East Bay Baseball Poll 5/04

Here’s the latest East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Monte Vista (7) 13-5 119 2
2. Clayton Valley 18-3 108 1
3. De La Salle 10-8 99 5
4. Irvington (1) 16-4 93 3
5. Freedom 16-4 83 8
6. Miramonte 16-3-1 78 6
7. Campolindo 17-4 73 4
8. Deer Valley 16-3 67 10
9. Bishop O’Dowd 17-3 52 11
10. California 13-7 46 13
11. Amador Valley 12-7 40 15
12. San Ramon Valley 11-8 23 7
13. Foothill 11-8 22 9
14. Alameda 16-4 20 NR
15. Alhambra 15-6 19 12

Others receiving votes: Newark Memorial (16-5, 11 points), Dublin (12-8, 3), Concord (13-7, 2), Head-Royce (18-1, 1), College Park (10-9, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers. Records are through games played Saturday.

Chace Bryson

  • LocalFan

    Cal beat Monte Vista 2-1 today (Monday).

  • dlsfan

    DLS beat Foothill 14-1. DLS will win league!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Curse of the No. 1.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal now tied for first in the EBAL and no longer lurking under the radar. MV has some serious pitching, but they will need their hitters to get it going if they are going to make some noise at NCS. I wonder who pitched for MV and Cal tonight? Sounds like it may have been a great pitchers’ duel.

  • EBAL Dad

    Steven Swift and Joey Wagman for MV. Kyle Gallegos pitched a complete game for Cal

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Every Monte Vista pitcher knows what Matt Cain felt like last year for the Giants.

    The Mustangs are allowing just 1.5 runs per game in league, but only score 2.5.

  • EBAL Dad

    Any update on the DLS vs. Foothill game?

  • Tom Meyer

    Irvington had another power show 3 monster homers. Moved up on spot in the new Chronicle poll.

    (05-04) 19:07 PDT — Records through Sunday, May 3rd.

    The Chronicle Baseball Top 20
    School W-L-T Last
    1. Serra 21-5 3
    2. Clayton Valley 18-3 1
    3. Monte Vista 13-5 2
    4. Bellarmine 19-6 6
    5. St. Francis 20-7 4
    6. Los Gatos 20-3 5
    7. Valley Christian 20-7 8
    8. Irvington 16-4 9
    9. Mitty 18-9 7
    10. Wilcox 21-5 10
    11. California 13-6 15
    12. Foothill 11-8 11
    13. De La Salle 10-8 12
    14. Alameda 16-4 19
    15. Bishop O’Dowd 17-3 13
    16. Freedom 16-4 14
    17. Deer Valley 16-3 18
    18. Amador Valley 12-7 NR
    19. Casa Grande 16-4 20
    20. Miramonte 16-3-1 NR

    The Chronicle Softball Top 20

  • GrizzliesBB

    Hey Cal…You better watch out. If you keep winning those big games, people will have to take you seriously! You will no longer be able to sneak up on the top teams anymore. Great game yesterday. Gallegos pitched a great game! Up next at SRV on Wed.

  • Photo Moment

    No Arroyo, but college park? Arroyo beat them by 10 and there 17-7

  • NCS DI Projections based on records:
    Monte Vista
    De La Salle
    Deer Valley
    Bishop O’Dowd
    Amador Valley
    San Ramon Valley
    Newark Memorial
    Castro Valley

    and in the running for the last spot – CollegePark/Antioch/SanLeandro/Berkeley/Mt Eden/Foothill

  • dlsfan

    DLS just beat Monte Vista on a walk off hit, 2-1.

    What happened with Irvington?

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Irvington won 11-8 they will play Newark again tomorrow at 11 am for the #1 seed in MVAL tourney

  • A continuation of my prior week’s rankings with some small changes..

    My NCS DII Rankings:
    1 – Clayton Valley
    2 – Alameda
    3 – Casa Grande
    4 – Montgomery
    Top 4 get a bye…
    5 – Cardinal Newman
    6 – Arroyo
    7 – Northgate
    8 – Rancho Cotate
    9 – Concord
    10 – Redwood
    11 – Petaluma
    12 – Eureka or Heritage for the last spot

  • Prep Fan

    So if Cal beats DLS next Friday, it could mean a 3-way tie for the EBAL title, if each team wins their other games.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Cal actually lost to Livermore. So this is where we’re at

    For Cal/DLS share the title (Cal wins tiebreaker):

    Cal sweep next week + DLS getting swept + MV gets swept.

    For Cal/MV/DLS all share the title (Cal wins tiebreaker):

    Cal sweeps + DLS gets swept + MV goes 1-1.

    For MV/DLS share (DLS has tiebreaker):

    DLS loses once, MV sweeps.

    For MV wins alone:

    MV sweeps, DLS gets swept.

    For DLS wins alone:

    Anything else.

    *Cal cannot win alone, but it does hold the NCS tiebreaker.

