East Bay Softball Poll – 5/11

Here’s the latest East Bay Softball Poll. Enjoy


Team Record Points Last week
1. Freedom (9) 19-3 135 1
2. Livermore 20-2 126 2
3. Antioch 17-5 116 4
4. Foothill 16-6 107 3
5. Pinole Valley 19-2 99 5
6. Las Lomas 18-3 89 6
7. Albany 19-2 84 T7
T8. Bishop O’Dowd 19-2 65 11
T8. James Logan 21-2-1 65 10
10. Concord 16-5 52 T7
11. San Ramon Valley 13-9 41 12
12. Castro Valley 16-6 34 9
13. Deer Valley 12-9 25 13
14. Clayton Valley 14-9 21 NR
T15. Berean Christian 15-5 6 NR
T15. Berkeley 15-7 6 NR

Also receiving votes: Liberty (14-8, 3 points), California (12-10, 2), College Park (13-7, 2). The East Bay Prep Softball poll is compiled from the votes of Bay Area News Group-East Bay staff writers.

Ben Enos

  • mckbooth

    Somebody’s out because Newark gets the automatic bid for winning the league. Logan has only lost to Newark, they may still get a top 4 seed.

    I definitely think American is out. BVAL might not send 4 maybe 3.

  • High School Sports Junkie

    Dang that Newark team messing things up by beating Logan for the 3rd time this year and being the only team that has dropped an “L” on them. When is Newark going to get some respect out there, they are 16-10 overall and went 11-1 in MVAL. They are a young team that struggled in the pre-season and have improved game after game… Ohhh I forgot there is not any decent baseball, softball, or soccer played on the west side of the mountain in the East bay.

  • mckbooth

    Newarks in we’ll see, you create your own respect. That’s why they play the game.

  • SoftballBob

    I agree with MckBooth, American and Liberty are likely out.

    The new format for NCS is rediculous. Softball teams do not need that much time off, and the week off could end up icing a few of the top four seeds.

  • Softball fan

    I agree with go panther. The DFAL is not even close to the BVAL or the EBAL. That being said, I heard Acalanes was missing players, including their pitcher, when they played Pitt. I do think Las Lomas and Alhambra could play in the BVAL and the EBAL. They would have no chance to win either league but could play with most teams in each league. We should also remember that Las Lomas (D2) and Alhambra (D3) are smaller schools. As for Acalanes, I watched them once and was not too impressed.

  • Softball fan

    I still think Logan will get a top 4 seed, although it may now be the 4th seed. I think it will be between Antioch and Foothill for the last top seed, which may be the 3 if Logan is the 4.

  • Fastpitch

    I agree with go panther also. since realighnment the DFAL is not as strong as it used to be. But don’t discount CV or Concord to make a run at the championship. Concord has beaten Antioch,Las Lomas ,Alhambra,Heritage,Pinole Valley,Berkely and Benecia in non-conference games. Andyes CV does have there number but that happens to every team once in a while.

  • DauberDown

    Softball Fan ..

    I with agree with most of what you have to say, but I don’t think Logan is deserving of a top 4 seed!!

  • Dfal_Sb

    Of course the DFAL’s not as strong as last year. . .Concord, CP, etc. are out & it’s a shame. As I said, the bottom teir in BVAL & EBAL are just better than every other league in the East Bay, no doubt, I agree. But Concord, LL, CV, & Alhambra, IMHO would be right in the mix for 2nd/3rd/4th place in these leagues too. PV as well.

    How does any team explain blow-out losses? Did the wheels come off? Pitching? Look at the K’s & hits. . .high K & low hits probably dominant winner, low K’s & low hits – the balls just didn’t fall & trust the defense.

    I agree, Logan lost it’s top 4 placement. Congrats to Newark, hope Antioch gets the bye.

    Antioch & Berkeley are a little lucky they didn’t match-up against LL this year, would have been a good pairing. LL probably should have passed on the HASA tournament – they were, for good reason, not focused nor at full strength (I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other teams were missing some players too). HASA had 5 good teams, 3 not.

    Now the fun starts. . .we can predict all we want but no more debate or excuses after it all gets going. What teams most the most improved from 1st half to 2nd half in their leagues?

  • Fastpitch fan

    Foothill should be #3, and Antioch deserves #4 over Logan because losing 3 times to a “weaker” team tips the scales. Bubble teams are Cal, College Park, Deer Valley and Liberty.

    Strategically, #5 is a good berth because you host #12 next Wednesday, and if you win you play #4 after 2 days rest (but on the road), while #4 sits for 8 days.

    Let’s hope the all-seeing mystery committee gets it right…

  • Concord Fan

    First of all, they have one of the best feeder systems around; they get “new blood” every year. You will see C.V. getting better players, because many players may not get a chance to play at Concord, and go there instead. I believe their JV’s went defeated this year.
    Concord could’ve done better this year. There are players on varsity that should be JV’s, and vice versa. We have no depth on our roster. They need to know softball, they don’t believe in “small ball”, and many believe they need to change their coaching staff. I hope the best for our team, but it will depend on their hitting to get them through. They are like the Giants, good pitching, suspect hitting.