East Bay Baseball Poll 4/27

Here’s the latest East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Clayton Valley (7) 16-2 119 2
2. Monte Vista 12-4 106 1
3. Irvington (1) 15-4 96 4
4. Campolindo 16-3 93 5
5. De La Salle 9-8 88 7
6. Miramonte 15-2-1 82 6
7. San Ramon Valley 11-7 72 3
8. Freedom 14-4 68 10
9. Foothill 11-7 62 8
10. Deer Valley 14-3 41 9
11. Bishop O’Dowd 15-3 37 11
12. Alhambra 14-5 21 13
13. California 12-6 20 12
14. Newark Memorial 16-5 15 14
15. Amador Valley 11-7 13 15

Others receiving votes: Arroyo (11-6, 6 points), Northgate (12-5, 6),  Alameda (14-4, 6), Head-Royce (17-1, 5), Livermore (10-9, 4). The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers. Records are through games played Saturday.

Chace Bryson

  • Alameda 7
    Clayton Valley 5

    at Clayton Valley in a non conference game today…..

  • Tom Meyer

    Wow great job Alameda!!!!

  • Doug Anderson

    Seems to me that the poll is biased against smaller schools.. Alameda and Head Royce did not make the top 15.. and Redwood Christian did not get any notice, while larger schools with average record (11-7) make the top 15.

  • Baseball24

    Alameda, now 15 – 4, certainly deserves a spot in the polls by beating No. 1 Clayton Valley at Clayton Valley.


    Well, Well, Well,

    Doug, Meyer, BB24, I cant wait to see Encinal High kick Alameda’s az in football buddy. Alameda will not be able to hang. Remember this headline, “Jets turn Island Bowl into mismatch”. I hope that they have some nerd ball players playing football too. Ruck and Ruckman will get the buisness. Believe that. I hear they have a little running back too. Okay thats cool. Encinal is trying to keep him under 50 yards rushing.

  • Alameda will almost assuredly be in the poll next week. It might be the hottest team in the East Bay with 10 straight wins. The voting here was done before the Monday game with Clayton Valley.

    As for the small school argument, remember that Redwood Christian was ranked earlier in the year when it was undefeated. They got knocked off after the loss to Head-Royce. And Head-Royce is up there, but there’s a lot of good teams and it’s hard to get them all ranked and we do have to consider the difference between Division I and Division V competition.

  • Tom Meyer

    Murdoc I could care less what happens in football. I care about Irvington baseball……however there are several players on the Alameda team that my son traveled to Mexico with to play a in the World Tournament a couple years back and they are great kids so I will always root for them except when they play Irvington

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Alameda is not a small school…

  • SoftballBob

    It’s too bad there isn’t a way to expand the ranking to by division. I’m sure that’s a lot more work in the long run, but it is difficult to keep track of Div I, II, III etc when viewing all these schools. Might also help sort out other issues I see on these posts as well?

    There are definately some good small schools, and some bad big schools. Perhaps next year….?

  • Baseball24

    Murdoc. You have obviously missed the point that we are in the baseball season. Encinal has had a great football team and season, but not what we are discussing here.

  • Ballfan

    I agree with Softballbob that it would be nice to see a ranking by division; however, I recognize that staff size and resources make this not feasible. My suggestion: Those of us familiar with any particular division put up our own top three east bay teams for that division and invite others to comment/disagree. I’ll start with Division IV – my rankings (three BSAL teams):

    1. St. Joe’s – Despite 2 recent losses (one in league to St. Pat’s and one non-league to College Park), still on top pending Friday’s contest with St. Mary’s

    2. St. Mary’s – Can’t seem to beat Albany (a Division III team). Other than that and a bad showing against College Park (every team gets one mulligan) has played well this year against some decent teams (Alhambra-split two gms, Acalanes, San Leandro, etc.) Will look to avenge only other league loss to St. Joe’s on Friday.

    3. Salesian – Strong hitting squad with good pitching. Split with St. Joe’s (losing most recent gm gives St. Joe’s the edge in ranking) and lost to St. Mary’s – rematch will be in final game of regular season.

    Thoughts? Comments? Other divisions? – If Staff can’t do it (we understand), let’s take up the challenge.


    Football season started when the raiders drafted Bey. When I read about Alameda I think Football. Football.

  • CV, Alameda, Northgate, Arroyo, Concord are all Eastbay NCS DII schools who will probably see each other in NCS.

    They will likely face some of the top DII teams from the Northbay..Cardinal Newman, Casa Grande, Montgomery, Rancho Cotate,.. should be fun.

    As for nerdy players…I hope all players are athletic nerds as this tells you how balanced the kid is!!! Also easier for college qualification and scholarship purposes….

  • groundskeeper

    It would be nice to have each division champ 1-6 have an extended playoff to make one NCS champ. There would be no arguing small school or private or big. Just wishful thinking…

  • Prep Fan

    It might help some of us readers if the polls showed a separate column with the division of the school that is ranked. Once you do it, it would be easy to just move that with the teams. For those intersted, here is the link to the NCS schools division breakdown for baseball:


  • BSAL fan

    Great post Bellfan, the BSAL has been ignored all season long. The only mention of the BSAL games in the paper is the line score. Very rarely do you see an article of games played every Wednesday and Friday. It also shows how biased the polls are toward the teams on the other side of the hill. For a team not to be ranked to beat the #1 team shows that the guys ranking the teams have not spent enough time watching ALL bay area high school games small or large.