    DLS –
    MV 1
    Cal 2

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Kyle you really need to get a life or a wife…..LOL

  • GrizzlieBBFan

    Cal really needs to step up this week against Granada and DLS. They had the SRV game and fell apart and never seemed to gel yesterday against Livermore. It would be tough losing 4 games in a row and going into NCS seedings pleading for a seed.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Anyone have the results of the Irv-Nwk game

  • mckbooth

    Newark 5 Irvington 2

  • Ballfan

    If season ended today, here’s my guess at 12 Div IV teams (not in seeding order) to make NCS:

    *leads league (automatic bid)
    **projected top 4 seed (gets 1st Rd bye)

    *Marin Catholic **
    St. Mary’s **
    St. Joe’s **
    *Fort Bragg
    Berean Christian
    St. Patrick-St. Vincent

  • irvfan

    The final score in the Irv/NM game was NM 4 Irv 3 in 10 innings

  • baseball fan

    If DLS wins out should they get the #1 seed? They have beaten MV twice and Serra. Is CV truly worthy of a #1 seed because of the league they are in? EBAL is regarded as the best league up and down. DLS also beat Newark Memorial who did beat Irvington. DLS has six 1 run loses. Those games could have gone either way. Give me some feedback.

  • GrizzliesBB

    This is a very interesting, final regular season week. Cal plays at Granada and at DLS. They really need to win at least one of these games to go into the NCS meetings with a little justification. In league, they beat AV and Foothill twice. They lost to SRV twice. Split with MV….They beat Newark twice but lose to Freedom twice….The NCS seeding meetings will be very interesting…I would imagine that MV and SRV play this week as well as AV and Foothill.

  • hsbbguru


    you were close with your predictions, but I would like to add my two cents. If Alameda and Clayton Valley were still D1 those two along with Irvignton and Freedom would all be in the top 4

    1. Irvington ( They deserve the number 1 seed. Sure they lost the tie breaker to NM but they have beat the teams they needed to beat.)

    2. Freedom ( Hands down better than every team in the EBAL. They are a complete baseball team)

    3. DeLa Salle ( Hate to give them credit, but hey what are you going to do. They win when it counts)

    4. Monte Vista ( Will only advance if they can hit. I predict they will lose their first round game)

    5. Deer Valley or Newark Memoria (Choose because they are the next best teams on the board)

    6. Bishop O’Dowd ( What happens if Jaffe is wild and who pitches in game 2? have a shot at winning their first game then reality sets in)

    7. Amador Valley (Only if they win their final two games.

    8. This is a turkey shoot. Any of these teams can get the remaining spots.

    San Ramon needs to win final two games to make NCS Period!

    Castro Valley should be the last team considered only because they have only one quality win and that was last week against O’Dowd. I really don’t think they will get in based on the fact they have a very weak schedule.

    Antioch could get the 8 or 9 seed if they beat Freedom and DV this week.

    California, two losses to Freedom and one to Pitt hurts them, but should get 8 or 9 seed with two wins this week.

    College Park ( one year wonder. Probably will finish 4th in their league. Doesn’t deserve NCS bid this year)

    Foothill (NO WAY would take an absolute miracle or favor for them to get in.)

    MT. Eden. See Castro Valley. Absolutely not)

    Berkeley only way for them to get in is for them to win their league. If that happens something bad will have had to happen to Alameda or El Cerrito. Berkeley is just not good. They should be thanking Richmond, DeAnza and Hercules for allowing them to save face in league.

    San Leandro? Who are you kidding?

  • PrepBBFan

    Bishop O’Dowd should be higher than 6.

    Top 4 should be Irvington, Freedom, DLS/MV, O’Dowd.

    Deer Valley, Newark, DLS/MV are in. Castro Valley should get in (a win is a win, quality or not). Cal should get in pretty easy. They have faired very well in EBAL, and their losses to Freedom and justified and the loss to Pitt was a long time ago. San Ramon is probably better than a lot of teams (whether or not they get in we will see). Amador should slip in.

    Best Antioch can do is 13-11. They dont update stats, but from what I understand they have one pitcher and cant hit and they have no wins over notable NCS D1 teams. 8 or 9 seed is RIDICULOUS! They can pray for the 12 seed. Do you take a 13-11 Antioch or a 13-11 San Ramon. Give me San Ramon! College Park can finish strong and get in. They are well coached and proved last year they are tournament tested.

    Mission SJ is in the hunt. Mt Eden is in the hunt. Foothill probably on outside looking in.

  • hsbbguru

    Prep BB FAN

    have you watched Mission SJ or MT Eden? they are JV teams. How about San Ramon? I don’t agree with you about Antioch but you are entitled to your opinion. I watched all the teams in question you mention including antioch and you are wrong about them but that is why the seedings will be interesting. you are right about castro valley but that is one quality win the entire season. oh well i just love hs sports.

  • Hsbbguru, Prep BB Fan,

    Thanks for your insight. Can’t wait until BANG and Chron polls come out today and also for the playoffs to be announced on Sunday…

    Which teams have strong #1 & #2 pitchers? Would think that should carry most teams through NCS. Especially under the premise that top pitching always beats top hitting.

  • hsbbguru

    After Friday’s games we should all be able to tell who will be in. EBAL plays on Wednesday/Friday. BVAL plays on Tuesday/Thursday. Look for the majority of teams to come from these two leagues.

  • junior

    Kyle B
    DLS beat MV twice, therefore, dont they only need to win one game this week to win the EBAL? Isnt head to head the tiebreaker?