Updated Boys Volleyball Rankings

Here are the latest.

1. Foothill
2. Northgate
3. California
4. San Ramon Valley
5. Amador Valley
6. Mission San Jose
7. De La Salle
8. Deer Valley
9. Monte Vista
10. Campolindo
11. Las Lomas
12. College Park
13. De Anza
14. Alameda
15. Head-Royce
Others receiving votes: Heritage, Clayton Valley, Logan, College Prep, Washington, Granada.

Matt Smith

  • sets the ball

    heritage should be in the top 15, not head royce or college park. head royce is a d-3 team. heritage is 5-0 over d-3 teams. if heritage was in d-3 they would be the team to beat not head royce. college park is good but not in ncs! sorry kyle.

  • chilibean

    hey idiot- didnt you lose to CP in a raking?


    hey chilibean, i mean village idiot, cp didnt make ncs ! cp had a tough time playing us as we gave there setter #5 2 six packs to the face! they have slidden and maybe thats why there not in ncs and heritage is! so who is the village idiot! tell kyle from cp hi for me!

  • chilibean

    hahahah. you are ridiculous. stop beating it to the cp roster and get a life.

  • Em12

    Are these just east bay teams?

  • sets the ball

    its over foothill beat mission san jose and northgate beat los lomas wow , foothill has won it in 3 out of 4 years! great job and congraduations to the foothiil and northgate. should foothill play northgate to see who is number 1 in the state?

  • Prep Fan

    Foothill already beat Northgate to give them their only loss this year. However, #1 in the state would not go to a NorCal team. Have you seen some of those SoCal teams play?

  • kevin

    is it just me or do all of these norcal teams blow… theres youtube videos of the top few teams and they pretty much suck. go look up some of cif/ss teams