Kravitz resigns as football coach at San Ramon Valley


San Ramon Valley High’s Dave Kravitz has reportedly resigned as the school’s football coach.

A reason for his departure is still unclear.

Kravitz has been the coach at San Ramon for the past 17 seasons and he also resigned after the 2006 season before coming back.

At the time, he cited a disagreement with the schools administration.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • WaitWhat??

    Save face?? He already had a job at Chabot. I think the student-athlete dying had something to do with his return. By the way, if you bad mouth administrators, what other administrator is going to hire you? Pointing fingers gets you nowhere in case you haven’t figured that out. Maybe using family is not the best excuse, but you have to admit it seems to be a common one. Didn’t Sweeney use that only to return a year later?

  • KillerD

    Any news on the goings on in Danville at San Ramon?

    Who is leading the Wolf Pack?

  • Just Info

    for you to assume that you know sooo much about the interviews you are totally OFF…you really don’t know JACK about who has applied nor about the candidates. I would love to know where you get your info from, but I am starting to think that you lay in bed at night (alone) and dream up stories to share.

    Your assumptions of who applied are incorrect. In addition, you claim to know information of all the coaches that applied. However I had either worked or coached with a great number of these coaches and they are not what you say they are.

    How about this for information…..an offer was made today at SR. Did you know that (I get the feeling you will say that your knew, but I don’t think you knew!!!!!) Even though an offer was made, nothing was accepted!!

    KillerD – you are DONE…you don’t know the EBAL, you make attempts to prove your knowledge, however you don’t truly know.

    SOOOO back off, speak the truth or GET OUT of our blogs. We want the truth, not your “thoughts”

  • runslikethewind

    Actually “Just Info”, I enjoy KillerDs take… although totally off on virtually everything, he is amusing. And while most of us are left scratching our heads on where he gets his stuff, or why he makes it up, it makes the day go by quicker… so, lay on KillerD, continue to tell us that Mike Shanahan is a candidate for the Cal High job; Bob Ladouceur and Patrick Walsh will Co-coach at SRVUSD; Craig Bergman, John Wade and Brian Hamilton will leave the high school ranks to coach in the new pro league; their dining habits, et al…

    These are blogs… the truth is, there is no truth.

  • KillerD

    Why would an assumed good coach, go through the interview rigamarole, and expose himself to query and such, and if San Ramon offered him the job, then spit in their face and turn it down?

    And to boot, Mr. Just Info, you profess openly to have coached and worked with a “great number” of the coaches talked about on this blog, and so do you mean by your statement, that these coaches are good or bad?

    Sounds iffy.

  • PO’d

    We are hearing bad rumors around SRV.

    Who or what is running this mixed up hiring process to replace Coach Kravitz?


  • PO’d too

    There is no hiring process….they are just going through the motions (whatever those might be) and the job will be given to Kessler. The principal has been working on this for two years.


    Congrats to Coach Kessler on being named the next Varsity coach at SRV. Perhaps now, some of the people who seem to monopolize this blog to get attention will now stay silent.
    Again, congrats to Coach Kessler and now it is time to move forward!

  • KillerD

    This is part of my post regarding the now new Varsity head coach at San Ramon, Mark Kessler.

    “Kessler, San Ramon. You’ve come a long, long way from the good ol days in the Creek at Las Lomas. Everybody deserves a second chance. This could be your moment to shine.”

    Congratulations to Coach Kessler, like I said, everybody who works hard and never gives up – deserves a second chance to shine.

    And, I find it interesting that PO’d Too says the Principal has been “working on this for two years.”

    Good luck in the EBAL Coach Kessler!

  • NCS Ray

    It’s funny the perspectives that people have and what they base them on.

    Casey Moreno- have worked with him. Very disorganized. Not ready for this side of the East Bay Hills.

    Brian Hamilton – Complete jerk. Not loyal to anyone but himself.

    Ron Thompson – Another untrustworthy guy who only looks after himslef.

    Bill Hoefs – Definitely NOT a head coach type. Doesn’t matter that he was head coach at Washington. Key word “was.”

    Kessler – a good guy. Got a lot out of kids at Benicia when he was head coach there. Smart too.

    Becker – another good guy. Not a head coach though.

    John Wade – uninspiring.