East Bay Prep Baseball Poll 5/11

Here’s the latest East Bay Prep Baseball Poll. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Clayton Valley (1) 20-3 126 2
2. De La Salle (4) 13-8 124 3
3. Monte Vista 14-7 110 1
4. Irvington (4) 19-5 104 4
5. Freedom 18-4 103 5
6. Miramonte 18-3-1 96 6
7. Campolindo 18-4 84 7
8. Alameda 17-4 83 14
9. Bishop O’Dowd 18-4 57 9
10. Deer Valley 17-5 52 8
11. Amador Valley 14-8 50 11
12. Newark Memorial 20-6 49 NR
13. California 14-8 47 10
14. Foothill 12-10 23 13
15. San Ramon Valley 13-9 11 12

Others receiving votes: Castro Valley (14-8, 6 points), Concord (14-8, 5), Salesian (15-5, 3), Dublin (13-9, 2), Head-Royce (19-2, 1), College Park (12-10, 1). The East Bay Prep Baseball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers. Records are through games played Saturday.

Chace Bryson

  • High school baseball fan

    Newark Memorial should only have 19 wins. They have a win against Washington listed twice.

  • groundskeeper

    Arroyo is still getting no respect. They beat College Park 12-1 and are ahead of Castro Valley in the Haal. Arroyo has an overall 15-7 record. Arroyo is 1-1 vs BOD and Castro Valley and is currently in second place in Haal only one game behind first place BOD.

  • hsbbguru

    Don’t mean to come off as an EBAL basher but the bottom three EBAL teams have absolutely no business in your ranking system. If you aren’t at least .500 in your league, how can you be ranked? Hopefully the reporters EBAL bias doesn’t influence any of the committees on Sunday. That would be a political shame. To be fair to everyone, why not wait until Sunday and come up with a coaches poll or updated ranking after Friday’s games? Just a thought. I agree with Groundskeeper about Arroyo but not Castro Valley. Castro Valley has one win against BO and thats it for the year. College Park does have a good coach but a horrible team. Berean Christian exposed that when they played. Don’t get me started with Foothill or San Ramon!!! Come on start voting with your heads and not the league that DLS is in! I would like to see Mr. Bryson come up with a revised ranking after everything is said and done on Friday. Peace my fellow high school baseball fans!

  • Photo Moment

    Arroyo is getting no respect, Head Royce though is? Also College Park is horrible. Much respect, I am rooting for Alameda to win it all but think Arroyo will see them in the championship.

  • I hope the East Bay teams (Alameda, Clayton Valley, Arroyo, Northgate, Concord ) play against the North Bay teams before facing each other.

    Most likely two teams from the East Bay and two from the North Bay to get #1 seeds. Scenario that I hope for –

    Alameda & Clayton Valley get #1s in the East Bay and Arroyo, Northgate or Concord get #2s in the North Bay.

    East Bay and North Bay teams would not face each other hopefully until semi finals or finals if eveything works out….

  • Photo Moment

    Arroyo should be ahead of Northgate. NG lost to Hayward and College Park, which arroyo beat them a combined 3 times. But Alameda to the finals!!!

  • Softball fan

    Alameda and Clayton both can’t get 1 seeds.

  • groundskeeper

    I should have been clearer on what I typed earlier. I meant Arroyo is 1-1 vs Castro Valley. Castro Valley is in D-1 this year and shouldn’t make the playoffs even though they are much better than College Park. I wonder why some of these sports writers are pumping up certain teams: CP,Castro Valley,Foothill and even Monte Vista(Good Pitching but No Hitting). I know MV is a playoff contender but they should not be ranked #3. Alameda should be ranked higher maybe #4 especially after beating Clayton Valley. I hope you sports writers get it together before this sunday.

  • junior

    Kyle B—
    DLS beat MV twice, therefore, dont they only need to win one game this week to win the EBAL? Isnt head to head the tiebreaker?

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Hey Steve How’s that food out at Newark Memorial,,, does it give Logan a run for their money….LOL

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    It was great. Thanks a lot. You make a mean tri-tip, that’s for sure. Great games last week. Looking forward to some good playoff games this week. You going to be out there?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    It’s head to head in the second round of league play.

    DLS just needs to win once this week to clinch the automatic bid.

    MV needs go 2-0 and have DLS go 0-2 to get the automatic bid (and home field).

    Cal needs to go 2-0, have DLS to go 0-2 and have Monte Vista lose at least once for it to get the automatic bid.

  • Softball Fan

    I meant #1 seeds (4 of them) in the NCS DII level for both Alameda and Clayton Valley. Not #1 in the polls as there could only be one #1 in the BANG or Chron polls. I think NCS Softball is going to follow the same format as baseball…

    Think I mentioned #1 too many times. 🙂

    Root for the East Bay Teams!!!!!

