmers to the NorCal Division III semifinals for the second straight season.

Rashad Parker, a 6-foot-1 guard, signed with Chico State. The Castro Valley superstar hit 64 3-pointers and averaged 18 points per game. He led the Trojans to the North Coast Section Division I quarterfinals last season and to the semifinals in 2008. Parker also led Castro Valley to the schools first HAAL crown in 20 years in 2008. He was a second team All-East Bay selection this year.


  • B-Town

    Congrats to both of those guys. They were a big part in creating the whole buzz with HAAL Basketball. I witness Berry and Parker both light it up.

  • Michael Bower

    And now both will be playing in the CCAA. Should be some more great showdowns between the two. The CCAA is also where Cal State East Bay will be playing next year. So the two should be back in town at some point. Very exciting stuff. I have to say those two will go down as the top 5 favorite players to watch for me.

  • Hugo Bossy

    This time of the yr is when us Adults smile. Anytime you see these kids getting ready to take the next step and go on to college. Berry was one of my favorite prep kids in the last decade. You have to love a underdog to go from bench player to League MVP in such a short time was a great story for me to share with my Freshmen team players. Work hard and good things will happen.

    As for Parker a lights out shooter anyone who saw him play at Hayward this yr would have thought Ray Allen’s little brother was out on the court. Also a good story when you look at Last yrs Castro Valley team he was the fourth option after. Jourdan Deymunch, D.J. Broom and Dan Thiecher. Another hard working good kid.

  • Ricky

    I agree with Bower everyone obviously knew Jared Cunningham was the man. But Berry and Parker were not far behind. I know the Haal has some great young talent but I will sure miss wathing these guys next year. I wish them both the best of luck as they move on.

  • B-Town

    Right they will also face a fellow Berkeley High product Mark Samuels. Davion and Mark have been AAU teamates since they were like tots, so I know they are both loking forward to that match up.

  • Daniel

    Bower – I think that only leaves Brue out of the HAAL top seniors? Any word on him? What about Shaheed Young? Keith Martin?

  • Michael Bower

    Last I heard Brue was still searching for a school. I will see him today at the baseball game so I will ask him. Shaheed Young should end up somewhere. I haven’t heard anything. Same with Keith Martin.

  • CJ

    Berry had a great 2 years at HHS,Ive seen a lot of great guards come out the eastbay,He’s rightup there with them.

  • LanceSims

    Hey Jimmy,
    Anyword on Damon Powell or any of the OAL players and where they will be attending school next year?

  • BigGreen

    Powell is going to Southern Idaho from what has been reported. I think that’s a great move and he will benefit greatly from it!

  • Yeah, Powell is headed to Southern Idaho. Here’s my post that you must’ve missed.


    I’m not sure about any others off hand, other than Cherry to Montana. I know I had been told at one point that Nefi Perdomo was likely to go to Chico State.

  • e_CULB

    Jimmy still no word on that ACCAL? I heard some weird news just looking to confirm.

  • Prep Fan

    Jimmy, your post on Powell going to Southern Idaho is dated 4/28, and LanceSims question about Powell was dated 4/24, so he hadn’t actually missed it yet. 🙂