  • There are too many Teams and too few Sports Writers. For the most part, it’s pretty balanced reporting for the East Bay. In a many cases, comments from the blog have been followed up on and attention given where it’s due.

    Everyone keep posting with your comments. I’ve learned a lot about other Teams as a result. This blog is really fun to read when everyone spouts for their Team and then we all root and rant back.

    This is the first thing I read every morning and it’s fun to participate.

  • groundskeeper

    I just heard there was a brawl last week between San lorenzo and Hayward. Both teams had to forfeit their next games. I don’t know what started it but according to the box scores that I saw, SLZ was winning 1-0. I don’t know if they are gonna finish that game or not. If anybody seen that game and has some more input I’d like to know.

  • GrizzlieBBFan

    Well, once again the Cal High baseball team came through with a BIG win over Foothill 4-3. The team that does not get respect is facing Monte Vista at home on Friday. If Cal can pull out a win, they will be tied for first place. Congrats to the young men from Cal High for a great win!

  • Photo Moment

    San Lorenzo was throwing a No Hitter during that game. But Head Royce hasn’t played any good schools yet. I can’t wait to watch the 2a play-offs. CV is not a D-2 school, they are a D-3. But Arroyo and Alameda will see each other and I would like to watch that one. Alameda beat them earlier in the season but it seems to me Arroyo is playing a lot better via Max Preps. I also would like to see Northgate play, but will see.

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to Cal. They just keep winning games under the radar. But, IF (and it is a big IF) they can pull out a huge win against MV Friday, they would no longer qualify for the witness protection program.

  • The NCS format changed this year…6 Divisions…possibly in preparation for a future State Championship?

    The CV that I referred to is Clayton Valley and they are at a school population of 1817 which is a D II team (1451 to 2000 students).

  • Ballfan

    BSAL/Div IV update:

    St. Mary’s beat Piedmont on Wed., and St. Joe’s lost to Encinal (who are coming on strong in the second 1/2 of their first BSAL season) – so the race for the BSAL title has tightened with SM, Salesian, and Albany (Div III) all within a game St. Joe’s and SM only a 1/2 game out.

    In the Encinal win, St. Joe’s pitcher Victor Rupublicano suffered his first loss of the season, but is still a very impressive 9-1.

    Friday’s key game between SM and SJ has been ppd to Saturday 5/9.

  • Just a fan

    Didn’t DeLaSalle shut-out Cal last week?

  • Baseball Rankings comparison

    1. Clayton Valley 14
    2. Monte Vista 30
    3. Irvington 63
    4. Campolindo 73
    5. De La Salle 72
    6. Miramonte 97
    7. San Ramon Valley 138
    8. Freedom 49
    9. Foothill 89
    10. Deer Valley 56
    11. Bishop O’Dowd 66
    12. Alhambra 187
    13. California 54
    14. Newark Memorial 122
    15. Amador Valley 75

  • How does MAX PREPS rate a team? Do they have a “BCS” Computer ranking system with complex formulas? OH NO!!!! Wonder how they do it since they probably have minimal to no on-site coverage of games…

    I hear 4 of 6 NCS Championship games will be at the Oakland Coliseum..

  • GrizzliesBB

    Just A Fan….DeLaSalle did beat Cal 9-0 last week. Cal has lost 3 games in league. Monte Vista, SRV and DLS. The beat AV twice, Foothill twice and Granada and Livermore once….My feeling is that they are playing well above expectations but have a fairly weak hitting club. This EBAL is tough to figure out. Today against Monte Vista will be interesting. Monte Vista is deep in pitching but do not score a lot of runs. If Cal’s pitchers can keep it close, who knows….

  • CoachD

    No offense to Cal players when I say that they are winning more games than anyone expected. They did the same thing a few years ago when they won a Co-championship in a league with teams that had much better talent. The new coaching staff these past few years has sure been doing a whole lot with not quite the talent they have had in their past championship years.

  • My NCS DII Rankings:
    1 – Clayton Valley
    2 – Casa Grande
    3 – Alameda
    4 – Cardinal Newman
    Top 4 get a bye…
    5 – Montgomery
    6 – Northgate
    7 – Arroyo
    8 – Rancho Cotate
    9 – Concord
    10 – Redwood
    11 – Petaluma
    12 – Eureka

    Hopefully the NCS will not have all of the teams in close proximity (i.e. CV – Concord – Northgate, Alameda – Arroyo) play each other first before traveling out of the area. I want to see the East Bay teams play some of the North Bay teams in the first round.

  • groundskeeper

    There’s still a few more weeks left but Arroyo beat College Park 12-1 and beat Hayward twice 25-4, 7-5. Northgate lost twice to College Park and once to Hayward. I think Arroyo should be #6.

  • GrizzliesBB

    Hey CoachD…I agree with your comments about Cal High this season. You have to credit the coaching staff for putting the right lineups and pitchers in. You also have to credit the young men for coming up in the big games. At the start of the year, the feeling with the parents was that we have the talent to compete against any team outside of the EBAL. We felt that we would struggle against the top pitchers in the league. Well, we have exceeded expectations. The young men have all the confidence in the world against any team they face. Overall, it has been a very good year. This week will be a challenge with MV, SRV and Livermore….It does not get any easier in this league.

  • Photo Moment

    Arroyo will be 6 or 5

  • Does Castro Valley have a chance at NCS? Are they DI? They beat Arroyo today 3-2.