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Well Steve looking at my wonderful newspaper it says nothing about game times or locations for MVAL baseball playoffs, at least todays paper doesn’t.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Steve I was very nice when I broght you your Tri-Tip sandwich and Cream Soda, the guy that asked where his was because he was your assistant I almost said ” Good then here’s a napkin for you to wipe Steve’s face with”

  • Ballfan

    Regarding tiebreakers for league titles, does anyone know the tiebreaker for 2 or 3-way ties in the BSAL?

    Standings as of 5/12:
    Salesian 10-3 (play SM on Sat.)
    St. Joe’s 11-4 (play Albany today)
    Albany 11-4
    St. Mary’s 9-4

  • Tom Meyer

    All MVAL playoff game are at Newark……….First game is Logan vs Newark at 1:30 this afertnoon with Mission vs Newark after not sure of the start time for that game

  • Tom Meyer

    it is Logan vs Irvington at 1:30 with Mission and Newark to follow

  • goforit

    What’s interesting will be the strategy today regarding the pitching. I felt that Irvington made a huge mistake by throwing Rogers for SEVEN innings against Logan when they were up by eight runs. With all due respect to the coaching staff the only legitimate argument to pitch Rogers was that they felt Logan could beat them and wanted the MVAL co-championship (and rightfully so). I understand that they couldn’t bring him back in the game, but I’ll roll the dice with an 8-0 lead.

    The equation however changed after posting an 8-0 lead and they should have pulled the plug and saved him for the playoff Saturday. Now they have to beat Newark Memorial twice at their place , instead of hosting the MVAL playoffs. I would take my chances with the third string pitcher against Logan today and save Rogers/Tella for two potential games against Newark.

    Granted, they still only lost by one on Saturday and I’m just a Monday Morning QB, but given the scenarios it’s hard to picture what the coaching staff was thinking (and these are basically volunteer coaches, so don’t take this as someone who is angry; i’m just curious since I was rooting for the Vikings to have the #1 seed) . Mr. Meyer perhaps you can enlighten us, since I wasn’t there.

  • goforit

    the post was in reference to last weeks league baseball games. The MVAL playoff title is important because it will ensure a probable higher seed and the ever important asterisk* which denotes a league champion in NCS brackets. It might force a higher seed “non champion” from a league like the EBAL to come to Fremont/Newark. Lot to play for in the MVAL this weekend. No horse in the race, just rooting for good baseball.

  • Softball fan

    I think I know what you mean LuvHSBaseball. Still, there aren’t 4 #1 seeds for D2 NCS. Teams will be seeded 1-12 with seeds 1-4 getting a first round bye.

  • Tom Meyer

    Logan won today 6-3…….not sure of the pitchers name for Logan but he threw one helluva a game I’m not sure but I think gave up only 2 hits maybe 3 and Irvington did not play great defense.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the discussion. But it’s easy to look back in hindsight at various coaching decisions. Coach Harrington at Irvington is as good a coach as there is in the east bay. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him receive some Coach of the Year votes at the end of the season.

  • dlsfan

    DLS beats San Ramon 4-0 today. Where are all the people who said they shouldn’t be in the top 15?????

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Who pitched for Irv today, just wondering if goforit”s comment happened and it backfired

  • irvfan

    Ivington started Rogers but was pulled early due to a arm injury. The Freshman Mathais came in and did a great job. I don’t think it matered who pitched to day Logan was Hot and Irvington was flat to start the game.

  • goforit

    Mark, I totally agree with your comments and think Harrington is doing a fantastic job. Irvington has come a long ways in a short amount of time.

    Last week when I saw the schedule, I was saying the same thing as someone who knows the shaughnessy schedule for baseball/softball and who knows from hearsay that Irvington has two stud pitchers and needed to win 3 games in one week to get the #1 seed. I’m assuming the emphasis was the MVAL co-championship and NOT the #1 seed in the playoffs. I was just curious the thought process was (not that a coach has to explain his decisions).

    Today it sounds like he started Rogers and like the post mentioned it appears that it doesn’t matter who he started as they ran into a HOT pitcher. Had they won , they would have needed another pitcher against Newark not named Tella/Rogers win one of the games.

    I think it’s good discussion, and like I mentioned before I’m just a Monday Morning QB and I value the time that Coach Harrington and all the other youth coaches in our area give. Nothing but love, but just a curious decision since if you have to win 3 games (both this week and last week) wouldn’t you want to line up your top two pitchers against the BEST team and save your third/4th for the weakest team.

    Maybe, a current coach or future coach is reading this and will think about how they will line up their pitchers whether it’s HS, little league or Fantasy baseball. The bottom line is that if you win out you look like a a genius. I agree that the Irv coach should get serious consideratio for coach of the year.

  • 60ft6instro

    Watch out for LOGAN..”It’s not how you start , it’s how you finish.”

  • Ballfan


    Nice article today on the Albany/St. Joe’s game and good job explaining the scenarios regarding possible league co- or tri-champions; however, it is still unclear which team under any of those scenarios gets the automatic bid to NCS. Interestingly, there is a possibility of three teams with identical league records, each of which will have beaten one of the other teams two times during league play. Sounds like it might come down to coin filp, but just curious if you or anyone knew for sure? Thanks.

