East Bay Softball Poll – 4/27

Here’s the latest East Bay Softball Poll. Enjoy


Team Record Points Last week
1. Freedom (8) 15-3 120 1
2. Livermore 16-2 112 2
3. Foothill 13-5 103 3
4. Antioch 13-4 95 6
5. Concord 13-3 85 4
6. Pinole Valley 13-2 77 10
7. Las Lomas 15-3 55 12
8. Albany 14-2 54 11
9. Castro Valley 13-5 51 15
10. Liberty 13-5 45 7
11. Bishop O’Dowd 16-2 40 8
12. James Logan 17-2-1 32 5
13. Deer Valley 9-7 29 14
14. San Ramon Valley 10-8 24 9
15. College Park 9-6 13 NR

Also receiving votes: Berkeley (14-6, 9 points), Alhambra (9-8, 7), Amador Valley (9-9, 1).The East Bay Prep Softball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Ben Enos

  • look out

    Heritage on a roll beat Liberty,Clayton,Deer Valley guess you should rank them now with Freedom barely escaping with wins

  • Statler & Waldorf

    Where’s Amador? Ranking Castro Valley, O’dowd and Albany ahead of a team like Amador or even Cal. Be serious.

  • SoftballBob

    So is the poll supposed to be a based on the premise of what has a team done lately, or on the overall season and competitive strength of a team’s schedule?

    Currently the teams mentioned above are:
    Heritage 4 – 6; 8 – 11
    Amador Valley 6 – 3; 9 – 10
    California 3 – 6; 10 – 9

    The current poll is fine.

  • Ben Enos

    SoftballBob, that’s an interesting question you bring up. It’s something I know everyone who votes struggles with each week because there’s always going to be the point that well, maybe the smaller schools wouldn’t beat the big schools with worse records.

    I think what we try and do is reward a given team for doing well, no matter the division. I was just thinking about it and I’ve actually seen 15 of the 18 teams listed here play, and I think the poll is fairly good at the moment. It gets a bit easier as the season winds down I think.

  • SoftballBob

    Ben, it was actually more of a rhetorical question. I appreciate the poll as is, yet have asked a question or two regarding teams left off the poll here-and-there.

    Overall, I think the poll accurately reflects reality, and understand the answer to my question is a little of each.

    Also agree with the post in today’s CCT regarding the BVAL; Freedom vs. Heritage game. Not sure who posted it, but Freedom could be in for another tough game and possibly and upset, as Heritage is playing better, and did play Freedom tough that last match-up.

  • get real

    Freedom has nothing to worry about….Jonas will out coach Rivers just like last game…SoftballBob nobody cares about the poll they just want to make playoffs then its on…. as for the BVAL Way over rated DV and Liberty

  • mckbooth

    Oh we look forward to the rankings so we can argue with you, “GET REAL”. You’ve got to admit that’s why they play the game. This should be a real competitive NCS.
    Lots of upsets!!!

  • Statler & Waldorf

    Be nice to see teams like PV, Albany, O’Dowd, Logan etc…play in tournaments like the Queen of the Mountain or Livermore Stampede…to substantiate their rankings.

  • Fastpitch fan

    The quality leagues are seeing game scores tighten as the season nears completion. That is where the best NCS competition will come from. #1 Freedom v. #2 Livermore will be at risk if the selection committee gets it right.

  • mckbooth

    Well Statler it looks to me like they’ve played there share of strong opponents that were in those tournaments. Logan beat San Ramon, CV, Amador Valley,Pinole and Odow’d.
    Arroyo and Acalanes, Newark Memorial and others have all played these teams.
    It’s just wrong to think they can’t play with middle of the pack ebal or dfal. They are good teams.
    ON any given day 15 can beat 1 and thats why they play the game.
    The Stanley cup is a good tournment. Certainly the caliber of Queen of the Mountain.

    It’ll be an interesting NCS.

  • SoftballBob

    Get Real? People must care about the poll, they (and you) visit it?

    I agree that Liberty is way over rated, but DV is playing very well right now and could be a dark horse.

    Softball Fan…?…what do you mean by …Freedom and Livermore could be at risk? Because they won’t be ranked 1 & 2, or becasue they might get beat?

  • Fastpitch fan

    SoftballBob: Because they might get beat. The top teams have each had recent close games and this should continue in the NCS.