  • Tom Meyer

    Irvfan………looks like Irvington will have a much deeper starting pitching nex year with Rogers,Matthias ,Tomblin and Lomker

  • PrepBBFan


    I was one of them. BUT, if you read MY comments (cant speak for anyone else) I said that they didn’t deserve to be in the top 15 UNTIL they won some games. That was 6 weeks ago. I also said that if they win the games on their schedule they are deserving. My point wasn’t that DLS wasn’t/isn’t a good team, my point was they should have to prove it just like everyone else. I think they are now a “no brainer” for a top 4 seed and a first round bye. Wouldn’t at all surprise me to see them win the whole damn thing.

  • dlsfan

    Thanks for the response. I think it goes back to Coaches on how they schedule games and how people respond to them. Is the top 15 for the best teams or the best records? Hard balance to figure for everyone, including the NCS seeding reps.

    If San Ramon was in the DVAL, would they be in a different situation? Hard to tell anything these days. I will try to predict DI field after Firday’s games. Anyone else want to give it a try?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    The reason it was unclear in the story is, as you can guess, unclear to all parties involved. I spoke to all three coaches last night that could be involved in the three-way tie (Albany, St. Mary’s, Salesian) and nobody quite knows how the three-way tie would work out if it happened. And it’s not that far-fetched. If Salesian and St. Mary’s both win tomorrow and St. Mary’s beats Salesian on Saturday, they’ll all be 12-4. They’ll also all be 2-2 against each other. I think after that it goes to the record against the next team in the standings and they were all 1-1 against St. Joe’s. Encinal is the next team in the standings and St. Mary’s and Albany were 2-0 against them, with Salesian going 1-1. I think that would eliminate Salesian and put it back to Albany and St. Mary’s. In that case, Albany would earn the NCS bid by beating St. Mary’s in the second half of the season. I’m not 100 percent positive that’s how the BSAL does its tie-breaker. That’s how many or most leagues do it, but I’m not sure with them. I’ll try to have that cleared up by tomorrow.

  • joepa

    what about el cerrito….didnt they beat alameda, berkeley, and pinole?….then why arent they mentioned?

  • Oh and the only possible two-way tie scenario would be Albany and Salesian. That would happen if Salesian lost to Swett on Friday (not that far-fetched, Swett beat St. Mary’s last week) and then beat St. Mary’s. Since Salesian won the second half game against Albany, the Pride would earn the NCS berth in that scenario.

  • Ballfan

    Thanks Jimmy. I figured it was complicated, but not that complicated. If you’re right, looks like there is no scenario whereby St. Mary’s can get the automatic bid; although, a share of the league title would still be nice.

  • Prep Fan

    Dlsfan, my exact quote is below. Like PrepBBFan, I acknowledged they had a real good team and may even run the table and win NCS, but felt they needed to win some games in order to earn a high ranking. I’m not sure what all you remembered, but that was what many of us were saying. Had DLS continued to sputter about .500 over the 2nd half of league play, then they wouldn’t have earned anything. However, now that they have pretty much run the table since then, they have earned their current ranking. ———————–

    Prep Fan Says:
    April 7th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
    DLS may very well run the table and win the rest of their games and take NCS. They have some great athletes and the team has been very good in the past. But, until they start winning and at least get above .500, they have no business being ranked in the top 10.

  • Dlsfan

    I hear what you are saying.

    Hear are my predictions for the seedings:

    1 De La Salle HS
    2 Monte Vista
    3 Freedom
    4 Bishop O’Dowd
    5 Newark Memorial
    6 Irvington
    7 Deer Valley
    8 California
    9 Castro Valley
    10 Amador Valley
    11 Foothill
    12 San Ramon Valley

    This leaves out College Park and Mission San Jose. Make for some good 1st round match-ups.

  • PrepBBFan

    Here are my predictions

    1. DLS
    2. Freedom
    3. Irvington
    4. B O’Dowd
    5. Monte Vista
    6. Newark Memorial
    7. Deer Valley
    8. Cal High
    9. Castro Valley
    10. Amador Valley
    11. Foothill
    12. College Park

    I placed Irvington over Newark based on strength of schedule. This would also appease the EBAL lovers because they wouldn’t run into each other in the first round (not that the committee takes that into consideration)

  • groundskeeper

    If Logan wins against Newark they get the automatic bid. Which would probably bump one of the last three seeds.

  • dlsfan

    Any scores? DLS is losing to Cal. This could shake things up a bit.

  • Logan has to beat Newark twice, right?

  • irvfan

    Yes, Logan has to beat Newark twice.

  • Photo Moment

    Any div 2 predictions?

  • dlsfan

    DLS beats Claovis West on a walkoff basehit by Noah Perio. Clovis tied the game in the top of the 7th before the comeback. Monte Vista beats Berkeley 4-0.

  • EBAL Dad


    Will you guys be covering the at-large and seeding meetings this morning?

  • EBAL Dad

    Calhigh lost last 4 games